Nile Ethiopian Restaurant

7048 International Dr, Orlando
(407) 354-0026

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Emily Heine

Great service and delicious food!

Kelly Nixon

My family of four with a 9 and 11 year old loved this place. My kids first time eating Ethiopian food, they loved eating with their hands(the food is eaten with torn pieces of bread instead of a fork). I had a separate vegetarian plate and it was delicious. My family loved the chefs platter with meat and vegetable items. Very reasonable prices. The server was very friendly and helpful. Highly, highly recommended for a change from the typical chain restaurants.

Michele Compton

Visiting the area. Ethiopian food is my favorite. The food was excellent. Kitfo, Zizil and Doro Wat were delicious. Very nice atmosphere and waitress was very friendly. We had a great family experience.

Amber Nawimastay Rthomas

This is my favorite Ethiopian spot in Orlando. I love the food, the ambiance and the staff.

Этэль &#x4

Fun experience - good food - totally worth a visit!

Meg Mitchell

Delicious food and wonderful staff! A real gem nestled in amongst so many average chain restaurants. Ask for the honey wine. It's fabulous.

Jerry Carr III

Authentic soul food. Very similar to our southern soul food, without the heavy fried items. We frequent this restaurant while on vacation in Orlando, FL.. . Our biblical Israelite menu is there. Amos 9:7 You are like the Ethiopians to ME, Children of Israel.. Taste authentic biblical food... back in Orlando Feb 2019. Same great reviews from us.. Will be back again...

Nick Portman

This place is a must. We were looking for somewhere off the grid in Orlando and we found it. The owner was awesome and involved on his establishment from the beginning to the end of our meal. Food was awesome and very flavorful. Definitely will eat here again when we visit. Great job!

Dudley Haines

Thank you! A wonderful night. Excellent food, service, company, atmosphere. Thank you.

JusJustine Cc

New experience the staff here are super kind. We were waited by their Ethiopian staff who was super explanatory of the menu. They are authentic and therefore by way of their culture way with their hands no utensils in sight! It was a beautiful atmosphere. There are several platters I had the veggie one being vegan and the cabbage and lentils were deliciousssssss

Yolanda Crawford

Went here today with my kids and had a great experience. The food was delicious and the service was phenomenal. I will definitely be back to enjoy again.

Jamie S.

Great ambiance and delicious food. It inspired me to try to make my own Injera. Let's just say I will be coming back for theirs rather than trying to make my own again!

Liz Carolyn Rodriguez

I love it. The waitress Lydia was great. It was my first visit and she recommends the chefs special sampler. We added lamb to the order as well. The presentation was beautiful. The restaurant decor is awesome. We had the honey wine to stay authentic and it was absolutely delicious. It is not a huge place but not small either. It's one of those quaint hole in the wall restaurants that you hear about through the grapevine that are like finding a diamond in a pile of coal. So worth it. I loved it. Located off International drive off I4 exit. Don't pass the Pizza hut because it's in that strip parking lot.


I loved this restaurant and definitely want to go back! The food was delicious, the atmosphere was lovely, and our waitress was super sweet!

Clarence Brooks

Really excellent food. Superb service. Wonderful atmosphere.

Brian Stark

First time for this experience. Food and service was outstanding!! A must try.

Tj Pierce

Instead of your usual tourist stops, try something different! Enjoy other cuisines meet unique people that you can learn different traditions and habits and taste in dinning! (Use your hands your fingers to eat the food, eat slow and enjoy the music, most of all EAT VEGAN the benefits are endless.. google it! International Drive! CompassionateLiving! FiercePierce

Klaudia Federico

We where celebrating my Birthday I love Etiophian food for some of the was the 1st time and they like it service was nice and quick shukran

Nicole Gant

The food was delicious and the staff is very nice. It's the kind of atmosphere you want to be around


First time at this place and I ordered the Chefs Combo which gives a little bit of everything. Loved the food which was full of flavor and loved the atmosphere. Definitely need to try this place if youā€™re looking for something different.

Nile Ethiopian Restaurant

7048 International Dr, Orlando, FL 32819