Gelato-Go Tampa

1208 E Kennedy Blvd UNIT 115, Tampa
(813) 221-2173

Recent Reviews

Velvet York

This is a GREAT gelato shop! On a whim, I put "gelato near me" in my phone. This little shop came up so my husband and I decided to try it. I got baccio and pistachio. My husband got hazelnut on a cone fresh made there. We also got cappuccinos that were very delicious! We are so glad we found this place!

william mckean

The Gelato is absolutely amazing and they have Vegan Peanut Butter available for anyone doesn't want the dairy and it is ridiculously good!

Chris Porcel

Very friendly staff. Espresso and gelato are excellent. The pizza is also fantastic.

Jorge D.

100% recommend this place ice cream is amazing and the panini with prosciutto was so good , employees are super friendly. Place is very neat and clean.

Nikita H.

One thing I love is a good sorbet and this place didn't disappoint. I got the lemon and strawberry mixed and it was so flavorful and delicious. Almost makes you feel like a kid. The flavor options looked pretty good, but im a creature of habit and i get anything that looks like a Miami Vice. They're a small shop kind of tucked away and not a lot of seating so it's not really a great place for groups to sit and chat. But great for a drive by cold treat for these extremely hot days.

Bre F.

Finally a place in Tampa that serves really good gelato!! Variety of flavors, freshly made, and the customer service is PERFECT. They make you feel welcomed and urge you to try a few flavors as you browse. They also sell pastries and such which I definitely will try next time. 100% recommend !!!

Ava C.

Hands down the best gelato in Tampa. Every time I go I always buy in a big to go container and finish within an hour of being home! Giving four stars because I so badly wish they would make a peanut butter gelato!!!!!! I would come every single day if they did

Kerri DaSilva

Dreamy gelato... and so much more! I had a ham and cheese croissant and it was simply scrumptious! Plus, they have a loyalty program. I will definitely be back soon.

Sam Marotta

Great atmosphere and great service really good food as well.

Jim C.

So glad to have this near by. Everything I've tried here has been phenomenal and I love the staff.

Sara A.

i pass this shop every time i walk to crunch & i finally caved... it was so worth it!! cute little family-owned gelato/baked dessert shop. lots of flavors and free samples. i was impressed that they carry vegan options as well. ask for a punch card!

Chris Carr

I cannot explain how much you need to try the gelato here. First off, the staff appears eager to have you try out flavors, and each one I have tried has been fantastic! I like flavors to be abundant in my food, I am an "under-taster" and the gelato does not disappoint. I have to mention the staff again because they were so polite and professional. I feel like many young people have a job and it's not necessarily making them very happy, but these folks seem to thoroughly enjoy being there and having you share their gelato. They are happy and I feel like I don't experience that at small places like this very much. Great job, thank you to the staff for being so friendly and thank you for having some of the best gelato I've ever had!

Vivyan D.

If you are looking for the best gelato in the world, you can stop looking, when I feel like taking the best pistachio gelato, I go to Gelato-Go everyone is amazing, pistachio and coconut are my favorites, enjoy your gelato, the staff is really congratulated! In addition, it has the best team and the best service.

Felipe Fulgencio

Absolutely incredible. Aside from the best gelato around, they also carry some delicious savory options like lasagna bolognese, focaccia sandwiches, ham and cheese croissants, and others. Definitely worth the trip.

michelle l.

Very good gelato place in the Channelside area. I'm generally not a fan of state-side gelato, but Gelato-Go is the real deal, run by an Italian family. I like that the gelato flavors are displayed with their Italian name and no translation or description. It's better to talk with the person doing the scooping than to stay confined in ones own head. I had the affogato al caffe with tiramisu gelato. It was perfect. Creamy, not too sweet because of the espresso. My husband had the stracciatella gelato, and he seemed to like it. My son had the pistaccio gelato, which tasted just like sweet pistaccios, perfect. My daughter tried a bunch of flavors before settling on the amarena gelato. (I can say that the ginger gelato is extremely gingery-spicy and that the hazelnut gelato is very hazelnutty.) They also have pastries, pizza slices, and coffee and juice. Except for their size and very modern location, the offerings are similar to what one might find in Europe.

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