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Braford Andrews

I went through drive thru. Ordered two breakfast sandwiches, caramel ice coffee latte and a hash browns. Pulled from window as bag was checked realized no hash browns, so I parked and went inside for missing item. Behind the counter was a nasty for waiting for a accident, slip and fall. Creamer or milk was on the floor. I was given the missing item. I left and I got to my destination, over 3 miles away, and was about to eat my sandwich and there was no napkins in the bag.

Amber Baginski

The absolute worst staff I’ve ever encountered. You would think with all of the jobs available out there these girls would find another since they hate their job so much. my 4 dollar cup of oat milk, they seem to have forgotten the coffee in my large iced COFFEE. I stood at the counter getting dirty looks from all the girls for about 5 minutes before I just left the drinks there, they obviously weren’t going to fix it. And if they did lord knows what they’d do to my drink


Went in during a shift change so I understand that, and was told that the item I wanted would be a little bit of a wait which I told them I didn't mind. When I said that though they kept insisting I order something else because they simply didn't wanna do it, if you don't wanna do your job then why are you even there?

Anita Cohen

I love dunkin donuts! Some days it's quicker than others, but worth the wait!

Danielle Sinnott

This place is a hit or miss. My two coffees were great but the girl at the register told me the wrong price twice. And messed up the donut order.

Janelle J

they hired someone new she didn’t have a name tag but she had long red hair and she actually does her job unlike anyone else who works at this location. First time in a long time I’ve visited here and they actually where willing to make my food and coffee every other time I’ve came that where out of almost everything

Stephen Britton

Dunkin is no longer doughnuts or coffee, it's both and more with breakfast sandwiches and various foods. Although it no longer seems to specialize in one area it's a decent place to grab a bite to eat and a coffee to start your morning if your on the go

Florencia Morais

Employees spend more time in the bathroom in stead of preparing the customer orders. When we visited.

brandon Parrish

I go there everyday the employees are very very sweet and very professional I have never had a problem at this location the store is very very clean and sober the bathrooms that's why I continue to go back

Grace Strauss

Insisted that they made my drink right even though I was the one that drank it. They gave me a hot coffee instead of hot tea and only offered to remake it after I said I would go somewhere else. I went somewhere else anyway and was treated much better. The port orange location on Clyde Morris and reed canal. Remade the drink without a thought and didn’t make me pay for it even though I offered to.

Iris Gonzales

I decided to walk-in to place my order because the drive-thru line was extremely busy. I was ignored at the register by a woman who walked over frequently to gather donuts for drive-thru customers. After her 3rd trip to the donuts I asked her if they were not serving people inside. She told me I needed to stand in the pick-up line to order. So I walked over to the pick up line and she started talking and joking around with her coworker, continuing to ignore me for an additional 8 minutes. I then asked her where do I fall in line with getting my order placed because I have been waiting for a long time. The woman then told me there are only 2 people working and if I don’t like it then I can go somewhere else. Her friend was nice and helped me right away. I asked her friend who the manager was and she claimed she was the manager (I don’t believe this because she had no tags indicating she was a manager). I understand that there is a help shortage, but this woman was socializing. I will not be going back here.

Star Hamblin

The drive-thru girl was in a hurry. I ordered the coconut iced coffee with coconut milk and it tastes watery not compared to the Dunkin' donuts in New Smyrna Beach they make it perfect.

Heila Freeney

Paying for a medium or large coffee but they fill it halfway make it look like a small coffee then they give you attitude when you ask for them to put more coffee in your cup. They need to change their coffee prices and to the women that was working today in the morning about 6 AM you guys are the worst workers ever and have no customer service at all!!!

Domino the skwid

Burnt to a crisp and still served to me. This is a joke right? Cause I know I didn't just pay your business to have someone send me food looking like this. Y'all out here trying to be burger king, you need to be out here trying to be more like Chick-fil-A. This wasn't even during a busy time. 1030 on a Tuesday. I understand understaffing, but this is just poor quality control, poor training. And laziness. Maybe pay your employees enough to care about the guests.

Lisa B

My FAVORITE dunkin in the area they always take amazing care of my family and everything is always fresh and delicious

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