Chef’s 30A Deli

118 Spires Ln, Santa Rosa Beach
(850) 750-4742

Recent Reviews

Antonia Chin

The decision is made, this is where you’re having breakfast! The food was spectacular, made FRESH with QUALITY ingredients, simply delicious!! My people dis????????

Amanda Sinyard

Underwhelming. As a local, I hate to be the one but I didnt care for our experience. We went on a Sunday (to the bistro location a few doors down) & when we walked in it was so full of grill smoke we couldn’t see. It was hot & stuffy. The cashier was super friendly so I give 5 stars for him. The water pitchers were uncovered sitting under shelving of bottles & cans. So anytime a bottle or can is retrieved from the cooler, stuff falls in the open water pitchers. The two poke bowls we ordered were just ok. The ahi itself was good & fresh, the teriyaki chicken was like a salt lick. Too salty almost to inedible. The sauce selection is salty & lacks any flavor profiles. So you end up with a $22 bowl of rice with salty sauce all over all of it. Even with cucumbers & freshness or brightness. Bummer.

Taylor Matich

RUN. Don't walk. RUN to this place y'all. Hands down, the BEST food we've had on 30A. Tried so many places and we are FOOD people. Don't miss out on this gem. Quaint little place, but man, the food packs a HUGE punch. Great people, even better food. We are speechless when it come to flavor. Cajun tortellini -just order it. Trust me. The jerk chicken skewers are fantastic as well. Just WOW.

Ashley King

Ordered on phone. Was very clear about our order and he clearly did not listen. Wrong chips, wrong cheese on salad, sauce on the plain burger. $100 for a lunch where half won’t eaten!! Do Not recommend. Will not go back.

Fred Weddington

Ordered food with specific instructions, "no mushrooms" as a party member was allergic. The server entered this correctly but the kitchen still added mushrooms to the persons meal. Luckily the reaction was mild and did not require EpiPen use. If you're wondering, it was a cheese steak sandwich that the mushrooms were blended in the meat and cheese and not seen at first.Two other orders were plain cheeseburgers but came with condiments.Probably won't try again soon.

Katherine Roose

Food was ok for us, nothing that we would make another trip for. I’m not sure what was going on with the ventilation but my eyes were on fire. Other customers ended up taking their food outside. When I asked about it, the waitress mentioned something about them trying to fix a vent and finally opened the door. We will not be back.

Leighanne L.

Yum yum yum both my ribeye and husbands lasagne were both very tasty, great portions and the food was well seasoned and still warm!Will def be ordering again!

Miriam R.

I had their Harvest Salad was delicious. We also baud their cheeseburger and it was delicious too. We had it without and also at another time with their special sauce, and I preferred without their special sauce. It was one of the best cheeseburgers I've had! Their Ruben sandwich and their meatball sandwich was also great! Service was awesome too.

Michele Bailey

I love this deli! Amazing food quality. Decent takeout times. Little pricey but everything on 30a is. Had the Italian and the Cuban so far -will be coming back to sample the rest of the menu soonParking: Pulled right up to the front door at one pm in July -no issues!

Sally Chandler

Amazing food! What a hidden gem in Santa Rosa Beach, so glad we found this place. Cajun Tortellini was so flavorful and delicious. Can’t wait to go back and try everything on the menu. ?

Christina Vincent

We must have come on an off day. It was a little after lunch and we walked up to the original location and it was closed so we had to walk a good bit down the street to the other location. The air conditioner was barely working but we sat inside. We ordered a Cuban, a hamburger and a grilled cheese for my son. Probably waited a good 20 minutes and there was only one other couple waiting. The food was ok, but definitely not worth the price. $14 for a hamburger with no sides is a little steep to me. Just wish we had caught them on a better day. The other reviews are why we chose this place.

Alice H

Horrible service, honestly still shocked about this. I walked in after driving for past two hours to the beach. Chose the place based on great reviews. No one was there to greet or take me to a table. I walked up to front & eventually someone came out of kitchen. The lady said that I could seat anywhere, and handed me one wrap of utensils. I walked outside, sat & waited almost 10 min. Thinking maybe there are busy, I used the restroom inside & talk to the employee inside again, asking if it’s ok to seat outside. She said yes anywhere you can seat. So I walked to an outside table, waiting to be served soon. Another 10 min passed without anyone coming out to even take drink order. Two families of customers left after eating while I was waiting to be served outside. I looked inside through the window, and there was a new customer already being served, while nothing happened for me for past 20 min. Employees were fully aware of my presence, but somehow chose not to serve. I gave up & left the table. Honestly worst service ever and really shocked about this.

Kevin Fisher

I went for lunch today and had the Cuban sandwich. I highly recommend and willBe telling my friends about it. Definitely worth going to try and you won’t be disappointed. The whole menu looked great. Will be back.

Todd Tedrow

We had the fatboy burger, Thai shrimp and grouper entree and it was delicious. Great chef! I would definitely go back

Devlin Endres

Waited an hour for my takeout order, when I asked about it, they forgot part of my order (Caesar salad), and then was told they had to “make” the ceviche- but didn’t start making it until I asked about it. Meanwhile as I waited, 2 tables were served their meals. Outrageous. 1 hour 15 minutes for salad and cold fish. I’m an owner in Gulf Place and have recommended it to many other owners and renters, but now it will be on my “don’t bother” list…

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