Caffeine Roasters Tampa (Kennedy)

2420 W Kennedy Blvd, Tampa
(813) 644-7245

Recent Reviews

Tony Neske

Normally a decent place however, came in at 3:30pm to get a sandwich and cup of coffee and was told they decided to close the kitchen early because they had a long day. Maybe coffee would have helped.

Michael Pool

The Aero Cappuccino is something else, and all of the breakfast sandwiches are delicious.

Kelly Verra

I love Caffeine. Great coffee and a nice atmosphere. Trendy but not pretentious

Tanisha Blaine

I stumbled in with my 12 year old with my life in the balance..... under 8mos pregnant with extreme pain and feeling faint.... staff not only acted fast... they called an ambulance and subdued my terrified pre teen. They were warm and caring. I was so embarrassed and afraid. They reassured me it was ok and literally held on to me until EMS arrived (flagged down by other patrons who compassionately stopped to help) . Needless to say.... my baby boy came early and is in amazing health bc of caring souls like this. THANK YOU WITH TEARFUL EYES AND A FULL SOUL OF GRATITUDE.

Nathalia Assaad

I love the environment and the food is also lovely. I’m not a coffee person but I had the coffee and I actually enjoyed it, so it must be very good. I like to support businesses that:

Albert Alcantara

Absolutely amazing... coffee, atmosphere, vibes were alll great! Sydney served me and was awesome & helpful. Will go back every time I come into town!

Nicole S.

I finally visited after driving by so many times! The quality is amazing. There must have been fresh ginger in my ginger latte as it was just the right amount of spiciness. I love that they have a menu as well for day long workers etc and extra parking next door. The interior is gorgeous. It gave me ideas for my next home interior design. I will definitely come back to try more of their seasonal items and to do meetings .

Elizabeth B.

Omg so now I don't want to go back to Kahwa coffee because Caffeine Roasters is so much better! Not only are their lattes great, they are served in a ergonomic cup that makes sipping easier. I wasn't expecting the food to be such great quality! Loved the avocado toast with salmon & egg. We will be back!

Simone B.

I'll keep this short and sweet. Caffeine has really good espresso. The baristas are friendly and the prices are decent. With that said, the last two times I've visited this place it smelled like a backed up sewer. Not a faint smell, but an overpowering smell that was extremely noticeable upon entering. The first time this happened I questioned the barista and she acted like there was no smell. Another person at the bar acknowledged that it smelled too. The second time this happened i didn't even bother to question the barista. I planned on doing some work but the smell was so bad that I ended up leaving and going to buddy brew down the street. Hoping that these were two isolated incidents and not an issue with the building. This place has a cool vibe and good coffee so I'd hate to not come back because of the smell.

Joey Brakefield

Great little find while walking down the street in Tampa. Fantastic light fare and the coffee is some of the best I've had.

Deanne M.

Ugg, I hate giving any place 2 stars, but that's all I can do. I arrived and nabbed the last parking space! That was a huge plus. I ordered a Ginger Spice Latte. The gal that took my order was very friendly, but that was about it. I found my place to sit and got my pens & books out. During this time, about 6 minutes, my drink was not being made. The girl forgot to make it. She ran off to the back and did something. The friendly gentleman barista made my drink, but the girl that took my order never told him the size so he made the wrong size. He also forgot to add honey which resulted in me hating the drink. He was so obliging and made the drink again. That's the reason for the 2 stars instead of 1 star. I gave that girl a $1 tip for doing absolutely nothing at all. It wasn't busy and just makes the customer feel unimportant. I won't return.

Joshua Johnson

Outstanding coffee option. The sparkling coffee is unique and really tasty. It's the best coffee that I've found in Tampa.

Simone G.

Awesome coffee shop! Staff is super friendly and my coffee was very good. There is limited (free) parking but you can park next door and walk over which I didn't mind. The atmosphere of the place is chill and relaxing. Decor is clean, simple, and natural. There is plenty of seating inside and free WiFi. I will say that their large is more of a medium in my opinion. My drink was about $5.20, so a little overpriced but the drink was great. The spicy mochachino has the perfect ratio of coffee to milk and has the right amount of sweetness. I didn't have any food but from what I saw it looked really good. Will definitely be returning!

Maadh Al Rashdi

I always go to this coffee shop and I order cappuccino it’s good.

Liz S.

Ok so here's the deal: the food is good, I love the atmosphere and the fact that they're dog-friendly, but the coffee is just OK. The coffee isn't terrible, but it's definitely not the best in the area. I've tried a handful of drink options hoping for something spectacular and just haven't gotten it. Their signature orange cold brew is an interesting concept but not so great in the execution. Their lattes are decent, but still nothing to write home about. However, if you're a fan of matcha you're in luck because they do that pretty well! I'll keep coming back for the quick and friendly service and the pup-friendly hangouts.

Grace L.

Loved the comfy vibe of this place! I was looking for somewhere to work, and Caffeine had spacious parking out front along with a variety of seating arrangements from chairs to couches inside with nice lighting and chill music. I got their matcha latte with oat milk for $5 and ended up staying for a couple of hours. The drink wasn't sweetened like I had expected, but it was good nonetheless since the matcha flavor shone through! I think my latte was water based instead of milk based because I asked for the milk substitute (the menu offers both), but it wasn't bad. Would come back again for the nice work space and maybe try one of their cool seasonal flavors!

Jose Porter

Great coffee, good breakfast sandwiches, amazing service. I'm plain for breakfast and love my regular coffee with a breakfast sandwich. The avocado, ham and aoli biscuit is to die for. My gosh, even the bacon, egg and cheese croissant has no rival. My only problem is they keep forgetting my darn cream in my coffee when I order drive through, literally every time they forget and I drive away not checking. It would be 5 stars if I got the appropriate cream in my coffee. Otherwise, I love stopping here before work.

Carmen Wise

One of the best coffee places in Tampa. Very pricey though. 2 lattes usually run around $11.

Jocelyn Vidal

I have come here about 3 times, and only once was it pleasant. The morning workers are very dry and quick. The coffee is warm, not hot. Twice already, they didn't put the top to my coffee on right and when I got out of my car, it almost spilled on me. I found a hair today on my banana bread, which is disgusting and a waste of money. There were only three of us in line and it took 10 minutes to get my food. I asked for the peanut putter oatmeal but they didn't have it. Truthfully, the customer service is not satisfactory. The lady there this morning is very dry and does NOT make you feel welcome.

Tessa V.

5 stars well deserved! If you are a coffee snob (like me) then you will love this place. High quality beans. My cortado was made perfectly. And as a bonus, if you're into Avacado toast, then you will have to stop in. Great to have another specialty coffee shop option in south Tampa. Update: lots of new baristas. They need to be trained on how to make the drinks. I get a cortado and it is almost never made correctly nowadays. They are filling the cup with milk. Frustrating to pay nearly $5 for a drink and it is made terribly. Food is still very good. Will change back to 5stars once the drinks improve.

Meghan C.

Carmel delight was very good! Parking is limited and not convenient. AC went out while I was working inside and became too hot to stay. The sparkling coffee was not a hit for my friends and I. Tasted like an IPA beer than a coffee I hope that everyone enjoyed their stay here in the quaint little coffee shop

Ken R.

Been here many, many times. It's a favorite of my twenty-something son. First of all nice atmosphere. Nothing fancy, but a nice place. Typical crowd for a college town. Food is limited, but well done. Options are fairly good for a small place, nice menu of food, teas, coffee, and other tea/coffee based drinks. The only negative is staffing seems challenged to take care of things up front and clean at the same time when busy. It just unfortunately doesn't give you a good feeling when that happens and detracts from the experience. Excellent coffee, but try to keep up with tables and visible clutter. As I'm writing this they are cleaning everything.

Maddi Birdwell

Ordered a cappuccino, it was decent. The espresso has a nice flavor, however I wish they had more options for milk substitutes. Coconut milk or oat milk would be a great addition for people who can’t have soy or almond milk. Also, the smell is truly horrible. It smells like sour sewage, which is sad because the shop is super cute with plenty of comfy seats! I would have stayed longer if it wasn’t for the smell...

Emily G.

My favorite coffee shop in Tampa - fun, chill atmosphere, lots of interesting seating, the vibe promotes creative thought with some muted color, tasteful slightly-eclectic decor. The Chile mochachino is Amazing (I ask for it less sweet)

Altus Noumena

Best coffee in Tampa. Prices are great, food is delicious, but best of all the staff is very friendly. No pretentious vibes here.

Edelyn M.

LOVE LOVE LOVE this coffee shop! I am hooked on them, no seriously. I live 30 minutes away and make the drive happily, just to have another cup of their delicious coffee. Also a plus, their food is amazing. Customer service is great as well, everyone is super mellow here. First time I went I really underestimated the place, the outside isn't to appealing and the drive-thru through me off ( very xonve. I thought will this be like another Starbucks ? I was so wrong. Went inside and the place is super cute & cozy(couch is so comfy). Interior is very simple & organized. I think it has a good amount of seating and I never have trouble with parking when I come. I've gone 3 times in a row since I first went. Always order my iced latte with caramel& vanilla flavor. Their coffee is strong, that's my favorite part and very unique tasting. It is lightly sweetened and taste just right. I'm not sure of their method when making their coffee but it always has a nice fluffy creamy foam on top,whether you order a hot or iced latte. It's so good and just thinking about it makes me want one. Friends & family members think the same. Food is delicious. VEGAN options as well, so kudos to them. I've had the avocado salmon toast & the lemon aioli biscuit, and both are scrumptious. Their pastry items are as well. Very good prices compared to other coffee shops on Tampa. They have a reward program which is always a plus. Every 5 drinks , you earn a FREE one. This is very fair and will keep me coming back . Lastly, if you attach their company sticker on your car bumper you receive 20% off your order, when you go through their drive thru. Only place I know that does this and doesn't hurt that the sticker is super cute &represents me (also free).

Anj N.

Such a cute little coffee shop!! I came by on a Saturday and was pleasantly surprised! We both had black coffee which wasn't burnt like other places. The whole setup is really cute as well. You can buy snacks and other drinks besides coffee. I honestly felt like I wasn't hip enough to be there but I will definitely come back again.

Kate F.

I am sad to bring this a star down. Until today I had only had black coffee here, today I stopped and ordered breakfast. Avocado toast w salmon- sounded great! In reality it was eh. The toast was not toasty enough making it a bit mooshy, the avocado was ok, the salmon should have been right on top. But instead it was a bed of greens on top of the avocado and then the salmon. I felt like the greens got too much in the way. Anyhow, my coffee was great, service was good, will most likely never eat here again, just get the coffee.

Mark Bauer

Coffee is good, croissant sandwiches less so

Stephanie Janes

The breakfast sandwiches are super yummy and the coffee is strong. A nice place to hang and get some work done or meet friends.

Julieanne Van Allen

The most amazing coffee. If you want seriously good coffee..this is YOUR place!!!

Yura G.

I was absolutely amazed with their service. Everything was great and loved that the place feels cozy. I thought I was in a Pretty Little Liars scene when I came to this place. Nice vibes, vegan options and fast service. Their coffee and food is nothing compared to Starbuck. This is the NEW Starbuck.

Robin K.

I didn't know this place existed but glad I found it. Quaint little coffee shop on Kennedy blvd, 10 or so parking spaces outside. I've heard the parking situation sucks most of the time, we didn't have any problems finding one Saturday at 11am. I loved the design concept of this place, very welcoming. They offer coffee (hot/cold) and food items like avocado toast. So why 3 stars? It had a musty odor upon arrival which was hard to forget. Could be the ac unit? Not sure. Also, the watering hole near the bathroom smelled quite gnarly too. Maybe it was the combination of both?? I hope they find the source of the smell.

John Bhisitkul

The foam art on my decaf cappuccino was quite nice. A kind of pleasantly aesthetic double heart plant. Interestingly it stayed well defined through my drinking the beverage. More importantly the drink itself was good. Probably the best of it's kind I've had in Tampa. My avocado toast was pretty good. It was covered with leaves(I guess rocket?) which made it a little more complicated to eat. My apple pie was tasty. Full of patrons, many on laptops, with a good reasonably relaxed vibe. I wonder my drink was made such that the decorative aspects remained in tact as it was consumed or if that was coincidental.

Jessica Marshall

I've passed this place several times, so I looked it up to see if I should stop in. Today, I finally dropped by. This place lived up to the photos and the reviews. The atmosphere is well reflected in the pictures of this place - cozy and fun. The woman who served me today was kind and courteous. What pleasantly surprised me was that I ordered a ginger latte and it I could actually taste the ginger in it (it even had a hint of that ginger burn to it). This combined with the flaky croissant sandwich I had made my mouth very happy and helped me start my day with a smile.

Ivan Castillo

Seems like a nice place. Not crazy about the Pumpkin Spice Latte I ordered. It seemed like they just added a syrup on it. Not the best I had. Rating could be higher if the music wasn't so loud. I am always looking for new spots to work and regrettably with the music so loud that was almost impossible.

Zain K.

My americano was something of a revelation, presenting a flavor profile I've never encountered elsewhere. The only way I can describe it is as having strong raspberry notes. Regardless, it was delicious, and I'm definitely returning before I leave Tampa. Also, this is a nice space to hang out in and get work done. The music is low, the seating is comfortable, and the vibe is laid back.

Anna S.

Yum!!! Came in to get a coffee and left with a quiche and chocolate croissant as well. Clean place and the service was excellent. I will definitely be back and I will recommend this place to everyone!

Boon C.

Caffeine is an Internet cafe. Many of the customers hang out there with computer. May be school homework to work as group. The cafe is comfortable. It has a nice set up. They serve some interesting signature ice coffee. I got the Ice Caramel Delite. It is $4.5 for about 12 oz. for ice coffee that size is considered on the high side for the price. Most ice coffee serve in 16 oz due to ice was added at 70% of entire cup. With 12 oz. you will have less coffee in it. 5 big sip and all gone. The coffee is good taste. Especially the caramel in it at the bottom. It interesting to have that. The coffee is very concentrated which after the ice melt, I still like to drink on it.


The avocado egg salmon toast is SO delicious. Coffee is amazing. A great place for brunch.

Caffeine Roasters Tampa (Kennedy)

2420 W Kennedy Blvd, Tampa, FL 33609
(813) 644-7245