Red Lobster

17021 Palm Pointe Dr, Tampa
(813) 866-0052

Recent Reviews

Nicole Vigil

Called the establishment letting them know I’m at curbside waiting for the order that was scheduled to be ready at 7:16pm and it’s 7:32pm now and still don’t have my food but the person who answered the phone said he would be right out. Definitely not coming to this location again. Called 7:37pm and just to hear Nick say oh yeah it’s here under the warmer table, we just have to put it together....why thought if I called once to say I’m here and then my order just sits under a heat lamp? Why was it not brought out the first time I called and he said I’ll be right out. Sorry I’m just not understanding. Oh yay finally got our food 7:47pm. Just to get home and not even get the sides (mashed potatoes and green beans) with my meal. What a joke!

Jesse Stanley

Excellent. Request Tye Hill as a server if at all possible, he will take excellent care of you!

Scott Johnson

As usual...the best place to celebrate a birthday! Food was tasty and hot!

Melissa Powell

We've eaten at this particular Red Lobster location regularly for over a year since moving to New Tampa, and it has consistently had very good food and the exceptional service. We especially love servers Jesse and Basil.

Albert Brooks

This location is very good for a night out with the family. Waitress wasn’t over zealous they let us eat in peace. Food was hot and delicious. Waiting time wasn’t bad and it was a packed night. 10 mins wait at best might have been sooner. We are definitely returning. My family was very pleased. Great job people

Luz Elena Judd

Excellent services Food was great too

Sandra Flores

Shrimp scampi is so delicious. Employees are always on point.

Simon Geller

I love the food, but wouldn't come to this particular location again. I came in when the restaurant was practically empty, was sat at a table in less than a minute, and waited 25 minutes without even having a server come to ask if my party would like any drinks. Walked out and went to the Olive Garden instead.

Ce-Ce Cruz

We are regulars here, they actually babysat my husband while I was up north so they are family to us.

Tyrone Johnson

It was awesome, a little bit of a wait due to the Valentines day holiday, but worth the wait. The food was great and our waiter Jimmy provided VIP service! We will be back!

Janet Dickson-Quenneville

order did not come out as ordered. lobster was chewy in the pasta. no lights were turned on outside on exterior of building and patio. total darkness to navigate to parking lot. panhandler working the lot. high price dish but poor prep.

Chris C.

If you like good lobster bisque with hearty pieces of lobster, then you're like me. Unfortunately, this Red Lobster has stopped including this in their lobster bisque. It is now just a creamy broth. I used to look forward to lunch with nice morsels of lobster on top of my bisque but will not be returning in the future. May I suggest soup and salad across the parking lot at Olive Garden for $4 less...

Lelia Morse

Food was very good... But the place needs a good scrubbing. Dust was floating everywhere and I recommend that you don't look up or you will find dust on the beams and cobwebs hanging over your table. Service was good but very slow.

Lisa Bowe

What we had was good. They were out of 3 different things the day we went. Lobster bisque, the brownie dessert and the chocolate cake that was replacing the brownie dessert. We went at 4:30pm. Not sure what was going on, but that's the first time I've been to a restaurant and they've been out of 3 different things like that.

Kristine Kindig

Lots of new specials! Love those cheddar biscuits. Service was excellent. Got seated right away and received all courses in a timely manner.

Gary S.

It's Lobsterfest at Red Lobster once again! Although we didn't choose the lobster, we selected the "shrimp on skewers" from the lunch menu at a surprisingly reasonable price. Quite a few years have passed since I last visited this restaurant in "New Tampa," and it is beginning to show its age, but the décor is comfortable inside the quiet, darkened restaurant. The generous lunch included a choice of salads, including a Caesar, and two "sides" with two wood fired skewers of good-sized shrimp -- 10 tasty, properly-cooked shrimp made for a very good experience. The famous cheddar biscuits were excellent and served while we waited for the entrees. The biscuits quickly disappeared and more were later served. The sides -- baked potato and broccoli were very good, too. My only complaint was the rice. It did occupy center stage under the skewered shrimp and was a nice touch. However, the rice grains were fairly hard -- overly chewy. It was a unique blend of three different grains. My guest and I were not impressed with it. Overall, a very good time.

Elizabeth Earley- Frost

I wish I could give 3.5 stars. They have really good food and greats deals but we did have to wait a little while before our server came by to take our order. I could understand if they were busy but they were not. The server was polite but it seemed like she was rushed a little too much. But their specials right now are amazing! Will most likely be back again soon!

West Miraglia

The food was really good but it took a long time for our food to arrive at our table. My friend had to wait even longer for his pizza but he was able to get it. Overall great food but too long of a wait.

Eric Shosh

Tye the server didn't know what we order then took food off our table to give it to another table. Those people ask for manager Grace and she didn't come over to our table to apologize.Tye then was rushing us out asking if we where done with everyone in the group having food on the plate and forks in hand. $220 dollars and no tip later I will not eat there again.

Joanie DeGroat

Well my family took me here for my birthday. The food was really good. Our server JoJo was awesome! She made us feel right at home! Thank you for a great meal!

David Gammon

I guess everyone can have a bad day

Vanessa Gonzales

Asked for med well got done done. Bake potato was cold. The manager compt. My steak but did not come by the table. Our waitress was nice. The Salmon was delicious.

H S.

This place would be good as any of all the other Red Lobsters out there in the year 2020 except for one thing... this place is stuck in the 80s. Dark woods lit only by low accent lighting makes for a sad feel. It's just an "unfun" place. This is the 2nd time I have been here the 1st time I walked out because it was empty. Still empty, but a couple of tables are seated. The lighting is so drab and dark I can't make the color of the walls or the pattern on the seating. Now that is dark! Very drab. Service was good at the bar (thanks Trisha) and food was tasty.

Trina Thompson

Has gone downhill from my memories in of the early 2000s! The wait staff was fantastic - attentive, kind and but this place was a graveyard on a Sunday afternoon and the food was the reason - okay at best. Bland, overcooked whitefish, and everything else felt a little artificially over-seasoned. I won't be going back.

Garrick Spaulding

Food was great as always. But service needs a little work. I understand if its busy but a quick check on your tables to let them know you haven't forgotten about them.

Allen Proctor

The food was great and our server was amazing she went out of her way to help my wife find a meal that was just what she wanted. Will definitely be going back soon.

Amanda H.

I came here with family visiting from out of town for one lasting outing before they leave. Once we entered we were greeted by the hostess and she took our seating needs for a party of 6. Quickly she got our table ready and sat us. It was a Friday Night after Thanksgiving and the place was not busy at all. The server came a little bit later to take our drink order. I ordered the shrimp three ways platter with grilled shrimp, shrimp scampi, and shrimp alfredo with a house salad and broccoli. My hubby ordered the cajun chicken alfredo. My son ordered the kid's macaroni and cheese with fries. My father in law ordered the admiral's feast. My mother in law ordered the pick three with grilled scallops, grilled shrimp, and shrimp scampi. As always the cheddar bay biscuits were hot and tasty. My salad was good and made to order. My shrimp three ways was good but the shrimp were small in the alfredo and scampi. The grilled shrimp were good sized. My broccoli looked as if it was put in a blender and thrown on my plate. It was not fresh at all. My father in law was not happy with his meal as he said it was cold. My mother in law was happy with her pick three meal. My hubby said it was good but not worth the price as it had very little chicken. My son's macaroni and cheese with fries ($7.49) was kraft box mac and cheese. He said it was cold. Overall the server was slow and disappearing during our visit as what I think that contributed to the cold food. I will not be coming back to this location.

Ree Cee

Our waitress was great but the food was horrible. We ordered the lobster and crab legs, clam chowder soup and a Malibu Hurricane. The drink tasted like a caprisun, the lobster was tasted soggy, the soup tasted like water. I was better off going to chic-fil-la!

Chris Cook

Great service. Good food. Prices are kind of high for lunch.

Bob Stevens

The food was hot and fresh when served. Chicken was very tender and juicy. Shrimp was cooked perfectly. Their Cheddar Bay Biscuits are awesome!!

Teri Bauer

Just the place for sitting back and relaxing especially if you have Tye for a waiter. He was informative and professional with a great sense of humor. Food arrived promptly. Being allergic to most seafood, I ordered fresh water rainbow trout, grilled as did hubby. Presentation was good but both trout were dry and didn't pop off the skin easily. Everything else was great.

Monisa Martin

I wish that I could give this place a one star because I would , I was just there last night for my birthday, I ordered the ultimate feast. When I tell you the crabs that came out were so small I kid you not , and the lobster tail was over cooked... when I questioned the manager about the crab legs he responded by sayin ”that’s our 8oz but the size always varies “ these have been the smallest crab legs I have ever seen... the manager brought me out another set of crab legs and a new lobster tail but the size was still the same. I will never go back there again.

Monica C.

We came in today on a Sunday at 6:30pm, with no wait no line. Call ahead was not required. We arrive and have to wait for a dirty table to be cleaned in an empty bar by the hostess who was maybe 16. We are seated, and we wait. Wait some more. 10 mins go buy and I get up to look for a sign of life to find the 16 year old hostess taking a drink at another table. An online order walks in, sits and the bar and gets greeted right away. As we sit. These brands wonder why people stop coming? Disgusting dirty tables and obviously poor management. As we left I called to speak to the General Manager and was told he left a little bit a go and I was speaking the the back house manager. I didn't want anything free but to make her aware of why we left. We ended up at a locally owned restaurant and was seated and served a beer under 5 mins.

Nydia Cruz Encarnacion

Excelente trato y buenísima comida, lo recomiendo!!!

Paul Casebolt

Great experience. My coleslaw tasted a little soured and they replaced it no questions asked. Our server was great, interacted well with the kids in our party. He also had to fly solo for leading happy birthday for our group but did a good encouraging everyone in our party to join in.

George W. De Tuccio

Visited this location, again, to find NOTHING has changed. Staff, including management, does a great job of ignoring customers. I have had problems with this location before and travel to locations further away to get service but was hungry and thought "well, maybe they've gotten better." Nope. Was passed by the hostess three times before being greated and seated. The dining room was a mess with uncleaned tables and scraps on the floor. Drink order was slow... more than 10 minutes to order. Ordered dinner and 45 minutes later the salads still were not served nor was the bread. Got up, went to the bar, was ignored by the bartender and finally the hostess got the manager. That is after he stopped by 2 servers first. Settled the drink tab (1 coke, one kids milk), and left. Will never return to this location again.

wandez folks

The food was good. The sevice not so much. Had to wait forever to get food only got refills when I asked took over 30 min. To get the bill.

Helene Valentin-Robertson

Wonderful experience and great service

Ashley Dobucki Benedetto

Absolutely terrible! Do not go here! It was my birthday today, and it took almost 2 hours! Still haven’t had my dessert, so we decided to leave. The servers just hang around the bar and gossiping about other employees. The food was disgusting.

Lucia R.

We live nearby and come to this Red Lobster occasionally, and it usually fine. Today the service was awful. It was not that busy, but our sever disappeared after she took our order. The host brought us our lunch and delivered the biscuits our sever never provided. When the manager stopped by to see how we were, we explained the situation and complimented the host for being a team player. Then she told our server that we complained, so the server came over to defend herself, without any real excuse, putting us in a terrible position. Lousy service and lousy management. Very disappointing.