Pizza Hut

7060 International Dr, Orlando
(407) 351-0005

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Madoddball S.

Customer service was horrible employee were standing around holding side conversations while customers were waiting to be serviced. Employee was very rude when asked to get some condiments and became verbally offensive. As a group of them stood near the kitchen door employee Stan which who had a hoodie on and no badge became verbally aggressive.

daniel ocasio

There was 20 plus and they got us fed super quick

mansi choksey

Delicious pure vegetarian pizzas... Excellent service and great taste.. We ate to our hearts content

Stacey Stanford

Did carry out super fast and quick

Theresa R.

Worst pizza ever! Funny after taste on wings. Very slow service. No wonder no one else is here. I should have headed for the exit door. Waitress did not offer refills. Wrap up food or check in to see how the food was. Best advice I can offer find another restraunt no matter how hungry you are.

christopher woods

Pizza and wings were great. Stephen is a great cook and Ashia is super nice.

Manuel Figueroa

The pan pizza is the best. The service was quick and amazing. I had no issue ordering there

jordan miller

Waaaaay overpriced. Im from NC and what i always get is $17, its $31 here definitely taking people for a ride id avoid them if at all possible.

Justin Shockley

PLEASE READ before you go to this store. We spent the day at universal with some friends. After leaving the park we drove down to the Buffalo Wild Wings (which shares the street with this Pizza Hut). We drove through the Buffalo Wild Wings parking lot and it was full. We crossed the street into this other parking lot that is BEHIND Pizza Huts main parking lot and parked our car, not thinking anything about it at all. About twenty minutes later someone yells in BWW that they’re towing cars outside. I run outside to find my car loaded up on the back of a tow truck. They charge me $120 to take my car off of the tow truck and move it t a parking lot that’s in the complex behind both the BWW and the Pizza Hut.

JaRita M.

I went to place an order at both pizza hut and buffalo wild wings after a long day with the family. Moments after placing the order at buffalo wild wings as we crossed the lot to pizza hut we noticed our rental being hooked up to a tow truck! They stated the parking lot is for pizza hut customers only. We explained we were ordering carry out from both places to appease all of our children but we were forced to pay over a hundred dollars immediately to avoid tow. Terrible business practices


Clean place, the service are fast, chicken wings with barbecue sauce and  blue cheese are so delicious,  pizza was really good too.

Jackie D.

If I could give them a negative I would. Employee are very rude and disrespectful. Don't waste your money at this location.

David B.

I looked at the reviews online before ordering and noticed it had a two star rating. However, it is a fast food restaurant and most fast food restaurants only receive poor reviews and it was the closest Pizza Hut, so I decided to order anyway. This Pizza Hut is by far the worst one that I have been inside. It was dirty, the wait was ridiculous, and the employee allowed someone to skip me in line because she knew the person. In addition, the pizza was worse. It was extremely thin and it tasted like it was made the day prior and allowed to sit out the whole time. The temperature was unevenly distributed as though it was reheated before I arrived. I will not be returning my service to this restaurant.

a100fold business

Pizza Hut Orlando Florida is a very nice restaurant. They have basic furniture for you to seat and eat. Their staff are quite courteous. They have quite a hand full of great stuff to eat on their menu. Their pizza is quite nice. They are open everyday from early in the morning till late at night. They sell bacon and fried eggs, soda's of different flavors, spicy pizza, and lots more. Their food is quite affordable. I think they also do home delivery. If you have not ordered pizza from pizza give it a try .... all the best

Aaron J. Edelman

Staff here is very friendly, food took longer than expected considering there weren't many people eating in. Better experience here than other pizza huts.

Techno_Vampire T_V

I love pizza hut each person I talked to was very nice will definitely get pizza from there again

Kate S.

Came here tonight at 11pm for a very late dinner with my husband mother and daughter. It was crazy busy. But from the moment we walked in we felt very welcomed, by a very sweet kind gentleman Micah. Even though u could tell he was stressed from the over load he still had a smile on his face and had a great personality and very helpful. Was just amazing from the moment we walked in to the moment we left that u so much young sir. Keep up the good work. If u ever have the pleasure of sitting in his section u won't b disappointed

Joe L

Good pizza served fresh. Prices are decent and staff is very friendly and welcoming. One of the few sit down hut's left! Would recommend for families looking to try and save some cash over the resorts. They do serve beer for the adults as well. This location can get very busy at times. Lots of hotels surround it. You may need some patience while ordering for delivery or even inside the store.

art sykes

Nice environment, not to many pizza huts you can dine in.

Alexandria Konko-solter

These women hostesses were awesome, fun and so accommodating. I had a blast and enjoyed myself

Pizza Hut
Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut

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