Nile Ethiopian Restaurant

7048 International Drive, Orlando
(407) 354-0026

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I loved this restaurant and definitely want to go back! The food was delicious, the atmosphere was lovely, and our waitress was super sweet!

Clarence Brooks

Really excellent food. Superb service. Wonderful atmosphere.

Brian Stark

First time for this experience. Food and service was outstanding!! A must try.

Tj Pierce

Instead of your usual tourist stops, try something different! Enjoy other cuisines meet unique people that you can learn different traditions and habits and taste in dinning! (Use your hands your fingers to eat the food, eat slow and enjoy the music, most of all EAT VEGAN the benefits are endless.. google it! International Drive! CompassionateLiving! FiercePierce

Klaudia Federico

We where celebrating my Birthday I love Etiophian food for some of the was the 1st time and they like it service was nice and quick shukran

Nicole Gant

The food was delicious and the staff is very nice. It's the kind of atmosphere you want to be around


First time at this place and I ordered the Chefs Combo which gives a little bit of everything. Loved the food which was full of flavor and loved the atmosphere. Definitely need to try this place if you’re looking for something different.


I really have no frame of reference, but this seemed authentic to me. Even if it wasn't, the food was delicious, seemed healthy, and our 'sample platter for 2,' was enough to feed three, hungry, grown men. The chicken and beef dishes were great but I thought the hidden gem was the split pea portion of the meal. The flavor and texture were great and unlike much of anything I've had in the past. The service was fantastic and friendly. The ambiance was neat: the slightest bit dim, appointed with culturally relevant decor, and could be described as romantic, though for our group, it was just right for three friends and coworkers as that.


Me and my partner like trying new things and we have never tried Ethiopian food. We were both pleasantly surprised, the host explained what things were and that you eat with your hands, basically grab the food with a kind of pancake strip. Definitely worth a visit!

Ryan B

I’ve only had Ethiopian one other time and this one was by far the best. Food was so delicious and filling they almost had to roll me out the front door. Staff is super friendly and explain the dishes if you need. And if you enjoy beer they have an Ethiopian beer selection.

Nicole Hellstrom

Our waitress made great menu suggestions and the food was amazing. I had the veggie sampler platter and it was all great. It was a very culturally rich experience as well.

vinay moharil

I am a fan of Ethiopian food. This place is good. The veggies choices are better and more than most other Ethiopian places I have been too. The injira could use little softness but not bad. The food was more tasty and spicy but not red chili spicy which is good. Definitely recommended. Little hard to find but not bad. Update: the ambience has changed a lot for the better. The bar looks nice. More ethnic looking decor

Soheil Shams

Very unique and tasty experience. Went there after a long day at Universal Studios with the family and had a booth with traditional eating set up. Every one around a single large plate eating with hands. The kids loved it and the flavors were great. Nice service too.

S Wills

This restaurant is wonderful. The assortment of meats, veggies, lentils etc are amazing, all wrap up on the Injera bread :). We go every few months. This is actually the only African restaurant in all of Orlando that's worth our $$. Haven't had any fortunate opportunity to find another African restaurant. The staff are always so kind and generous. Orlando is a tourist city and I sincerely wish that the Africans living here will open up some more restaurants so we can get a taste of home on a frequent, not every few months.

James Linen

This place is a must. We were looking for somewhere off the grid in Orlando and we found it. The owner was awesome and involved on his establishment from the beginning to the end of our meal. Food was awesome and very flavorful. Definitely will eat here again when we visit. Great job!

Nile Ethiopian Restaurant

7048 International Drive, Orlando, FL 32819