Sizler Tandoori Restaurant

7511 International Dr, Orlando
(407) 345-4980

Recent Reviews


Lovely place to eat Pakistani food. Fresh, delicious and good service. I had chicken karahi which had balanced spices, naan were freshly made to add taste. Best place to visit to have a Pakistani halaal food. Good putdppr space to eat too

Sachin Choudhary

Not so great chaat, ok appetizer. I would expect that a take out would be packed so it doesn't get soggy. You wouldn't mix dry and wet ingredients together.... There are other restaurants around that perhaps pay more attention to the food they serve.

Mounika mona

My sister and I were looking for a good Indian restaurant at Orlando and came across Sizler Tandoori eatery. Must say, this place has a charm of its own. Food was yummy and we plan to come here with our family the next time!

Abhishek Dey

We thought Indian food is always very spicy, but not this time! Must say, food at Sizler Tandoori Restaurant comes from mild to very spicy so you definitely get to pick what you like. Keep it up, we love this eatery!!!

Katrine Dobrev

We hopped into this restaurant with our kids. At first, we were slightly skeptical as we did not try Indian food earlier, but when the meals arrived we were simply stock-still! Food was terrific!!

Jenny Illingworth

This is one of the best eateries that serve excellent Indian food. 5 stars, no doubt!

Riddhima Yadav

Do try their chicken tandoori tikka, the food is so fresh and the chicken tikkas were just delicious to eat. This one is surely one of the best restaurants that serves Indian platters.

Raveena Bajaj

We visited this eatery yesterday, and tried their different platters. We loved their tandoori grill specialties, they were just too good!

Mia Cosma

I simply love Indian food, and Sizler Tandoori Restaurant was the ideal destination for some great Indian cuisine. Would love to recommend this eatery to all!

Hernando Nieto

Great service, the food was amazing g. Had the lentil soup which was one of the best I've had. The tandoori lamb is delicious. Highly recommend!!!!!

Mian Mahboob Ul Hassan

Excellent food and service 5 stars

Ali Hirani

Came to Orlando for a 4 day vacation and ordered food from here on my first day..brought it back to the hotel and they shorted me on rice, but regardless of that my mom got food poisoning the next day. We ordered again on the last day of our trip and the chicken had blood inside of it...BLOOD. It was uncooked and it seemed as if it was old chicken. Oh and let me not forget that they shorted me on the rice once again. Save yourself the stomach ache and don’t eat here.

Shazzy K.

I was skeptical about the food since Yelp reviews can be unreliable. We stopped by after visiting Universal Studios. They are highly disorganized about wait times and seating people. There is a female server who is rude and lacks any customer service skills. The male servers are helpful and polite. As for the food, we ordered samosas, mango lassi, mixed platter, chicken biryani and chicken karahi. The mixed platter was good; the seekh kabab was the only item I thought wasn't made well. Chicken biryani was really good and I have to say the only reason I would ever go back to this restaurant if in Orlando again. Chicken karahi was awful and tasted like raw tomatoes. Also, side note: don't think they have a dishwashing machine and everything was hand washed in the back and the utensils, plates, cups, were not very clean. Even the water bottle they served water in was dirty from the outside. All this really grossed me out and thankfully it was after I had eaten or else I would not be able to finish my food. If in Orlando and need desi food, this place works but just beware of long wait times, rude employee, and dirty dishes.

Rob Hanks

Absolutely faultless curry, I don't know what these guys produce out back but this was amazing tonight, me and my wife came here 4 years ago from the UK and the taste and presentation to this day is still fantastic! Our stomachs were very satisfied indeed! We are both glad we came back 5 stars.

Mark Rony

What I like the most about this restaurant is their quantity. One place of any main dish is more than enough for two. So, go for it if quantity of food matters to you.

Mark Wood

This restaurant is very close to my house in Orlando and I often come here for lunch and dinner. And whenever I am here I never forget of ordering their lentil soup. Perfect start for a lunch on a winter day.

Guppy Kum

If anyone is looking for a good Indian restaurant, the best option is Sizler Tandoori Restaurant. A must-visit Indian food joint in Orlando.

Faizan Kalim

Worst service. We called to ask what time the restaurant closes and they said 10.30 we got there before 10 and were told that they are not taking orders anymore by their hostess names Tannu. She was also very rude and said that we should come before and refused to serve us. This has happened more than once and we are never going back to this restaurant.

Sa Us

Very bad experience. They told us kitchen is closed when we arrived one hour advance of actual closing time and despite confirming on phone that kictehen is open. I would not recommend this place. There are good places near by.

Gregory Yankov

This is an excellent family-friendly eatery and I would highly recommend it to all. Try out their tandoori chicken and reshmi tandoori chicken, you are surely going to love it!

Micha Meier

It really hard to find out a good place for veg, I am glad that they offer a very good range of vegetable food options at a cost-effective rate. I highly recommend this place.

Wendy Broad

No atmosphere , and for British tourists don’t expect the dishes to look or taste the same as in uk, the food was much too hot/spicey my biryani came it was only one dish with the rice and chicken bones in it there was no sauce with it they didn’t even have popadoms there, but looking on the positive side for the restaurant it quickly filled up but my family were the only white people there

alisha singh

I am a fan of seafood, shrimp vindaloo was to die for, pals! They have very limited menu under seafood, but the three items are absolutely mouth-watering. I am going here again next week, for sure!

Nancy Juneja

Lamb bhuna and tandoori roti is my favourite at Sizler Tandoori. The tender meat simply melts in the mouth! There are many other Indian dine outs here, but this one serves some of the best authentic Indian delicacies. I would recommend Sizler Tandoori to everyone.

Aman Kumar

I highly recommend this place, they have a nice ambiance, the fast and responsive customer service. I would love to visit again.

Malvinder Kaur

Samosa Chatt is one dish that took me back to the Indian streets, it has the best taste to make your day surprisingly awesome.

Saira K.

Great option for desi food in Orlando, it is pricy, small portions, service is slow,since it's tasty, do not mind waiting, Buffet is available over the week weekends, few options.

arpit kumar

I recently visited this place with my family and we enjoyed the food to our heart’s content. I absolutely love their Tandoori Chicken and Sizler Mixed Grill served with cool and tangy mint chutney.

Rebecca Guest

The food was superb, real authentic Indian/Pakistani cuisine. Really enjoyed our visit and left feeling full and satisfied. The staff were attentive and the premises is very clean. Well worth a visit - have visited a few Indian restaurants in Orlando and this is our favourite. We return here each year.

Yusuf M

This is one of very few restaurants that I can say has the taste of home made food. Enjoyed every bite of variety of take out food that we had. Front desk staff was courteous and polite. If you don't get hung on the decor and fancy seatings, go for at least once because most likely you will enjoy their food. I will definitely go there again.

Adnan Amin

Horrible food and horrible service! The glasses had stains on them so I asked the waitress to change it. She went back and brought up another one and guess what? That was stained too! Unreal! My wife and I ordered their sizzler tandoori special and it was dry and abysmal! We informed the waitress about it at the end and didn't even receive an apology, which made me not even bother tipping her.

Moid Ansari

Tandoori BBQ chicken and beef platter was just what the doctor ordered ! Pakistani style sizzler BBQ. $18 for 3 people.

Rebecca G

The food was superb, real authentic Indian/Pakistani cuisine. Really enjoyed our visit and left feeling full and satisfied. The staff were attentive and the premises is very clean. Well worth a visit - have visited a few Indian restaurants in Orlando and this is our favourite. We return here each year.

Kieron Parchment

Great food, tastes as good as an English curry.

vishu gupta

This is the best place I have ever visited, in terms of quality and price. I loved it overall I had a nice experience. I highly recommend this place.

Jan Ivar Ulekleiv

Shameful service if you're not from Central Asia I suppose. We were seated, but before they could take our order, they took the order from two families who came in after us. Furthermore, both of those parties got their appetizers AND entrees before we got our food.

Masruk Siddique

Food looked good but an never tell, you guys don’t open until almost dinner. Online claims you are open at 12 but that’s not true. Out the time on your website son. people eat food all the time and seems like every establishment is expensive and opens super late in the Orlando area. Try to be more of a south East Asian establishment and open earlier

Ravi Nayak

From the start friendly atmosphere and attended immediately . Very humble and polite. Service and food excellent. We were not sure initially spent few days in trialling other restaurants for a week but would highly recommend this for anyone. Reasonable price 5 out of 5 rating

Enkhbilig Erdenbileg

Chicken Tandoori must try! enjoyed my time, delicious food, good customer service and after all stuffed feeling good. :)

Marcia D.

Great food!! Great service! I highly recommend this place. My daughters are vegetarian and very picky and they absolutely loved it!