Taco Bell

5109 International Dr, Orlando
(407) 226-9843

Recent Reviews

Kris Lewis

Unprofessional & rude, we was directed to go to the kiosk which had hella finger prints on it... Food was actually hot and good though!

William Mills

Good quick fast food conveniently located to orlando premium outlets. Not pricey at all compared to the outlet... 3 times less !

Jay Sacco

This place absolutely NEVER gets the order right! whether you order in person, app, or UberEats, they always manage to screw up part of the order - without fail! i’d honestly love to meet the location manager just to understand why they allow such poor service on a regular basis. it’s deplorable.

Kristina Terry

This Taco Bell was very delicious and the girl who took my order was so nice. I can’t remember her name but she had braids that were black and yellow.

Victor Rojas

Good restaurant to eat. Go on week day to get the special. Meaning . just be careful with the new tablet they got . if you used to play games . you paid. .

jorge leonardo pirajan aparicio

It's a great place to share and enjoy the food, the service it's really fast

Joseph Micetich

We were treated very nicely here. Sort of a family reunion 6 of us and they gave us excellent service even though they were very near to closing. Really great quality dishes.

daniel rojas

When ordering from the machine always print receipt in case the order is missing something!!! It was clean and food was good. When you choose the economy items you really get your moneys worth.

Nicholas S.

They're really fast, but they charged me for the sour cream i ordered, told me the correct # of items, but it wasn't the correct #, missing two sour creams.

Steven P.

I am speaking for everyone that's in the store right now. We used the self service to order our food, not only did it take more than 20 minutes to receive the food, but it came dry and under satisfaction. I don't even think there's a manager on site to "manage" the situation. I understand that they might be short staffed or whatever the case may be but, with everyone up at the counter waiting for they're food, it doesn't seem like the staff cared. Are any of those employees even SERV- SAFE certified? I watched an employee, with gloves on, touching a employee's hair then still had the nerve to continue serving people they're cold food? I won't recommend this Taco Bell location to anyone. It was a waste of time and money.

aliriza cakir

Long wait

Andy V.

Overall okay, but I have to say, this was not my favorite T. Bell experience ever. What better way to cap off my day at Disney than with Taco Bell, right? When I pulled in I immediately got excited because it was what looked to be a Catina version of Taco Bell which is newer, nicer, and just all around more fun. When I got inside it kind of reminded me of any other Taco Bell with a fresh coat of paint. I did feel a sort of emptiness inside of the building. I think it's because they have the ordering monitors and such a large space between that and the actual tables it just kind of feels too open. I think people work here? I only ever saw one person- there was never anyone at the actual register. A person gave me my food so they all must be hiding in the back? The beauty of online ordering, right? One thing I noticed is they had diet Baja blast which I didn't know was a thing. My food didn't take all that long as mentioned in other reviews. And it tasted true to Taco Bell form. Nothing out of place there. I took my meal to-go because I had no interest in staying here. There was zero atmosphere but always serving five star food. Overall still a solid three stars.


Pulled in her to have a snack after the movies. Nice and clean inside ! They were busy too. Most chairs full. I just wanted supreme crunchy taco. He got small salad shredded chicken cheese quesadilla from dollar menu. And a steak burrito. Yummy

Ashley Vardell

Staff wasn't very friendly. Also this location was completely out of mild and hot sauce. Most of our order was wrong.

ste mckee

Very good food at a cheap rate. Staff were excellent in helping with what to order etc and just across the road from my hotel made it even vetter. Would recommend every time

Ernest Hodges

Food always done on time they know me by face and very friendly employees, love y'all

Adianez Gil

One of the best tacobell in Orlando. Tacos never disappoint me here


Good amount of parking, but the staff needs improvement. The food was good, but it took a while to get it

Hetal Patel

This Taco Bell was Not the best Taco Bell I’ve been to.

Franklin Markley

All Taco Bells are pretty much the same in terms of the quality. This one messed up my order and it took an extra 15 minutes to get it right.

Bianca Montanez

Not my favorite of the taco bells in the area. The food is good if they manage to get it right. This one is smack dab in the middle of the tourist area on I drive so it can get busy. If you're thinking about heading through the drive thru be warned you'll have to repeat your order multiple times. Sometimes it seems like every time I come to this particular location the staff is brand new like they dont know how to upcharge and modify orders properly which can be frustrating. I frequent taco bell a lot so I know how my order should be rung in and each visit to this location frustrates me more and more during the ordering process. Other than the inexperienced service the food is good and the staff is typically friendly but I think from now on I'll take the extra 5 mins to visit the location on Kirkman.

ShriRam Dalal

Excellent Taco Bell location. Good quality food and decent taste. Friendly folks and quick turnaround. What's not to like}?

Stephen P brener

Good quality food for a good price as always from taco bell ?

josua flores

Quick service and good quality but on guest service they can do better


For a quick bite it was fine, but liek most fast food, it was a bit bland. Was clean enough and there was plenty of space to sit. OK for a cheap feed when in a hurry.

Vera Moysak

Amazing service! Food was good and staff was friendly! I forgot my purse there and they kept it for me.

Francisco M.

DO NOT EAT HERE Took forever getting our food. We finally get our food and 10 minutes later we are asked to leave because the lobby is closing.

Elizabeth T

It is fast food restraunt, but you could eat in if you wanted to. The food choices were good, food was of a good quality and very tasty and cheap.

Thor S.

This is the slowest Taco Bell I have ever been too. Totally disorganized and not that busy. No clue how it takes 15 minutes to get a no 1 combo.

Andrew Plews

Good but staff did not have time to explain the menu unfortunately

Stacey Harrison

This taco bell is decent. For the area I actually expected worse service than recieved. Sometimes the drive through rushes you through ordering and talks over you, but I feel these are common issues, since I know those headsets are usually of poor quality, but also its in right in the middle.of a huge tourist area, so. I'm sure they're used to always having to have a sense of urgency. Overall I have always had a good experience at this location.

Gordon Waygood

Fresh cooked

Andrew Barratt

Taco bell you need to open more restaurants in England i love it when we come to the States to get my taco bell fix so many restaurants so close to each other I don't have to travel 50 miles to my nearest restaurant in Newcastle England which is very rare but still love them


Food is always great, the place is clean, and it is cheap to feed my family. We eat there too often because it is soo good and easy.

Staliiee Greenz

Great customer service, however I found something weir in my food once.


In a great location just opposite the outlets we eat there about 4 times while there in 3 weeks, love Mountain Dew baja blast the only place you can get it is Taco Bell

Allan Bottner

They are discontinuing some of there menu items so I tried them one last time. I tried the Doritos Los tacos, double decker tacos and the fiery taco. They were good.I wish there side sauces were hotter. Even the diablo is just a little hot.

Mark Rein

Food was very good but it took a while for them to prepare it. They were very busy and the kitchen staff was working hard to get the orders out. The longer wait was understandable.

Mark Rein

Food was very good but it took a while for them to prepare it. They were very busy and the kitchen staff was working hard to get the orders out. The longer wait was understandable.

Sharifah Ferdinand

They are very slow I don't know if they were training new ppl. Or what, but I walked in and 1 family was ordering no one else in line they finish their order and the cashier just leaves no word picks up a cloth and gone. When he does come back to take my order is more concerned with my job then doing his.