Taco Bell

2403 S Hiawassee Rd, Orlando
(407) 292-9803

Recent Reviews

Terrie Donofrio

Worse taco bell ever! Continuously get order wrong. Food missing items. Pintos and cheese with no cheese,cold, and hard. Staff very rude!!! Would not recommend at all. And i am a shift manager for another taco bell. Would lose my job and others would lose theirs if my store ever acted theway this one does or sent out food the way this one does. So very upset when trying to remedy the problem!!

Lovely Ley

Very unprofessional! I stood waiting for someone to help me but instead they were all in the back doing God knows what. Definitely didn’t like the energy and no one said anything to me. They need to hire better people because the night crew isn’t it!

levi john

It's the one and only Taco Bell! I'd give it 5 stars if they brought back fire roasted or even Verde sauce.

Donald Caton

Went inside to avoid long car queue and got ignored. Almost got short changed $5 at counter. Got home in 5 minutes but tacos cold. Good taste though so 3 stars.

Stephanye Mora

5 stars for service. Lydia, superior customer service. Thanks for the tacos

Carmen Naranjo

I went at 6:50 pm and my order was served 25 minutes later, incredible only 2 workers attending drive thrue and front desk

Shrouded Reaper

Love this place. Great food at a great price served by great people.

Don Rugraff

Average fast food quality, drive thru slow, staff courteous and friendly

4 Wing View

This place is so clean. Good is well prepared. Thank you Taco Bell team

Austin Forsythe

Literally the worst taco bell in orlando. I have given this place many, many chances. They almost always mess up specialty orders. They take so long to give you your order. I will go inside to dine in and will watch multiple cars go through the drive through as I wait 10 minutes or more for a single burrito and a taco. While there is only one other person waiting in the store. Have finally decided to not return to this store.

Phillip Morris

Clean and well presented. Good freshly made food.

Mariavictoria Feliciano

Everything was clean my order was right it tasted good and the people were really nice


Great food and service. The lady behind the register was very nice and put on good music. A+ all the way

Elvis Gonzalez

Again with the wrong order. Been here a few times. I feel like it's a mission just to get my order correct. I literally said no meat all my orders. Like always I get meat two or three items in my order.

Jeannie R.

I waited nearly 15-20 minutes for my food.. and the hard taco in my chalupa box only had one side. I give them 2 stars because the manager was really trying his best to keep everything together. Other than that, my experience wasn't the best (to say the least).

Gundula Winter

I'm a little computer ignorant so I was not able to use the kiosk but the team member didn't hesitate to take my order and help me out with the menu... My food came out quickly and I was on my way.... Arrived at home the three parties were all happy with their dinner... I would rate this a five star fast food experience...

Handy BA

This location is in a nice neighborhood but the store is so dirty with sticky floors and garbage at order counter with every table dirty I had to eat in my car! I asked them to clean and they just stared at me.

Kalvin K.

This Taco Bell is conveniently located right in the publix plaza off of hiawassee road. It was recently renovated and has kiosks for ordering. The quality of the food was just mediocre at best. The chalupas felt greasy and may have been fried for too long or in oil that was too cold. Overall a meh type experience.

Steven S.

Walks in....crickets....nobody greets me 10 mins later ..just a minute I'll be with you..another 10..uhh you know we have a kiosk right?! Orders...order comes its WRONG! Waits for the rest of my order...my chicken burrito is tossed onto the counter like trash

Daniel Kirby

Fast and friendly! They messed up my order but immediately fixed it and gave me a free drink, super nice staff and very clean!

Karim Poonawala

My nephew loves Taco bell and talked me into stopping here to pick up some tacos. The restaurant and the restroom was incredibly clean. Impressive for a fast food joint. The sauce station was clean and well stocked. This location also features the dozen taco specials which a lot of other Taco Bell's do not have.

Chris Vail

I can’t understand how anyone rates this place 5 stars. Some of the employees are very nice and kind, but most of them act like they don’t care at all about doing their job right. The service is consistently slow no matter how many people are there and it seems that every other time they can’t get a simple order correct. Take your business down the street to McDonald’s.

TheRanFam !

What's not to love about taco bell me and my wife love getting the 5 dollar box meal and let me tell you that it is alot of food...we love taco bell

Erika C

The cashier got my order wrong in three parts of the receipt. When I went up to complain about giving me the wrong order the manager was upset with the cashier and with me while the cashier did not offer a refund for overcharging me. I left it like that because the manager looked upset enough and she was pregnant so I didn't bother making a big deal. Once we started eating we realized the portions were all off as well. Not a very good experience unfortunately.

Jessica Harper

Favorite fast food place! Actually the only fast food I like😁

todd lang

Service was really bad and food was just ok, even for fast food.

Michael W.

Another Sunday morning and you just never know whether this Taco Bell is going to be open at 7:45 AM or not. I guess it just depends whether they feel like showing up at work or not. Getting tired of this place. Will simply start to choose another place to drive through for an early breakfast.

Tulsi P.

This is the Taco Bell I chose to go over the one on Kirkman road (closer to my house). There is definitely better food than the one from Kirkman road 100% of the times ( tested the theory plenty of times). More often than not, the employees at the drive thru are courteous ( as much as you can expect from drive thru employees at a fast food chain). My fiesta potatoes are made flawlessly every time ( no double frying taste there)! Go to this Taco Bell for a decent experience!

doc jr

I don't know who the manager is but he is top notch.

Casper Smith

Always a great experience... chicken quesadilla is amazing

Daniel Ortiz

Don't get the new one dollar taco. False promotion is nothing like the one in the tv commercial. The roll the taco like a burrito and too small .

Lanz Golez

Great late night visit. Friendly staff in the drive thru window.

Matthew Mills

Taco Bell isn't going to win any awards for having beautiful looking or complex-tasting food, but man does it really hit the spot when you want something besides a burger.


The Taco Bell in Metrowest has great customer service. I've never been disappointed.

Shabana k

I work close to this location so I'm always going there to eat. Very clean, and great staff. KALIL is usually taking my order, she is extremely polite, Friendly & helpful. I would recommend this location to everyone.

Paul Sherwin

This is by far my favorite Taco Bell. The staff are helpful, the food looks beautiful, and the serving sizes are appropriate. I have not yet had a bad meal here. My go-to meal is the $5 Chalupa Cravings Box.

Blue Raven

Best Taco Bell in town. Fresh, doesn't seem like the food has been sitting around all day like many Taco Bells I have been to . Friendly staff and I have been multiple times in recent months.

Michael S.

Today at 12:44 I ordered my food and there were 4 to 5 people ahead of me so I understand waiting but when I saw what was going on behind the counter I started to pay attention and what I saw was the lady making my tacos put the tacos on the slider she put meat in the taco and then left the counter which when she returned she came back with a bag of lettuce and cheese. She proceeded to fill the lettuce, two cheese containers and still my tacos are sitting there not done and then she went to get my cheese fries and yes this seems normal but I timed it and it took ten minutes from loading my tacos with meat too starting to put them in wrappers. The total time of my order took 21 minutes. When I asked for the manager she came to me and I told her it took this long and she said they were slammed with 5 people sheaf of me. I told her my tacos were on the slider for 10 minutes and she said NO. She then told me to have a nice day but when I asked for her name she said mark. So mark if you work at Taco Bell this lady dropped your name. When I asked for the stare number she refused to tell me but after asking a few times she said it was on my receipt. I was told by my wife that she thinks the managers name is Michelle. Poor service.

Olena S.

Fair quality of food considering low prices. Staff can definitely put some effort to keep it clean. Especially during busy hours.

Andrea S.

If you have a food sensitivity/allergy beware. We placed an order through the app so that way we would know for sure we ordered according to our dietary restrictions and they still managed to butcher the entire order. Unlucky me it was a crunchwrap so I couldn't see that the items I requested to be taken off were still there until I tasted them We went back into the store to inform them and they didn't seem to care that much. I personally think giving a person food that they have an allergy to is a big deal so I'm surprised at the lack of response from the staff.