Salem's Fresh Eats

2015 N 50th St, Tampa
(813) 247-7777

Recent Reviews

Jeff Begley

Good food but a little pricey.

Melissa Bacchus

Was a lot of food, but definitely overloaded and soggy bread. Would have been good otherwise.

Terrance B.

When there on my lunch break from work ordered a chicken Philly meal pulled to front window cashier ask if I ordered gizzards then said you got the steak Philly I said no I ordered chicken after a couple seconds there is silence she basically gave me the look take this steak or you get nothing wtf bullied to buy food I didn't order gtfoh never again

Chelsey Grant

The Food Was BOMB!!!!!! I had never been in a Salems to eat & I have to say, I was surprised with all of the food selections that they have! The staff was friendly and my husband and I loved the meals we ordered. We will definitely be back!

Jeanette Kunselman-Issa

I got the Greek salad, loved the potato salad in it! Quick service.

Nurse Anney

I went to this restaurant last night and saw the employee take his cup that he was drinking out of and go to the soda machine, remove the lid and proceed to fill up his cup. He then accidentally drops his straw into the ice and retrieved it with his bare hands. He opened the window and asked me if I saw what happened. (Run the cameras back!) he then told me to pull up to the line and the ice was not replaced. That was so unsanitary and nasty! Employees should not even be taking their own personal drinks and drinking them around the work station anyway. I definitely will never come to your establishment again! Playing with people’s food like that!

Kurtinia Abbott

Such friendly and Awesome workers!! The Food was Hot, fresh and Amazing Good!!???

Vik Sem

I like to stop by here. Order ceasar salad with grilled shrimps or fish

Garlin Silcio

Maria is the reason I pass other gyros to eat at this one. She is so personable and great at what she soes!! Shes an asset

Sara Love

The Manager Ibrahim has the most amazing customer service at this location!!!!!! He fixed the mistakes that the other employee made on my order, I think you guys need to drug test your employees because something isn’t quite right with a few of them

Trish Williams

I will not spend my money at Salem’s Gyro ever again. I ordered a steak sandwich for my son (steak, cheese, light onion, and mayo). And what I got was ridiculous. If I didn’t love so far, I would take it back. I will let the picture finish the post. No more of my money will go to this establishment!

Lacey Walters

Maria is amazing!!! Great costumer service she makes Salem’s my #1 go to!! GIVE HER A RAISE IMMEDIATELY!?


The prices are different and as a top fan customer, they don't even prepare you or give you the corrected menu price until after.

Lynx M.

Customer service: 4 stars: caucasian manager on duty 3-2-2020 around 1130p was doing her best not to lose her sh*t with an inept staff but kept a friendly disposition. The cashier a caucasian girl was friendly and did her best to make sure our order was correct. Everyone else in there was dreadful. Cleanliness: 0 stars: the dinning area was do gross and we ate in the car. Its no way i would sit in there and eat. Based upon the dinning area i feared going to the restroom. Price point: 2 stars: price point is steep for the portion size and quality of food. Food: 2 stars: got the wings with rice and beans and the gyro. My ol man said the wings werent crispy as they shouldve been. So basically a tad undercooked which could kill someone. The gyro was decent. They dont skimp on those. Overall: i wouldnt come back. Although visiting from out of town, if i was ever in the area again this place would never be an option. Sorry i wanted to like you guys and i overlooked a lot of things to give you business. Just wont be a repeat customer.

Anthony Aaron

Food is good. Definitely better have patience. Very very busy crowd.

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