Badda Bing! Bar

8327 Lockwood Ridge Rd, Sarasota
(941) 359-1400

Recent Reviews

Marvin M Floer

Downtoearth place with good bartenders. Good hangout.

Brian Lanigan

I parked out front and now I'm asked for a review. Great job BB! Bar

L Galvin

Great place to go and watch football with the guys. The staff is friendly and the service is quick. The prices are great too. It?s not the fanciest of places, but, it doesn?t need to be. It?s unapologetically great how it is.

Shelley McKee

My favorite bar in Sarasota! I love coming here for my nightcap. Bevy is the best. She makes wonderful cocktails. I'm not from Sarasota, but I'm a regular now and am treated like family.

Joshua Dippel

Awesome atmosphere, Great people (Ron will take care of you) and great prices. TV?s every direction you look so perfect for Sunday football! My favorite place to be after a hard day?s work.

Shane Barret

A local watering hole for me. Have been coming here for years. And keep coming back. Met some great people here.

Tracy Morrow

Been coming to this bar for years !!! Always a great time !!! Service is excellent!! Very clean. We have made some lifelong friends at this establishment!! Keep up the good work

Jason Garris

My favorite local watering hole. Good stiff drinks and fun every night.

Matthew Giresi

Great bar for a few beers and some relaxing. Bartenders are always nice - Trish especially.

Tyler Ennis

Love this hometown bar. Ron is the best in town go see him!

Barfather Flip

Awesome bar great staff, bartenders are freaking hot and highly skillful actually I was very impressed with my experience there Iâ??ll definitely be back

Joseph Grumbley

Very nice and comfortable cuz Brandon wasn't there love you brother

Debbie Drake

Nice place....friendly atmosphere great service...miss John though

Kelly Katz

Sean the bartender is very friendly and knowledgeable! The only reason I canâ??t 5 star is the smoke! Kills me!

Nina Butz

Nice local place to get a cocktail just wish they had food too!

Tara Roane

Very dirty. Especially the restrooms. Check your drink because you will for sure haves ashes in with your ice. The bartender likes to smoke near the ice. Service was poor, but Iâ??m told the night time service is much better. The bartender cannot handle the happy hour crowd (which isnâ??t much). Plenty of other places to go and get a good drink. Just not at this place. Not worth it.

Teresa Pfister

I had a bartender named Shaun. What a great bartender. I never had to wait for a drink. And to top it all off! He called me by name and knew what I drink after only being there ONE time. Very friendly guy and we'll dressed. I will be back many many times. What a great choice of hire for Bada Bings

Nicole Eklund

It's a very big nice well lit bar that plays good music and offers strong drinks. Thx Chris for taking me ð???

Kelly Davis

Great get away. Sociable bartenders that make you feel welcome and good company.

Debi Issman

Prices vary depending what bartender is working a big tip off

Allison Lalli

Love this place! Great atmosphere and bartenders Trish and Trisha are extremely friendly and attentive. We will become regular customers here - great place to unwind after work!


If you are not a smoker this bar is not for you. When Trish is working Happy Hour you will sit there and wait for a drink. She is busy gossiping with her wine drinking friend or checking her phone. She canâ??t operate the cash register and overcharged me twice. Me and my buddies will not be back. We were told to give the place a chance. Really dirty. Especially the bathroom. Go over to Duffyâ??s. Really nice.

Steve Congress

Always feels welcoming.....drinks are correct and the price is right. Happy hour 11am till 7pm everyday. Catch Trish Tuesday thru Friday

Destina Brewer

Friendly and fast service. Great prices. Enjoyed meeting new people.

Isaac Menting

Service great. Smoking bar

Michael Giles

Great bar with great selection.

Travis Levengood

Great video games. Expensive drinks. Great service

Clifford Burleson

Itâ??s one of those places that only regulars go. Good beer though!

James Mattox

Always have a great time here

Adam K

I was over charged by three drinks while there shooting pool on a pool league. It's truly sad when you become a mark for tab buffering because they know you are a visiting team. I highly encourage you to go somewhere else or simply don't run a tab.

Rodney Strong

Always a pleasure spending time with Kelli, she's the best. Big hug !

Jeff Conway

Cold, Smokey and dirty. There's a hundred other better places to spend your money in the area. Oh and watch the bartenders. They like to run your bar tab up!

Robert Hering

Second hand smoke bad. Patrons smoking, Bartenders smoking and I think I saw a cockroach smoking! For a hole in the wall the drinks are pricey. Night time bartenders act like their doing you a favor getting you a drink.

bianca alvarez

I love this place they make such good drinks and it's wasn't to busy so it was nice!!

Brian Gould

Was my first time here. Bartender was very cool I believe his name was Chris. He had my drinks ready to go as soon as one was getting low he had the next One on standby. Very friendly and easy to talk to. The atmosphere was nice I'm not one to smoke but with the high ceiling that helped keep the smoke away from me. There is a pool table here if you're interested in playing pool along with darts. Nice and quiet place to get away if you're looking for that type of atmosphere. Very well clean and kept. Go check them out. I used to frequent the one in Gulf Gate back in the day. So if you're looking for that type of atmosphere like the old location then you should like this one.

Anthony X.

My go-to bar for hanging out with friends, low-key drinking, playing pool and listening to music. Big open space and awesome people!

Jessica H.

This place be awesome. Come here if you want to chill and not worry about anything. Life is good when you come to badda bing

Ana X.

Love this place, great place to hang out with your friends. The atmosphere is very chill and the bartenders are super friendly! Hands down one of my favorite places to be at! :)

Val B.

Trish was an EXCELLENT attendant as we enjoyed time relaxing in the bar! Her Sangria rocked! She was talkative, funny, and attentive! She represents all that is good in a bar setting- happy, personable, and easy to sit with.

Chrissy R.

I've been going to this bar for many years (we won't say how many). I'm always greeted at the door. They know what I'm drinking, I never smell like smoke when I leave and the bartenders are awesome. It's typically busy and they still mange to give great service. I would highly recommend this bar, to stop for a quick drink after work or to party until they close it down. Fun crowd!