Taco Bell

2403 S Hiawassee Rd, Orlando
(407) 292-9803

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todd lang

Service was really bad and food was just ok, even for fast food.

doc jr

I don't know who the manager is but he is top notch.

Casper Smith

Always a great experience... chicken quesadilla is amazing

Daniel Ortiz

Don't get the new one dollar taco. False promotion is nothing like the one in the tv commercial. The roll the taco like a burrito and too small .

Lanz Golez

Great late night visit. Friendly staff in the drive thru window.

Matthew Mills

Taco Bell isn't going to win any awards for having beautiful looking or complex-tasting food, but man does it really hit the spot when you want something besides a burger.


The Taco Bell in Metrowest has great customer service. I've never been disappointed.

Shabana k

I work close to this location so I'm always going there to eat. Very clean, and great staff. KALIL is usually taking my order, she is extremely polite, Friendly & helpful. I would recommend this location to everyone.

Paul Sherwin

This is by far my favorite Taco Bell. The staff are helpful, the food looks beautiful, and the serving sizes are appropriate. I have not yet had a bad meal here. My go-to meal is the $5 Chalupa Cravings Box.

Blue Raven

Best Taco Bell in town. Fresh, doesn't seem like the food has been sitting around all day like many Taco Bells I have been to . Friendly staff and I have been multiple times in recent months.


The worst. We come here every night. They won’t serve me water with my 20 dollar orders. Carlos saying he’s doing job was rude. And they got the order wrong and when we pulled up to the window some guy pretended to manager saying he made the order and that customer was wrong, tasting something that she doesn’t eat. I come here all the time, I felt very unwelcomed.

Carrington Jones

If you go there in the morning you will be greeted by a lovely lady named Gigi. She is overly Kind and I forgot that I was at Taco Bell for a min. I feel like I visited two restaurants: (i) Chic Fil a, and (ii) Taco Bell. She provided Chic Fil a service and I was thoroughly impressed. Not to say that I was expecting bad service, however, her service is what makes me take the 7 min to write this review. I would put my money on her over any 5 star restaurant in the city; for that Taco Bell receives a 4 from me. Would've given it a 5, but come on it is still Taco Bell. Give that woman a raise. Blessing.

Isis Teran

the day I went to the place, they were training a very nice guy, he was attentive, and friendly but the girl who was teaching him was very rude to him, I think she was the manager! everything else very clean and a nice place👍🏻

denny angeles

i don't go often but when i do my order is always sloppy.. like if they were running out of ingredients. so disappointing specially when you're pregnant and craving it then get home to see half the ingredients missing😠😭

Elizabeth Creedon

I love coming to Taco Bell for a quick, hot meal. The staff is always so friendly. Tabitha is so kind. The place is always so clean. I will most definitely come back and advice everyone to come visit the place if you want fast, hot food.


Comer tacos mexicanos es una de las opciones más buenas en Orlando. Aquí en Taco Bell comí de los mejores de carne con cebolla y ají. Hay muchas variedades y muy buenas, a precios buenos.

Suzanne B

Usually go to drive thru because the inside of he restaurant is old and run down.Outside looks good but they need to update the interior.

Mildred M

They are so very friendly,,,the place is kind of old but is very clean. The clean the tables as soon as you get up,,,very nice.

Joe V

I like Taco Bell. It might be my #1 fast food place, but this location is terrible. It smells and since it's an independently owned location a lot of the prices are higher than what I'm used to.

Taco Bell
Taco Bell

Taco Bell

2403 S Hiawassee Rd, Orlando, FL 32811