Junior Colombian Burger - East Colonial Drive

11875 E Colonial Dr, Orlando
(407) 203-3801

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juan alvarez

Good food, portions are not too big. Better choice of sauces than most places.

Justin House

Easily one of the best burgers I've ever had.

Lourdes Hernandez

Why and how the ingredients of the junior Columbian burger came to be I'll never understand... Ingredients that sound odd together yet when you take a first bite your in heaven! Definitely a step up the classic burger so if you prefer basic, don't try the junior burger. Empanadas are yummy and the different sauces are a great compliment to any dish. I also love their vegetarian junior burger, probably one of the best veggie burgers I've had!

Curtis M.

Food is great but it feels like there's always an issue. I used to come more frequently and whenever I do come back, I get reminded why I stopped coming. It takes unusually long. It could be staffing but I know it would be a much better experience like it was a few years ago

Dan B.

The food was great, service could've been better. That said, we waited in front of the cashier for 30ish minutes until we approached her and ask about our food, she reached behind and gave us our cooled food that was on a metal rack in a Uber eats type of organization. First timer hoping my name would be called but we had to make the first move. Burgers are unique though, they are sweet and juicy. Not too greasy and plenty of texture.

Don Joslyn

Delicious burgers! If you're hungry, these burgers will fill you up. They even have sauces that you can add to your burger. Good fries too.

Rob Hernandez

Only my second time here. The Junior's burger and fries are totally worth a try. For the longest time I resisted the idea of pineapple sauce on a burger but it is very tasty.

Paul Mansell

Ordered from Uber Eats. Waited for an hour and they cancelled the entire order, now there are no alternatives still open. No communication at all, terrible.

Mike A.

The pineapple sauce that they put on burgers and have available on the side are worth coming to try! Everything you could get here - burgers, hot dogs, even the vegetarian options - are all really good, with lots of delicious sauces available as well. Regardless of what you order, you will 100% leave full. One of the better places around the area that is open pretty late.

Jessica Means Worthington

Burgers were amazing and the Hanger ver fries. the best

Caribbean I.

Great customer service. Delicious burgers. Love the pineapple stopping. Will definitely return.

Katherine L.

A bit hidden in a plaza and doesn't seem like a busy spot. Love the combination of cultures that make interesting burgers to try out. I believe they switched up my order with one that had pineapple involved which is disappointing as I don't like a combo of sweet and salty. They have a good selection of free sauces and the fries are great!

Mayra Ramirez

Very delicious and unique taste. Definitely worth a try.

Manuel U.

Honestly, burgers are not worth the price. For the same price I can eat a much better burger in other restaurants. I really wouldn't recommend it. The meat was not seasoned correctly, it was bland. For a $12 burger you'd expect something much better. Not even a traditional Colombian seasoning. Really not worth it.

Jack M.

excellent fast food. loved the variety of burger choices and available sauces. friendly service as well.

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Junior Colombian Burger - East Colonial Drive

11875 E Colonial Dr, Orlando, FL 32826
(407) 203-3801