Taco Bell

5109 International Dr, Orlando
(407) 226-9843

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In a great location just opposite the outlets we eat there about 4 times while there in 3 weeks, love Mountain Dew baja blast the only place you can get it is Taco Bell

Allan Bottner

They are discontinuing some of there menu items so I tried them one last time. I tried the Doritos Los tacos, double decker tacos and the fiery taco. They were good.I wish there side sauces were hotter. Even the diablo is just a little hot.

Mark Rein

Food was very good but it took a while for them to prepare it. They were very busy and the kitchen staff was working hard to get the orders out. The longer wait was understandable.

Sharifah Ferdinand

They are very slow I don't know if they were training new ppl. Or what, but I walked in and 1 family was ordering no one else in line they finish their order and the cashier just leaves no word picks up a cloth and gone. When he does come back to take my order is more concerned with my job then doing his.

Betty Townsend

Good food. Never made me sick and staff are pretty nice. Place could be kept a little cleaner but understand when u r busy

Alycia Icenroad

I’ve always had issues with this location and gave them benefit of the doubt, but this is the final time I’m EVER going to this particular establishment.


I should have known when the Uber driver laughed about our destination!. We walked in and saw dirty tables but carried on. The serving desk had drink spilt which the servers were handing over orders over.. The floor had food and empty cartons, we couldn’t eat our food as we all felt uneasy.. No point discussing the cold fries or half finished tacos. We quickly got an Uber to go elsewhere.

Ricardo P.

Thank you to Christie P. For taking our party of 29 gracefully and with ease!!! We came in and her and her team got all our orders correct and had great attitudes!! She was very professional and had such positive energy !!! I thought she was manager with the way she carried herself! Also her team deserves merit! : Raphael Famous, Le'ann B. , Amber , Juan, Dontrell, Brittany and Josh! Thank you guys!! We really appreciated your service !!

sammie cooper

I just had to eat my food with my fingers because their out of sporks. I wouldn't go back here. I would rather go to a different location. My cinnamon twist was hard

Glen Zackery

Went to drive to order had to drive up to the window because the intercom was not working and the women that took my order was on her cell phone and the guy who took my payment was wiping his nose with the back of his hand. When my order came out and took it home the eggs look like they've been sitting for at least an hour and the breakfast potatoes were very hard pre-cooked and finally I had to go back for my receipt because it was not in the bag where they usually put it

Dr. Eric Vornoff

Were else can you get a dozen tacos at 1 am pretty tasty too

Roberta W

The service is very slow, then half the order is missing you have to ask for your drinks. Not a very good experience

Roberta W

The service is very slow, then half the order is missing you have to ask for your drinks. Not a very good experience

Sharon Goldsworthy

I usually love Taco Bell, but a few of my experiences the employees have missed some of my items or gotten something wrong in my order. They revise the issue though

kyle hunt

Once again I love taco Bell, the dollar menu is great one of the best in the fast food business. If you're not looking for a man they have the best value menu with good food and lots of options. Always a clean stove insert a big drinks for the price

Jeremy G.

Atrocious. Abyssmal. Absolutely shit. We walked in curious of the forty other people in the restaurant. No one was eating. What we didn't realize was that they were ALL waiting on orders. Unfortunately, my friend misplaced the receipt, so we had to wait. And wait we did. It took a full hour for four tacos! The place was a dump. The food was poorly made. The service was subpar. I will drive ten miles the other way for Taco Bell instead.


Horrible service here. Came in from out of town, had to wait over an hour and they hadn’t even made our food yet and lost the order and never asked why we were still waiting in the pick up area. I do not recommend coming to this particular Taco Bell.

Richard C

50 years old and worst taco bell experience of my life! Dirtier restroom than a hole in the wall truckstop you can envision....took 22 minutes from the time I paid until we got all our food. The guy I spoke to on x2 occasions named Victor was rude and just didn't care. When I asked for his name he refused. Picture is attached. The heavy set guy.

Mark T.

50 years old and worst taco bell experience of my life! Dirtier restroom than a hole in the wall truckstop you can envision....took 22 minutes from the time I paid until we got all our food. The guy I spoke to on x2 occasions named Victor was rude and just didn't care. When I asked for his name he refused. Picture is attached. The heavy set guy.


It's okay hence why Im giving it a 3 star. The issue is the food is always cold and I was given small amounts of meat in my tacos (basically mostly salad and a tiny bit of meat in the middle), This was even when I paid extra to get shredded chicken and steak.

nikita wilton

It's okay. The taccos were cold, barely and meat in every taco. I had to ask for a new taco because one only had a couple prices of chicken inside. After they put a lot more in it tasted very good and freshly cooked so nice and warm. Overall average but could work on keeping it hot and giving more meat.

Peter M

27 minutes for a $22 order. Several people with similar experiences. It might have been the dinner rush, but it shouldn't take that long. Lots of customers with complaints during our visit. I had to explain that we were missing a nacho cheese cup from our order 5 times, in 5 different ways.

Cassidy H.

This taco bell actually sucks. I'm sitting in it right now waiting on food and I have been for 45 minutes. If I hadn't paid, then I would've left. The workers are lazy and are standing around joking when there's 20+ people waiting on food. I wish they had the managers name posted so I could call and report these employees. Also, they have a machine spilling water and other fluids all over the food prep area

Car G.

There was a mess of people as soon as you walk in, the soda area was all messy, the wait for food was long to the point where some people just got up and left, there was a bad smell emanating in the dining area, and some of the staff were unhygienic. I noticed some touching and scratching their face and didn't change their gloves. One of the staff members stepped out the the food prep area and began closing and locking the doors and went back to handle and prep food with the same gloves he had used to lock the doors . Safe to say I will not be coming back to this Taco Bell again.

Patrick G.

Absolutely horrible service. Took over 20 minutes to receive food. Could've gotten real Mexican food faster

Damian Blades Media

Popped in on the way back to the hotel. Was easy to find with plenty of parking. Dining area was quite dirty and service was incredibly slow (may have just been that night). Wouldn't revisit this branch.

Alex M S.

When I entered this place it was messy . They have signs outside saying that they are hiring. It is obvious that they need to hire. The place was so messy like bruh what the heck . They need to hire anyone that comes through their doors so they can clean the flippen place. Food was good tho.

Will H.

Food was good as usual, but the wait for it to be ready was abnormally long, and considering the fact that I only order 2 chicken chaloopas and a Mexican pizza AND that there were like 3 other people there was even more ridiculous. Not to mention the lady on the cashier messed my order up adding a Doritos locos tacos as well as my friends order. I recommend going to another Taco Bell.

Coree Rimby

Long line but they got everyone through quick. Food was hot and made to order. Nothing to complain about so five stars.

Nanci Dearing

Customer service is a joke. You say thank you and they ignore you. Definitely not like Chick fil a where you get a 'My pleasure!' lol


My boyfriend loves Mexican but I do not. However, this place was brilliant. The food was hot and delicious and the staff were great even though there were clearly not enough of them. We will definitely be returning.

Laila Zemar

The chase quesedilla is the best and a little bit spicy just like I love it always get that as a side with my tacos!

Hugo Hormazabal

No foul odors like in other taco bells. The food smells pleasant and the staff are very nice, although some of them don't know how to greet. This is one of the best Taco Bells in Orlando.

Samantha W

The woman cashier here was incredibly kind and helpful. She went out of her way to make sure we had everything we needed and apologized if there wasn’t something we wanted. Great customer service 👍

Jessica Ramos

Food was quick, and still warm. The order was correct and everything was neatly place in bag. Cashier was friendly and asked if we needed condiments etc.

Dave S

Friendly and fast service. The cashier even brought our food to the table. One of the cleanest Taco Bells I've been in for a long time.

Jody D.

I've stopped here twice and both times have been terrible. The first time I walked out because they were so slow. This time I started to but decided to wait it out. To be fair they are slow but it was made worse by the guy in front of me trying to invent things that weren't on the menu. The dinning room was ok not the cleanest but not bad either. Took awhile for the food to be ready but the food was good.

Beverly Jordan

Always good fast food and handy location for all the shopping and movies in the area!!! Makes for a quick in and out meal! Also, if you eat inside, free refills on sodas.

Queen G.

I Normally Have A Great Experience At This Taco Bell Because Of Liz On Shift But Yesterday Adrienne Was Very Disrespectful To Customers And Employees She Need To Be Fired ASAP! I Won't Be Back There Until She Is Gone , By The Way I Eat Tacos Three Times A Week So I Will Check To See If She's There Is So Taco Bell Will Not Get My Family's Money !


They service okay, food okay, restrooms awful. Last I was visiting Taco Bell I felled appreciated, but not this time. I will come again but not at this one.