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Jose Miguel V

The experience in this TGI was exceptional. The waiter George was very professional and friendly at the same time. Very well served and the meals were very very good. We for sure will return in the next visit to Orlando.

JG Awesomeness

Great Great Great

Michael Godfrey

Service was lousy. Completely understaffed. No bartender in the bar for at least 10-15 minutes. To give you a glimmer how comicly bad it was, one teen in our party got a Chinese chicken salad. Came with a fortune cookie that was completely soaked through and floppy, and didn't have a fortune in it. Just hilariously bad.

Chrystal Woodard

Waited a while to be seated when the restaurant was empty...the ladies restroom was horrible one stall was “out of service”, one had throw up all in the stall, another had poop, the last stall was still horrible but useable then didn’t have any toilet paper had to take from another stall...don’t think these restrooms gets cleaned at all. The food was okay but not the best...for the restaurant to be so empty still waited a while for the food. Lastly my waiter “Evelyn” writes on the receipt “gratuity appreciated” which she had gratuity spelled WRONG then she circled the amount of tip she wanted us to give I will not be back!!!!

Stephanie Snipes

George, our server was so great! Fast and super friendly. We came in late with a party of 7 and he just welcomed us and took great care of us. They closed our local Fridays so we were excited to have our favorite Jack Daniel chicken sandwich, it was delicious!!!

Jimmy M

Had dinner in Friday's on four of five nights staff are brilliant especially Sierra she is fantastic with people especially with our granddaughter. So a big Thank you to Sierra again \n


We arrived in Orlando on 1st July in the evening and after we checked in at our hotel and got ourselves sorted out we went out to look for somewhere to eat. TGi fridays is just across the road from where we are staying so thought we'd give it a try. It was busy so we had to wait a short time for a table but we didn't mind as it was well worth the wait. \nThe food was excellent and I have never tasted mash potatoes like those that I got before they were absolutely delicious and Paul who was seeing to us done an excellent job, such a lovely fella.

Bryce Williams

We were seated, and we ordered within 10 min, but 30 min later and we were still waiting for our drinks even though they weren’t busy. After that, we were given the wrong drink - we ordered 2 waters and 2 teas. Very bad service. We had to get our own straws and silverware. We had to wait an additional 15 min to get our bill.

dave atkins

Average food not at all hot. no drinks refill.quite expensive for the area. Plenty of other options around for the money

Gareth M

So convenient to where i was staying i decide to dine here with my family. Luckly i was clued in from the start. So we entered, receptionist greeted us, we asked for table of 5, told about 20mins, however there was loads of table everywhere, i asked what are those table for and why can we not be seated there. Replied with the kitchen is busy tonight and need so rest time, well you got to be joking me. i knew that this wasn't the end of it, so she that we could sit over the the waiting area inside the front door. I said what about sitting at the bar area having a drink with my family while waiting for my table, she replied NO and walked off. I cannot believe that someone would speak to or treat a holiday guest in this manner. We sat down in the waiting area, why we did i don't know, but i said to be wife my $$ aint good enough for TGI Fridays so we politely said thanks but no thanks to the receptionist. you guys need to take a trip over to Dublin Ireland to see how TGI Friday's is ran, get some manners on how to speak to guests while been polite, oh also we don't look for tips, but since i didn't leave a tip you can have the above. Defiantly a place that we continued to walk by for the remaining 13 days of our holidays. Never go back when in Florida again.

Nigel A

Went to eat as party of six was told come back in 20 minutes , but in the restaurant more than half the tables were empty . We got our table and menus then sat for 20 minutes , no one introduced themselves as our server no drinks order was taken . The staff that were visible looked totally uninterested in serving and just kept tidying a couple of used tables with about as much life as a sloth so we decided to leave without even ordering shame have to give one star none would be better

J W.

We just had salads there for lunch and had great service! It means so much when your on vacation to get great service;thank you!


We went here as 8 people. The service was good. Margaritas was not great but was ok. Everybody liked the food. Indeed all ate burger except me. We end up paying on average 20$ per person including tip. This include 2 margaritas, appetizers, 7 burgers and 1 steak.


We decided to go here as was conveniently located near our hotel. Oh what a mistake! We entered and was told there was a 20 minute Wait for a table. I thought this was odd as load of empty tables where visible. Anyway weather was bad outside so decided to wait. If only we had walked out. Server was sooooo slow and took forever to bring out our drink orders and also food. Having been to this chain in the UK the food was certainly not on par as back home. When asked for the bill the total came to $56 and we tipped (unhappily) $8. So we left the card as normal in the little folder they bring the bill out in. Server took this away then came back with the piece you sign to confirm the amount after swiping the card to my amazement she had swiped my card for $99 I immediately brought this to her attention and she said would resolve it however the amount has left my account. So my server Monica has charged me double the original amount the food was worth. I spoke to the manager who ensured me this is a pending transaction and will go back into my account. Spoken to my bank this is not the case and they have charged me the said amount. Con artists and liars is a good way to some up my experience here. I have attached my receipts as evidence of what I should have been charged and what I actually have been charged! AVOID very average food served alongside poor attitudes and service. I am currently disputing this transaction with my card provider!!!!


The service was a little slower than I would expect. The quantity of food for the appetizers was small but, tasted good.


Visited TGi s the last time we were in Orlando and loved it . After reading recent reviews I was unsure whether to visit . Thankfully we visited last night . We did not wait long to be seated. The food was fantastic we both had steak with whiskey sauce and lovely mashed potatoes. Our server Alexa was very attentive . Thankfully we did not believe the negative reviews . A lovely dining experience .

Shea Butterz

This place is so NASTY . There was a booth in the restaurant that was torn apart. There was trash all over the floor that looked like it had not been swept for days. The bathroom was nasty and the handle on the sink was about to break off. The only nice part about this restaurant is the people that work there. The all had smiles on there faces and were very helpful. They don’t deserve to work In such a filthy place like that. I wonder what the kitchen looks like. That place is disgusting and I will NEVER come back.

Warwick v

Conveniently across the road from where we were staying so we decided to eat there. The lady at the front looked like she was doing us a favour by seating us. So much for American customer service!Our young waiter must have had a bad day or new on the job - forgot half our order, we had to ask for cutlery and the food was nothing like what I had experienced in the same chain back in England. All in all very disappointing.

Vilma P.

No stars. Absolutely none. Put one because I couldn't put zero. Got out of Universal and headed here to our familiar comfort food. Too bad the staff is horrendous. The lady that greeted us seriously needed to go home and sleep. We had to wait 30 minutes and the restaurant was only 1/4 full. After the hostess dragged her feet to show us our table, we sat down and waited 10 minutes before I had to flag someone down to get us some service. When the guy finally came over, he barely greeted us and didn't even cough up an apology for making us wait. The bathrooms were disgusting and someone had just smoked weed In The handicapped bathroom. Why we didn't get up and leave? My husband wanted to. But I was too tired to get up and do this again at another restaurant. So sad. Shame on the manager for ruining your restaurant. Get rid of your lazy staff.

Jennifer S

Sandro was beyond wonderful! He was so polite and made sure our drinks were filled and our food was how we liked it! The hostesses were so sweet as well. Beautiful smiles as they greeted us and then took us to our table. The food was hot and cooked correctly. Thank you for having such an amazing staff that made our experience the best!!!

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