Tropical Smoothie Cafe

2104 Edgewater Dr, Orlando
(407) 237-0947

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admon Yonan

The employees so disrespectful they don't respect you and the just throw the order on the floor when is ready never going back there again

Dottie Mo

The staff are super friendly and the smoothie was delicious!

Ambassador Ren Hamilton

Went to location at 12:15 I stood 10 minutes No one Acknowledge me today is my birthday and I was ignored lady walks in behind me young Said to her Welcome Back after just looking at me so I Said Damn walked out came back I asked him for the store number to call and do a complaint. The manager on duty told me that they couldn’t do that that I needed to purchase something and do a survey to do a complaint. Manager never asked me what was the issue, but she said all that I can do is do a survey I will never ever come back to this location ever again

Keshaun Paisley

The smoothies here are usually good. But my last visit was pretty subpar. It was prepared really fast which is good… but was watered down :/ and out of the 3 only 1 of them had any actual flavor…

Kae Kay

This was the third and last time I will visit this location. Smoothies not filled to the top of the cup again, and becoming more liquid-y. They had one employee make the smoothies and operate the register while a co-worker stood there in the back rinsing a sink out, and the Manager arrange ink pens- all while myself and three other customers waited to be served! Just ridiculous and unacceptable, and seems to be the poor service you can expect. Going back to the Winter Park location instead!

Will D.

This place sucks! It's over priced and they take forever for a simple order. I placed an order online over an hour ago and it's still not ready. On top of that they ran out of the new watermelon mojito and never told me until pick up. The girls that work there specially the one that makes the smoothies is slow as hell. I have been waiting here for over 20 minutes on a pick up that was placed over an hour ago. This place sucks!!

Elise Probus

Come here all the time since its easy to grab something during work but lately its been kinda frequent with the order mess ups Lol, over the past couple months: 1st time my side wasn't included for delivery, 2nd time they gave me the wrong side with delivery, this time i even called to make sure they had what i wanted in stock for pickup haha, no lettuce and barely any ranch on my flatbread, not mad at all, its still good and i rarely complain about anything but figured id let you guys know to double check before you send food out or at least let the customer know if you're out of something before they get their item -someone who worked in the restaurant industry

Angela Carter

My buffalo chicken wrap was yummy, but my Paradise Point smoothie was all ice and barely any fruit flavor or sweetener. It was very bland. My friend got the Beach Bum smoothie and she said the same thing. Very disappointed.

Charles F.

The food took a really long time. When our order came out it was not right. When I went to request to fix it, they did not come out to address me for a long time.

Shaunessy G.

Went there this am... was disappointed that the sandwiches were cold but we were hungry and ate them anyway. Have been sick all day both my husband and I between going to the bathroom and throwing up. Happened almost 1/2 hour after eating. DO NOT eat here. Half ass help and not Worth being sick all day. Because both of us felt fine before we ate and got sick at about the same time after eating we KNOW it was poor food handling and they should be ashamed . What a way to ruin a day. Get your shit together and get out of college park if you can't be on a decent level. Beyond disappointed . You know what's better than opening up with limited staff? Not opening at all if you're going to food poison people and do a shitty job. You dropped the ball. What a shit business at this location.Owners you should be ashamed of yourselves for letting a sub par dangerous business to operate. Hopefully we will get a business owner in there who deserves to be there.

Zachary Teasdale

This places STINKS to high heaven. The floors are dirty and it’s hard to even enjoy the food because they have a very low level of cleanliness.

Rish Experience

The white people that works here alittle retarted the order clearly say what i need and they put their own things inside.

Pablo cedeno Danielsen

Is. Special place more that we work in the front !! Fast fresh and healthy !! Loved excellent service !!

Ajay Kumar

I came in to pick up an online order, they did not receive it. I couldn't check the confirmation email because my phone did not have service. The staff was beyond helpful, they set up their phone with a hotspot, offered to make the order right now at the store. Turns out I mistakenly walked into Tropical Smoothie when I actually ordered the Jersey Mike's next door, took me an embarrassingly long time to realize. Still, they were so helpful and very nice.

Jennifer S

I waited in line for about 20 minutes just now and had several people walk in behind me.... I was literally at the register waiting... no doubt about it that I was next. Then an African American woman walks up to the register and called some guy who was so far back in line, that he was AT THE DOOR (no where NEAR the registers!!). I asked, "Excuse me, but is this the line?", while the woman just behind me said, " Yeah, we've been waiting for 20 minutes!". The Cashier looked our way and then completely ignored the question and continued with taking the order from the last person in line. It seems to me that racism is at its height at Tropical Smoothie Cafe in College Park! As I'm a 39 year old white woman, and so was the woman behind me... that's the only reason why I can see that we were COMPLETELY IGNORED, as we were obviously next. This location NEVER see my, or my family's business again.

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