Pizza Hut Express

The Enclave Suites, 6165 Carrier Dr, Orlando
(407) 345-0464

Recent Reviews

Cynthia Cole

Good food... Good price

christian bardini

great quick service, I really liked the Cajun rub.

Siañ Gale

Very greasy sub standard food

Siañ Gale

Very greasy sub standard food

Yana V.

The pizza was looking good, however, taste doesn't worse 23$ at all. (medium size pizza )It is just a place for tourists that don't have any transportation. So the put high prices on everything there.

jamie johnson

Does what it says on the tin.

Johnny Ray

People, food,eat

Lee Curwood

Good decent food


Yummy 👍

pamela obrien

Great Thursday deals, huge filling pizzas. Pleasant staff

William King

The service here was not good. The food was sub par. This restaurant was in the lobby of the condo. It was dirty. The food was cold.

Tina Locklear

The food was fresh and hot. Very curious staff

Benjamin Bell

Came here right before noon for lunch and manager goes on break, cashier does not know how to ring up food and pizza maker does not know how to cook a pizza. The only thing on the pizza that was cooked was the crust. The cheese in the middle didn't even melt all the way. If you want a pizza get it double cooked.

Dan Walker

Nice place great service

Thomas E.

Ordered some pizza from our room. The delivery time was great! The pizza itself was perfectly cooked,m... couldn't have asked for better cooked Pizza Hut pizza! Only negative thing was we ordered breadsticks and got 3 instead of 4. Otherwise everything was perfect!

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