Maloney's Local Irish Pub Downtown

1120 E Kennedy Blvd #140, Tampa
(813) 284-7963

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Otto Hoover

Super friendly staff. Great food. I had the Shepard's Pie and my wife had the veggie burger. Will go back for drinks and food.

Patrick Verst

Fun atmosphere in a really nice and developing part of town. I consider myself to be an amateur wing enthusiast, and I can gladly say this place has among the best wings I've had since moving to Tampa almost a year ago. A lot of meat on the bone, tender, and excellent sauce. Still not very spicy at all in my opinion even though I got the hottest sauce they had, but it had excellent flavor.

Steve DeMarle

This was one of my favorite Channel District spots. I went there since they've reopened and I have to say I didn't feel comfortable. None of the staff were wearing gloves or masks. And the table hadn't been wiped down. When they did it wasn't with disinfectant. I really want to help local business but they don't show any concern for the health of their customers. I won't be going back anytime soon or unless see some sort of changes made.

Brittany M.

They just keep getting better and better! My food I ordered for lunch was incredible!!! I ordered the boom boom cauliflower and I can honestly say it's they best cauliflower I've ever had so tender it melt in you mouth and the sauce is a perfect buffalo! Also I ordered the sweet chili boneless wings which if you haven't had the I definitely recommend they are sweet with a little hint of spice perfect combo and I can't find a restaurant in the area that has such a balanced sweet chili sauce! Well done Maloney's I love giving you guys my business you haven't let me down.

Jessica L.

We live in Channelside and decided to try Maloney's for dinner one night. Their food totally hit the spot, so much so that we order take out there from time to time. However, the dine in experience was not great. The music was too loud, there was a lot of cigarette smoke and the other customers were rude and degrading to myself and other women dining and walking by. On top of that the service is always pretty slow dine in or take out. If you're looking for good food, definitely give it a try if you don't think the atmosphere will bother your too much. To each their own.

Taylor K.

Called to order food for pick up and when I tried to order a burger off the menu that is listed on yelp, the guy told me that burger didn't exist. So he told me to look at their menu off their website instead. I say okay and we hung up, I looked for another burger. I called back to order and it rang and rang and rang. I call again and it's busy. I call again and it rings and rings and rings. My mom calls from her phone, no answer. For a half hour, the guy would not answer the phone. LOST OUT ON BUSINESS. Way to treat people who were wanting to eat your food. I'm in the hospitality industry myself and this is just ridiculous and a joke. I take my friends here when they come to visit and now I will never take my business here again.

Joseph Martin

Had their Blarney Burger which was delicious! Prices were average, and wait staff was good!

Marie Gardiner

This place was fantastic

Raul R.

This is the 2nd time I ordered wings which are ok here,today 5 Garlic Parmesan wings.I ordered by phone for pickup and was NEVER asked for my name,phone number or credit card info to guarantee the order much less a "Thank You".When I got home no Blue Cheese or Ranch sauce for my wings,they didn't even bother to ask now that I remember.Good thing I didn't want fries or onion rings but they never asked if I wanted this either.Improved customer service needs to improve for the benefit of the business and customer.Just because you have a attractive face doesn't mean your not responsible for doing a complete and thorough job! Let's see next time if they improve? Try this spot at least once if your in the area.

Nina L

I Came to the place for burger and fries for lunch to go. girl at the front ask wait back and she would be with me I took seat at the bar. I used my phone to look the menu until I was acknowledged by another lady who was chatting up a guy at outside bar (personal conversation as I observed on my way in she handed me a paper menu after 15 minutes I got from the bar and ask if general manger will be in. I won’t be going back until it’s assure that all customers receive due attention and good service

Samuel Harder

4 star on beer and service. However, the food is less desirable. Ordered a salad instead of fries and there was so much Cesar dressing on it to cover the rotted lettuce, the grilled chicken was dry. I am glad that my intestines and stomach decided to return the food to the toilet through both ends.

Kerri DaSilva

I’m sure they know ya by name because I come here regularly with coworkers since it’s a very short walk. The wings are ok but not my favorite. It’s the French dip that keeps me coming back! Other things that my friends like: chicken Caesar wrap, buffalo chicken wrap, and the burgers.

Mitchell Corliss

Stopped at this place while visiting Tampa great food and service from the bartender would go back if I'm ever in town

H B.

This was my first time here. Not many people and it took 2 hours to get food. Not even drinking, just food. Then they opened the roll up door on the coldest day in FL and everyone came up and started smoking. This has been a miserable experience. No one from my group will be returning. Find somewhere else to go. The food wasn't even worth the 2 hour wait.

Chandler Tollison

Phlly cheese steak and fries were good. Nice outdoor eating area with plenty of TV's for watching sports

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Maloney's Local Irish Pub Downtown

1120 E Kennedy Blvd #140, Tampa, FL 33602
(813) 284-7963