O'Shucks Pub & Billiards

7467 International Dr, Orlando
(407) 352-7892

Recent Reviews

Dariel R.

Have to say being a bartender myself i can appreciate that it can get busy and hard to cope with a great volume of customers. However Jayson makes the job look easy from the moment we walked into the bar we were greated to great service with a friendly personality that stood out immediately. Jayson was very informative and to be honest helped us due to his knowledge of the area he gave us some great tips fun spots to check out and places to eat. If i was looking to hire someone in my bar i would make Jayson the manager. Due to that first interaction he was the main reason we kept coming back. In addition Shaun the karaoke host has made our evenings at the bar fun and humorous due to his natural friendly character. Overall we were highly impressed and would reccomend it to everyone; locals or tourists like ourselves. Come down have a drink and ypu definitely will enjoy! Thank you

Brenna P.

great dive bar on I-Drive. They have nickel beers for a couple hours on Wednesday evenings and Karaoke every night. Great place for locals and adventurous tourists alike. Parking can be tight though, so be warned.

Donna K.

Was in the area for work, and stopped by here. Total dive bar with EXCELLENT prices, drinks, and epic customer service. So much fun karaoke and the ambiance was great. No difference if you are a tourist or regular, you'll get treated well here!

Chris Morgan

Great place to hangout and karaoke, great bar crew, but be advised that they ALOW SMOKING asper Florida law, if you don't mind this it's a great place for fun

Dave Robertson

A proper bar in a tourist world! If you’re of age and from the UK, this is what you’re looking for in an American dive bar.

Patrick Rollo

Shoot, you can't go wrong with this bar choice. The best kareokers in Florida. Period.

Delfeido Gonzales

Try the $20 specialty drink that comes in a fishbowl oh, it's a good time

Domenique Kane

The most fun you'll ever have at a karaoke bar! Amy is such a killer karaoke host - haven't laughed so hard in my life. Bob is the owner and one of the bar tenders and he's wonderful. The staff overall is great and you can tell they have a family dynamic. Totally recommend you come by. Its the most local you'll see at a bar in such a touristy area. I'd say more than half the customers are real Orlando locals.

Krista D.

What an interesting place! It's definitely not a tourist place. People come for cheap drinks and karaoke. I came on a Saturday night. Around 9pm karaoke starts and the place really fills up. Drinks are good and cheap. You have to be a paying customer and over 21 to sing. The only real con about this place is the smoking that's allowed. This is a fun place to try if you are into karaoke and a good drink.

Lula Bishop

Lots of welcoming locals here coming to have fun after work . great karaoke !

Rebecca Griffin

If they got rid of the allowed smoking, I would give a few more stars. The place is nasty and smells nasty. Went here for a friends birthday. Did a little karaoke. Easy to find. Good parking. Nice staff. It's the smoking that kills it.


Having read raving reviews about this Karaoke bar we decided to give it a go. The Bar Staff made the visit, totally on the ball. If your wanting to sing then think again, if your not a favourite or regular forget it. Plus when you actually leave you stink of stale cigarette smoke, not nice...

uri blum

Nice place to have beer and live music.

Kayleigh Mulligan

Love this place. Nice beers and nice karaoke! Get a voucher for a free beer in the free leaflet on the trolley!

John D.

I'm really not into karaoke, but others in my party are and wanted to visit this establishment. I must say, I have not been in any establishment in Florida in more years than I can remember that allows smoking indoors. I had a really hard time enjoying myself because of it and know that I won't be back until they chang this policy. The others in my group didn't seem to mind as much as I did, because one of them actually smoked and the others had a few too many libations to even care. For those that dont mind the smoke or even smoke themselves, it seems like it would be a fun place to hangout. The employees were very friendly and accommodating and for that, I'll give it 3 stars.

Christine Ryder

Nice clean pub, friendly atmosphere n fun for all. Luv the drink n keep Yr novelty glass concept n plenty to do will pool tables, poker tablets n other games. It's fun to sign Yr dollar n pin it anywhere in the pub too.

Alicia K.

I literally had the time of my life at this place. Singing, dancing and a fun staff! I forgot my credit card and the owner of the place was nice enough to open up the bar early for me the next day so that I could get it. I highly recommend this place if you're looking for an awesome time!

Robert M.

This Pub is a hidden Gem ! While Jay and Amy provide great service in a friendly manner . There drink prices are very reasonable , also they have pool tables , and highly entertaining singers . However it's Bob who bartends that stole the show for me . Yesterday when I first got to pub to find out they just ran out of my particular beverage of choice , he sent out for it and had it at the pub in minutes. This is the definition of customer service . So when I come to Orlando this is my place to go . Highly recommend this Pub to everyone visiting Orlando !


Some good singers for across the globe, drinks are reasonable price, an ideal venue for people who like to smoke indoors.

Patrick W.

Bar does not care about patrons. Will not heed any requests, regardless of how many people in your party are there. Customer service is incredibly lacking. Do not recommend.

nicole fournier

Lots of fun

Jim O'Donnell

This is not your average karaoke bar. Bring your A-game or spectate. Dive bar experience with all the trimmings. Drinks are fast and cheap (for MCO).

Andrew Loccisano

Lots of fun with talented karaoke entertainment. Incredible bartenders. Smoke is tolerable, but I'd prefer smoke-free.

Todd K.

Awesome bar. Awesome staff. Traveling on business and Bob and the staff made me feel welcome. Smoking bar which I like but it does not reek of old cigarette smoke. A bunch of fun people.


Bartenders are great, Jay was awesome. Just a good place to goo have some drinks and have some fun. Plus Jay even brought a bowl of water for my service dog. We will be back!!! Oh, also wish they had burgers on the menu!!!

Kevin Smith

I was meeting a friend here for some drinks. Great location for karaoke and was fun to sit and watch people perform. A bit loud for having conversations, but overall a good experience.

Dustin DeTorres

This isn’t your typical hole in the wall. They have karaoke every single night as well as great drink specials for both locals and tourists. My wife and I have been coming here for years and always feel welcome.

Michael D.

Best place to go for affordable beer and a great time! Lots of seating for all your friends. Nickel beer Wednesday is actually a thing! Buy a mug every "season" then drink to your heart's content! 1 dollar for 20 beers. Now that's a deal! I hope you like Coors or Miller though because that's what you're getting. They have a DJ, outdoor sitting, fun people to meet from all over, and great bartenders! A MUST if you're an Orlando local.

Jaime K.

If I had only come here to drink, I'd give it 4 stars for the nice bartenders, good drink variety and the nice people who hang out there (hate the smoke smell though). Unfortunately I came to sing karaoke and never got to do so even though I submitted a song 2-2.5 hours before closing.

Andrea Thompson

Always a pleasure to go into this bar! Owner is great and loves to chat with all his customers and the bartenders are the funniest staff around! Good atmosphere and a fun place to go and sing off some steam

Cortez Dyess

There's only one word that can be used to describe this place. F U N. Very energetic crowd and staff. Good drinks and good place for all my Karaoke singers.

Jim Titus

Freindly staff... a cool place for everybody. Stop by and sing a song . Also leave a dollar on the wall to help veterans

Eduardo Lagreca

Great place. Friendly people, good singers, reasonable prices. Amy, who runs the karaoke, is adorable.

Liana Wilson

Great staff good prices laid back, smoking is the only negative part about this bar, otherwise great place to visit for a low key bar. Had a blast here

Wendy Peoples

Great pub great staff, always feel welcome xx

John Barthelmass

extremely friendly staff. really makes the spot special and personal rather than "just some bar".

Ashley Isabella Matos

The most fun Karaoke bar in town! The hosts and bartenders are so great. Great music and fun people!


This is my 3rd time visiting OShucks and the drinks are great and reasonable. I am one that likes to sing and it seems that when it’s later in the night the karaoke DJs doesn’t not follow any rotation- feel like he put his friends and pretty girls up to sing while leaving singers that have been there from the start of the night. Will be looking for another place to Karaoke!!

Kev Walters

Great place to go in the evening. Karaoke is top class and Amy you have a voice to die for. Thanks for a great fortnight.

Melissa Jones

The most fun I had doing karaoke in a long time!! A friend and I found this place to unwind after a fun day in Universal Studios.