Mambos Cafe

4423 N Armenia Ave, Tampa
(813) 873-1995

Recent Reviews

Jordan Ashley

This place would make a lot more money if they understood customer service. A lady walks in and orders her eggs over easy; the gentleman at the register rolls his eyes and laughs in her face…. Breakfast was ok but I’ll never come here again.

Angel Perez

Staff is rude avoids customers. I’ll die before I ever come here again. I would give zero stars if I could. I also saw the be rude to a door dash driver. Sad, bad business.

Margie Carrasquillo

Excellent food. I have been coming to this restaurant for few years and I have seen how they keep this restaurant so clean it’s amazing. I recommend this place everyday. Staff treat you with the most respect. Love my Latin culture. Always which them continuous success. The BEST place in Tampa and maybe the only great place to eat safely. Other restaurants should follow their lead.

Tom and Millie Reynoso

Great staff prior and new. Prior owner was amazing and new owner is great! Dominican style breakfast and lunch menu is delish!! Highly recommend!!

Daniel Reed

OMG! Excellent food. Great prices. And the staff was very friendly. They even answered my questions, even though I butchered the Spanish language.


This place is still serving in plastic ware and the cheap one. We're not in 3rd world country be more elegant and please have a trash can available. Customer service always good.

Island Gurl

Food was delicious ! I had moro rice & pulled pork with a side of yucca. The to go plate came with 2 slices of garlic bread. I ate everthing!Parking: Free parking

Charles M.

Been coming to mambo's for years! Always great food! I get the pork with yellow rice and black beans. Over the years many places have closed their doors or just lost quality. Mambo's is standing strong and consistent! Great food!

Mercedes Barreto

Rice w/Pork(smaller portion of rice)with Black beans 9.25 ... Yuca in Medium size container 2.25 ... this one gets me>Mojo small size container 2.50(more expensive then the Yuca) .... I use to get charged 1.50 for Mojo and I do understand the increase on everything but not 2.50 for mojo .... and Cuban bread I use to get 2 pieces cut in half, today I got 1 piece cut in half. Even if prices have gone up, portions should stay the same, not increase prices and serve smaller portions. But I must say food is still delicious. Is Mambo under new management?

Vedesh Mohan

Fast and great service! Delicious food .always satisfied

Staci Segan

I didn't eat but it smelled amazing and the place was packed. You only have a packed restraint when it's good. I did have the cafe con leche and it was good.

Misty W.

Authentic Spanish cuisine. This restaurant is a diner/cafe open until 3 pm. The food is fresh and delicious and the service is friendly. Prices are good. Once you try Mambos Cafe, you will become a frequent customer. Located near the corner of MLK and N. Armenia Avenue, Mambos is centrally located in Tampa. My pork and yellow rice was juicy so tasty. The avocado salad is delightful. The cafe con leche did the trick! ¡Me alegro de haber descubierto Mambos Cafe!

Heather Clayton

Yummy food. Your in and out, and once you try the food, you're in again. Definitely recommend

Kirsten Peck (The Panama Catalyst)

Get the Mambo Breakfast Sandwich, it's fabulous with the cafe con leches!

Sandra KongQuee

Food was good I mostly take out my breakfast but had lunch there that one time.

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