TGI Fridays

6424 Carrier Dr, Orlando
(407) 345-8822

Recent Reviews

Garrett Floyd

My wife and I went here on our anniversary and it was okay to say the least. We waited awhile to be sat and then when we did get sat we waited again for service. When the server did come however she was an absolute sweetheart. The only real saving grace to this whole experience. The food was bland and tasted like they didn't season anything and a lot of the staff was very unfriendly.

Joseph Lee

The wife and I are celebrating our wedding anniversary and were given gift cards by our parents. Thankfully the wife loves TGI Fridays. Not to draw this out too long, the service was outstanding. Our server, Jessica, was on loan from the Fridays near the convention centre. (Spoiler) If Jess is at the convention centre we'll have to go there. Anyway! The entire team was great. My steak was cooked to perfection! Shout out to the chef! The wife said that she enjoyed her meal as well. If she's happy, I'm overjoyed. This place is a win win! Jessica is a beast! Love her to death. Lily the manager knows how to get a team working together to provide excellent service and food. We'll be back for sure.

Jay Bouknight

Oh my!! Let me tell you!! Danielle is so attentive, I work in the neighborhood and stopped by on my lunch break. My food was ready super fast! She was so nice I decided to come back after work. Upon entry my drinks were already on the bar. Talk about service!! She’s definitely a ray of sunshine. 5 ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Ryan Bond

The bar was super busy for a Thursday afternoon but wow........ the bartender came over super quick and said she would be right back. She literally in 30 seconds returned! I drink wine so I mean wine is wine but she engaged me in a conversation that had us both laughing. I had a super bad day so her laughter is actually what I needed, not really the wine. I'm only over this way about once every other month but I think I found a new bartender at this place! Thank you Ms. Danielle!

Krystal Mulvaney

I love dining and drinking at Carrier Friday’s. The food always comes out in a timely manner, drinks are awesome and I love the specials! Danielle behind the bar is a huge reason we keep coming back! She’s such an awesome bartender and always takes such great care of us!

ayla expose

The food was pretty good. The wings were highly surprising. I was living for them. My two stars are for the food. My lack of stars is contributed to the fact that a staff members boyfriend was arrested in the parking lot, a d 3 or 4 staff members went outside to view or talk to the police. It was so distracting and concerning, all of the guest were trying to figure out what was going on. My fiance and I didnt know if we should stay or leave!

Amanda Young

This place was amazing! The staff was great. The food was wonderful. Overall great place! Can't wait to go again!

Jodi Turner

My sandwich was supposed to have a spicy mayo on it and it came back dry. When I questioned my waiter instead of just offering to fix it, he tried to tell me it must just be really light. No...try the customer was right, there was no sauce!!! Nothing like ruining a sandwich!

Lance Davis

Food and atmosphere was very nice. Food good but came out warm, would have preferred hot. Service was ok too. Yes I'd try it again cause I know it could be better.

Dr . c . new Newkirk

We are visiting from out of town and wanted to get apps before attending a show. The waitress was extremely slow. I had to ask another waitress to get her for our drinks because she waited on a table that was sat after us and they already had their drinks and food. We waited a few more minutes and she eventually brought the drinks but never the food. This was 30 minutes after arriving for the same food that the other table already had. We just left.

The Sweet T. Reed

Visiting Orlando. Got to the restaurant at 825pm, was told there was a 30 minute wait with many tables open. Finally seated at 915pm (over 30 mins), saw waiter at 935pm, got appetizers at 955pm, still waiting on meal! Understaffed, waiter was stressed and unfriendly. Not clean, I had to wipe the table with my hand. Not coming here again! Got food at 1011pm, getting it to go

Laura Cox

Waitress was fantastic. Kitchen sucked. Ordered 2 filets medium rare. Both came out purple they were so raw. Sent them back and they microwaved them to the point they were rubber. The manager ran over and offered free desert. No thanks just give us the bill. Didn't even take one of the steaks off. Such a joke.

Angela Lam

I really like this location every one from the bartenders to managers are awesome well (except one, she needs an attitude adjustment) it would be just wonderful❤

Michelle Morrow

I dined at the Carrier Rd location on Dec 12 with a couple of co-workers and our server was George. I am not a big TGI Fridays fan because of bad past experiences at other locations but this time was different. The food was good, the restrooms were clean, the restaurant in general was clean and George was awesome. Thank you George! I will try TGI Friday's again near home because of you. I hope they can be half as friendly, helpful, and professional as you!!!

Debra Borremans

Our server was bad. I don't know if he was new or what. The food was good. The water was horrible.

Darrell F.

Typical TGIFriday's food, but horrible service. They were slow when we stopped in tonight and we had to wait for a table. They also appeared to be short staffed. My mid-rare steak came out blue-rare and my wife's steak was not whiskey glazed like she ordered. We asked for an extra plate so that my wife and son could share a meal. We were told that all the plates in the kitchen were dirty. One of the most aggravating things was that I waited over half an hour to get a refill on my drink and never got one. I don't know if there was a manager on duty tonight or not, but if there was they need to be retrained in customer service and make sure that their staff understand that service is more important than the actual food that is sent out. Most people will forgive sub-par food if they get good service but will not forgive bad service even if the food is exceptional.

Tasha Underwood

Awesome service. Good food. No complaints.


Unfortunately, due to reasons beyond our control we only managed to eat here twice within the week we were in Orlando. This is without doubt one of the best TGIs we have been to and the quality or food and level of service is excellent.

Lamont B

Was here with my family... The waitress ( Que ) was GREAT And HELPFUL when we asked her about the different events that was going on for the weekend.... But on the other hand..... for it to a nice restaurant.... the bathrooms were filthy.... both bathrooms needed much help and the manager act as if she didn't care when it was brought to her attention.... I'm giving it 4 stars for the waitress (Que) and the food.....

Dimitrius M

The server was pretty awesome with our group of people. The food, as always, was pretty good. It’s in a location that’s out of the way, so the restaurant wasn’t that busy, despite being Classic Weekend.

Craig Chiffers

Warm and cosy, with good honest food, cold beer and good service. My second visit, and equally as good as the first. Yeah, it's not fine dining but the food is pretty good for the price!


Came in really late in the evening, the waiter was so tired but she still did an excellent job. Food so much better than on TGIF in Denmark. The only thing I regret is that we did not have time for another visit.

Brett H.

We stopped in here for a couple of drinks after watching Cirque By Night, across the street. Our service was pretty good and the food was typical TGI Fridays fare. The food was hot and fresh, with no issues. I will say this location probably needs to close for about a month and go through a massive refresh. It is pretty worn and tired in some areas and is need of some TLC.

Remediation Corp

Bartender was nice. But the food was awful. Fries looked and tasted as though they’d been sitting around for an hour or more. Cheeseburger didn’t taste fresh. Bar is exceptionally dirty and in need of a thorough deep clean before someone gets sick and or that sour smell gets worse.

Debby Payne

This is 2nd this Friday's we have eaten at, and as before the service is great and pleasant, even some humor. Love it. And always more food than we can eat. We seem to be able to get Two meals out of our orders. Best crispy chicken sandwich ever.

J T.

Horrible service and mediocre food. Pay attention to the reviews and avoid this place. I only came here bc bar food is always a go for a picky eater. Waited at the door to be seated, then waited for a server to come and take care of us. After "claiming" us, she never returned until we were pretty much done with our food. The place was empty so it's not because they were busy. It's simply because the servers and management don't care. They are lazy and would rather disappear into the back instead of doing the bare minimum. Check on me once to make sure the food and drinks are ok and that we actually have a bottle of ketchup that isn't empty & carry on. Don't wait until the end of the meal to find out that no, the drink wasn't ok and I'd like a different one.

Nathan Mucker Walker

Been to TGI Fridays a few times while been in Orlando. Had Paul multiple times he’s by far the best waiter there he’s so inviting and makes you feel so welcome gives a great service highly recommend him to anyone. The food here is also really good haven’t had a meal I didn’t enjoy!

Angela R.

I gotta tell you, we actually had a pleasant experience. We came in relatively early on a Friday afternoon. We were greeted by Hillary and sat at the bar. She was attentive and pleasant. After about 10 minutes, it became clear that she was the only person working the FOH. As more customers came in, she remained sweet: greeting each customer as they arrived and doing her best to be equally attentive to everyone seated. She kept our drinks fresh and brought our food out piping hot. She made the best of her situation (read: working alone) and both her manager and corporate should be aware of how great she is. The only reason for the 4 stars are because of the facility itself: the bathrooms could use a really good cleaning and paint job, the restaurant itself has that "the floor needs a bleach scrub" smell. A good top-to-bottom scrub is in order. The experience, however, was great and I commend Hillary for her professionalism. Bravo to her!!!! She deserves recognition.

James Hack

Awesome food and great service. Hillary, our waitress, went above and beyond to make sure our experience was a great one. Definitely worth a visit if you’re in the area


This felt like it was about to close down- the lights were too bright, the food slow and then cold - I felt so sorry for the server!

Carol Gibbons

Great service , great staff

Andrew Young

We were here 3 years ago and it was bad then, we went back with relatives hoping it had improved, sadly not. Our American relatives said it was the worst service that they had ever experienced. Servers appeared to be short staffed and the ones on duty appeared to be very stressed. Cutlery wasn't really clean. One of our table ordered French onion soup and they didn't even bring a spoon to eat it. A side of sauce wasn't brought with the meal either. Don't think we will ever be back. Two stars was being very generous.

Rebecca sage

Hostess Sierra was a pleasure!!! I was having the worst day. Came in for bite to eat and was greeted by this charming beautiful girl Sierra. Hang on to her. She’s a keeper. Food was great. Whole different mood when I left Thanks

Tara Girard

Tried this location twice. The first time we were told there was a 45 minute wait due to “under staffing” restaurant was completely empty... second try we were seated right away. However we were then not acknowledged for over 10 minutes. No one came to the table and every employee dutifully ignored eye contact. We will definitely not be returning and by the looks of the rest of the reviews looks like the number of not returning customers is growing

Tiffany Marshall

If I could give this place 0 stars I would. We had the worst service I've EVER had in my life! We called ahead for my son's birthday-party of 15. There was minimal wait which is understandable for a larger party. We were seated and waited for an entire hour before we got WATER! Are you kidding me?! An hour wait for WATER!?! And we had to ASK for that! Then we tell the manager (Jill) about the situation and what solution does she offer?? NONE. She looks around like she doesn't know what to do. The WORSE part is that the restuarant was pretty much EMPTY! And they had people waiting to be seated in the front! We told them not to waste their time because we waited for an hour and only received water. NEVER AGAIN!

Monica Mora

The food was good. But the host seem like bothered with his job. Not so friendly. Our server was great.

Stephen Fulker

An embarrassment to the TGI's name.

Scott Glick

Our waiter was the most amazing server Sandro when outta his way to make our experience perfect which is more than I can say for the cook staff which the steak was over cooked the brocolli looked like it sat in a fridge for six months my wife got a salad i mean nothin could go wrong right..... WRONG SHE GOT PLASTIC IN IT REALLY..... the tea was good. But Sandro really did his best ..... and he even went as far as he could to make it right before he had to get a mgr

Jose Miguel V

The experience in this TGI was exceptional. The waiter George was very professional and friendly at the same time. Very well served and the meals were very very good. We for sure will return in the next visit to Orlando.

JG Awesomeness

Great Great Great