Caffeine Roasters Tampa (Kennedy)

2420 W Kennedy Blvd, Tampa
(813) 644-7245

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Dominick T.

We have seen this place a million times over the years but this is the first time we've tried it out. I can't believe we have been missing out on this amazing place. The avocado aioli biscuit was delicious. The biscuit itself tasted like is was homemade from scratch and all the flavors and fresh ingredients in the sandwich made a perfect breakfast. The orange cold brew was something new for us and we loved it. The combination of the orange with the cold brew made for a tasty refreshing drink. We will definitely become regulars!

Jessica S.

LOVE! First stop so far on my visit to Tampa- fun vibe. Good for working and just for chatting! I ordered a caramel latte and the ham and avocado biscuit and loved both!!

Danny Nesen

Very very cool place inside! Perfect place to chill, enjoy a coffee and even work. I ordered a butterscotch iced coffee which was good. Workers were nice, I recommend!


Smooth coffee. Not a bit of bitter after taste. Made it exactly how I asked. Nice place. Mitt bad prices. About what you expect from a coffee shop.

Matthew Choman

One of the only specialty coffee drive-throughs you'll ever see. Some of the baristas seemed less experienced than others. I like that they have a bunch of brew methods to choose from. I ordered a v60 pour-over from Peru and it was good.

Maksim Yurovsky

Nice aesthetic but coffee was mediocre at best.

Ginger L.

The ideal coffee shop. The shop is cool and urban which makes it a perfectly Instagrammable moment, without being too ~trendy~. Because of this it's a place you can actually enjoy time and time again. The coffee is supposed to be the most important feature to address in regards to a coffee shop. And for Caffeine Roasters it is definitely the star of the show. The brews themselves are simply wonderful. And if you're looking to be fancy, they got that too! The menu is actually really diverse. They have a solid lineup of flavors that are always available. The best by far being the orange cold brew (okay, yes this is just my opinion). They also consistently produce seasonal flavors. And though they are called caffeine there are plenty of decaf options (both tea and coffee). Caffeine I have never tried the food, I must admit. But I can assume based on level of bevy quality that it probably holds its own. Caffeine Roasters rocks.

Ciro M.

One of my standards for judging the quality of a roaster &!the subsequent coffee produce is how smooth is the does the brew that results. Ordered a latte and it was perfect! Didn't require any sweetener to offset any acidic tones. Also had a whole grain croissant which was on point also. Service was delivered perfectly also.

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Sam S.

It's never a good sign when you're upset before you even enter the place. Let's talk about parking. There is none. Next. Had to park next door and walk. Almost got stung by a bee. So you think the hike was worth the climb. There is no heavy cream. You would think a place that is primarily coffee would have a key dairy ingredient. So I then look at the menu and the first think I ordered (which is the feature photo on their YELP) the PB oatmeal, they don't have! Then the bathroom. The door slams when you walk out. So when you finish doing your business, everyone looks up because of the grand orchestra you make walking out. This couch in the middle of the coffee place smells like hundreds of men's BO. I need a shower. Oh and there are mosquitos. I'm pretty sure I have Zika now. 1 out of 5. 2 out of 10. 25 out of 100.

Harry C.

I remember driving in south tampa waiting in the light of Armenia and Kennedy, and saw a burger joint opened up but closed down within a year. Next time I drove by, it has turned into Caffeine Roaster. Caffeine Roaster has always hold a special place in my heart, my sister got married in Downtown Tampa in 2018, and the next day we walked over the the CR on Cass st. It was nice quiet neat ambient vibe, and I really enjoyed it. This new location has nice decoration with big open space. It is neat that they have a drive thru for quick access. They have a variety of coffee and tea, cold brew, orange cold brew, and occasional seasonal drinks (Lavender Mint Latte, which was delicious BTW). I l enjoy their options with whole milk, half and half, soy milk, almond milk, and oat milk. There's plenty of plugins for laptop to do work or hold meetings, there are barstools to sit by the bar. Vibrant lighting to feel energized while having gathering. We tried to order their signature banana peanut butter bowl, but it was sold out at 1pm, which was very disappointing as I was looking forward to try this. They did not have any sugar free syrup for coffee. Parking at this location is limited, there's only 8 spots and you will have to park at the Kennedy back parking.

Ashley D.

This is a cute little coffee shop and has a couple different locations in Tampa. We went to the Kennedy location and it has a rustic vibe to it. There was no parking outside which makes it very hard to visit this place and was frustrating for us. It looks like your typical coffee hipster place. I do like the open air ducts in the ceiling, gives it an industrial look. I ordered a latte with oak milk. They had a few options for milk for people with allergies or specific diets including: oat milk, almond milk and soy milk. They did not have heavy whipping cream though. The keto diet is a very popular diet right now and heavy whipping cream should be at every coffee shop, in my opinion. I also tried to order the peanut butter banana oatmeal and they were out of that, which was pretty disappointing. I liked the latte art; however, it was pretty basic and it would be nice if they had a couple options to choose from, especially considering it's a hipster place. I would still probably come back to this place, but will likely check out the downtown location next time.

Faith Basso

Food is good. Brewed coffee is not. Get a milk based drink like a latte. The roast they use is better with milk.

Michael Sisko

It smelled like beachy swamp sewage today. Don’t know if it always smells like that but I’m surprised I stuck around and ordered a coffee. The coffee was good. Lol. The bathroom smelled better than the rest of the cafe. Should’ve drank it in there. Service was pleasant but lord that smell.

Olek DeRowe

Excellent coffee and pastries. Breakfast menu looks perfect and they even have a drive thru!

Lyshemah L.

House coffer price great $2/$4 with honey and no cream needed today. Great customer service and the staff welcomes you with a good morning. Ordered the Banana PB oatmeal to start the morning. Social setting to have a coffee and talk with friends. I'll be back again.

Faith Yarde

Food is good. Brewed coffee is not. Get a milk based drink like a latte. The roast they use is better with milk.

Daniel Mascari

Great coffee and friendly service. Kitchen was closed when I visited, but I hear the food is good too.

Oliver F.

They just lost a regular customer. I have been eating here on a regular basis for 3 months now. Unfortunately, they have hired a new manager who doesn't want to make any modification on an order even if you pay extra for it. And when you try to call him to understand why, he doesn't even answer. I felt bad for the employees who are on a bad position trying to justify a wrong management choice that doesn't make any sense. This kind of business doesn't put customer first and just doesn't want to keep regular client...

Erica L.

My favorite cafe in Tampa. By far. I love it here. Everyone is super friendly, they have a fantastic menu, delicious food, and love the ambiance. I've come in here to get work done, hangout, or even just go through the drive through. The parking by itself is not great but they have extra parking right next door at the Kennedy. Love it here

K Argote

Love their coffee and sandwiches! You can't go wrong with any of the crossaint sandwiches. Great place to do some light computer work. Very chill atmosphere.

Shawn Bates

My V60 pour over was extracted perfectly. I was impressed with both their roasting and their baristas.

Ryan Motko

Your a coffee shop and your out of fresh brewed would think to have a pot brewing on reserve. Usually good otherwise.

Tyler Wood

I love Caffeine Roaster’s coffee and food through and through. The staff is excellent and punctual and usually always gets everything done correctly. The three stars I am offering for my review comes down to the fact that CR simply doesn’t know how to make an Iced Beverage that makes you feel like you got your money’s worth. Every time I order an iced drink i find that it is only 2/3 full or even half empty, meaning I paid $5 for a beverage advertised as 16oz but only receiving 10oz in the cup...

Frank C.

I discovered this place in downtown Tampa. This was my first visit to the Kennedy Boulevard location. Nice atmosphere for a morning pick me up. Students and what appeared to be members of the mobile workforce were posted in key spaces around the cafe. All busy with their own thing. The staff was nice. The usual "Hi guys"..."How can I help you." I got a spicy mochaccino and a slice of banana bread. The spicy mocha was worth it! The menu as a whole was good. I will stop by again.

Jeff Hall

Great place for relaxing coffee and a bite. I enjoy their breakfast options.

Yvonne W.

Super friendly and kind staff. A quaint coffee shop, good location and seem to have the parking situation under control as far as being on a street corner. I got a matcha tea with a surprise flavor and was not disappointed. Tampa seems to be slow on the matcha bandwagon, so I am so glad this place serves it well.

Ian Sanders

My favorite coffee shop in Tampa! Great coffee and croissant sandwiches. I always get the cold brew and it's great. They have a drive through, or you can hang out in the shop which is great for meetings, relaxing, or studying/working.


Coffee was great and this place has a drive thru which was my deciding factor. Although it was pretty slow and there was only 2 of us. But everything was fresh. I will go back and try it again. I recommend this place.

Jake Morrison

A different take on a coffee shop. Bold and creative drinks, even if they don't necessarily taste as good as a Dunkin, they are unique, and I think many will like it I had a sparkling coffee, which is ginger ale and 2 espresso shots. Their food is incredible! The staff is always very friendly to my group who comes in.

Carlos Hernandez

If you're going to sell an avocado toast for $9 it definitely should not be using fully ripened and bad avocados. I complained about this to the staff which masked it with spinach on top, but they are refusing a refund. This is not good business. I like Caffeine and want to support local, but don't sell rotten avocado toast guys.

Ayona Perera

Wow ! I love this place. It has a great atmosphere. Love the coffee ...

Amanda T.

Always come here to catch up with friends and grab a coffee and breakfast sandwich. Love their avocado aioli and ham biscuit!

Steele F.

This is my favorite coffeehouse in Tampa. Great cold brew, breakfast sandwiches, and fresh baked goods. One of the few Tampa coffeehouses with adequate space and the correct ambience to be able to work. Additionally the staff are always very friendly. I am a regular here.

Carlos H.

If you're going to sell an avocado toast for $9 it definitely should not be using fully ripened and bad avocados. I complained about this to the staff which masked it with spinach on top, but they are refusing a refund. This is not good business. I like Caffeine and want to support local, but don't sell rotten avocado toast guys.

Brennan D.

2 stars because the baristas are great, and the coffee is great, but the manager is trash. Seriously though-- the fish rots from the head down, guys. I absolutely loathe yelp, but I have no idea how else to get this message through to the owners. So here goes. I came in recently to be greeted (if you can call it that?) by a rude, dry cashier. Asked how her day was going (btw, worth noting, I've worked for 5 years in specialty coffee and am formerly a barista/currently the roaster for another local company) and anyways, asked homegirl how her day was going and got literally NO response and a blank stare right through me. Okay, cool. Whatever. Some days are whack and I get it. Said "hey how are you" a little louder but still polite, and she made eye contact and still said nothing. Wild. Anyways, I ordered a pour over (they were slow, so yknow why not). Got my pourover at the bar, thanked the barista, and again, NOTHING. No "enjoy", nothing at all. Like, c'mon you don't owe me kindness but at least be HOSPITABLE like-- it's hospitality and this is rough. I messaged a friend that used to work here asking who this miserable human that took my order was. Turns out, it's the manager! Someone named Laura. Good grief y'all, you gotta do better. I remember when Emilija worked here and the quality of service was just so much more than what I received this past week. Such a shame because Caffeine has such great potential. But after my experience last week, I have no interest in supporting a company where the manager treats customers poorly. If the customers aren't treated fairly, you can guarantee the employees are treated far worse. That's something I refuse to support.

Tony Neske

Normally a decent place however, came in at 3:30pm to get a sandwich and cup of coffee and was told they decided to close the kitchen early because they had a long day. Maybe coffee would have helped.

Michael Pool

The Aero Cappuccino is something else, and all of the breakfast sandwiches are delicious.

Caffeine Roasters Tampa (Kennedy)

2420 W Kennedy Blvd, Tampa, FL 33609
(813) 644-7245