O'Shucks Pub & Billiards

7467 International Dr, Orlando
(407) 352-7892

Recent Comments

Andrea Thompson

Always a pleasure to go into this bar! Owner is great and loves to chat with all his customers and the bartenders are the funniest staff around! Good atmosphere and a fun place to go and sing off some steam

Cortez Dyess

There's only one word that can be used to describe this place. F U N. Very energetic crowd and staff. Good drinks and good place for all my Karaoke singers.

Jim Titus

Freindly staff... a cool place for everybody. Stop by and sing a song . Also leave a dollar on the wall to help veterans

Eduardo Lagreca

Great place. Friendly people, good singers, reasonable prices. Amy, who runs the karaoke, is adorable.

Liana Wilson

Great staff good prices laid back, smoking is the only negative part about this bar, otherwise great place to visit for a low key bar. Had a blast here

Wendy Peoples

Great pub great staff, always feel welcome xx

John Barthelmass

extremely friendly staff. really makes the spot special and personal rather than "just some bar".

Ashley Isabella Matos

The most fun Karaoke bar in town! The hosts and bartenders are so great. Great music and fun people!

Kev Walters

Great place to go in the evening. Karaoke is top class and Amy you have a voice to die for. Thanks for a great fortnight.

Melissa Jones

The most fun I had doing karaoke in a long time!! A friend and I found this place to unwind after a fun day in Universal Studios.

Kelly P.

Great atmosphere. Friendly staff and patrons. Locals&tourists frequent this spot. It can get smoky with a crowd though.

Cortez D.

There's only one word that can be used to describe this place. F U N. Very energetic crowd and staff. Good drinks and good place for all my Karaoke singers.

Aaron Prohaska

Fun place. Didn't try food but it looked like good bar food. Karaoke was fun and they do it "every freakin night" but don't say any"bad words" on the mic or you'll get kicked off stage since they broadcast outside. Bar tender was friendly.

Silence Dogood

Food is good. Bartenders are attentive. Karaoke DJ.....ehhh not so much. Someone should train him how to mix in new singers with existing singers. I got to sing a song. Then turned in another slip. He acknowledged me. Waited patiently for rotation to begin again - about 90 minutes. He never called me back up, yet he called up people who already sang again and again.


Really the best bar in Orlando. Jake is the Owner

Tammy Lovering-Sherbet

This is our home away from home bar! We love Bob and his staff. We are never disappointed and always have a good time. Alice.....

Sheri R.

Amy and Jay! Hands down the best bartenders around. Yea they may meet you and seem extremely jovial... but it's their groove. Locals and tourists welcomed with open arms\pours, but you gotta have a sense of humor and some legit grit! Ima local, had a blast on a Friday night. I'll become a reg! Promise

Kristin C.

So smoky and apparently you need to tip to get a turn at singing. So glad I exposed myself to second hand smoke for nothing. It's pretty clear who the regulars and favorites are. I'd give it zero stars if I could. I will not come back. Also why does everyone sing country? It's such a mood killer. Edited after owner reply. That's great that you have "non smoking" up front but it really does me no good when I have to drag my tired and drunk ass into the shower at 2 in the morning because I smell like a literal ashtray after sitting in the front.

Bob R.

This place it a hoot! Great dive bar. Friendly people gray karaoke. There is a short bar menu but it's ok. You will enjoy the music. There is also pool tables available I can recommend it to people like us who are not snobbish or above a few blemishes

Nicholas H.

This bar is my home away from home. I went to this bar for the first time almost 11 years ago with my now wife. Did not have the best experience. But when I started going back over a year ago my opinion changed drastically. This bar is so much fun and they treat their patrons like family. Bob runs a great establishment that is driven towards making sure people have a great time. Every single one of the bar tenders are great. Tara is probably the best Karaoke host ever! I love this bar

O'Shucks Pub & Billiards

7467 International Dr, Orlando, FL 32819