Sonic Drive-In

2320 E Bearss Ave, Tampa
(813) 979-1272

Recent Reviews

Robert Keck

I love having hot food excilent service thank you

James Harris

Sonic's food is always up to par for me. I mean their food is great. 5 stars from me

Aubrey Tezza

Donna was EXTREMELY rude! We made a mobile order ahead, checked in as prompted.. after 10 min of waiting and no response we pressed the button. When Donna answered she literally told us we DID not check in and had an awful attitude after we confirmed we did check in.

Phil Anderson

Better than most fast-food joints. Great Happy Hour deals on milk shakes.

esther lauture

its good but none of the sauces are available like buffalo and they said they dont offer small popcorn chicken makes no sense since its on the menu

Camille S

No problems. Fast service and it was good.

Melissa Roberts

They took along time and my chicken was hard everything else was good

Alan Barnette

The 2 times I've been there I've waited at least 27 minutes. No excuse for the wait I was 2nd car back first time and 3rd one back last time. I couldn't care less if they have to serve Uber first. Close down drive through!!!!!

faith elle

I waited 30 minutes in drive thru. Then the drive thru cashier blamed me for the wait. Then when I told him about it was his fault he said he forgot about me.

Rhina Petty

Decent food reasonable prices gold ice cream

Aliani Hawkins

Always a good experience here,

Ryan A.

Just simply, the wait was insane for no reason! I pulled up to the line at 8pm and there was a car at the window and a car waiting to order. 5 minutes past and the car waiting to order I suppose couldn't take it anymore so he left and same car at the window. I sat waiting to order for another 5 minutes and still same car at window. I eventually ordered 3 slushees and ice cream sandwiches pulled up to the window with exact change and waited 15 minutes at the window for my 3 slushees and ice cream sandwiches. 2 kids and broken AC waiting still for something cold in this Florida heat. Almost 30 minutes is absolutely unacceptable for "Fast Food" especially when you only have 2 cars to serve. Nothing wrong with my order but the experience was far from decent. Hard to find a good sonic in Tampa. It's a-shame because I love there menu items. Next time going to Dairy Queen for Ice Cream.


My husband ordered a strawberry shake and it was so yummy.

Angel M Viera Rios

Love those shakes specially strawberry and oreo.

Anne Nicely

Can't beat half price happy hour!


I love everything on their menu. Also too the staff provides create customer service.

Roushine Thomas

Worst sonic location! You wait forever for food that takes a couple minutes. Then when they finally get to your car the order is wrong not to mention they don’t tell you how much longer it’s going to be until your food comes out. I waited for 15mins and gave them the same courtesy they gave me, which was nothing! I drove off and will never go back.

Leah Beah

The food at this location is more often then not disgusting. Very rarely is food cooked well and appetizing. I usually feel sick after indulging a sonic craving at this location. The drinks are good, but then again a limeade is always delish! As far as the employees go, they are awful, rude and highly unprofessional, aside from two girls. I once observed a "manager" come out of the kitchen go to the bathroom, come back and pet a stray cat before going back in the kitchen, where he did not wash his hands before returning to work. Absolutely revolting and nauseating! This location will not serve walk-ups or parked cars after 10pm, sometimes earlier depending on who is working. The reason for this had been stated as "for employee safety purposes", even though the employees have to go outside to hand food off to UberEats delivery drivers. Which makes no sense! If you are craving Sonic, your best and safest bet is go to another location.

Sonya Hamil

Best Cherry Slushie ever!..I recommend with some Tater tots. 😁😁😁

Michele C

Hello I came into tampa fl from orlando I stopped by sonics on Bearass ave. and OMG the food was great, Fast Service friendly General Manager her name was Donna, she took great care of us.. and every thing was clean,, Bathrooms, Patio .. she is a great person, I hope she continues to work there I will be back .. she gets a 100 in my book.. Thank you Donna for a great service .. you Rock.!!! My Order was a BLT with extra Bacon and fries everything was HOT!!!!!

Shelly Jewell

Waiting in the drive thru for 27 minutes!!! Awful service, when I asked he said that they have to fill the Uber orders first... really? Food was good but I won’t be back.

Tara W

Every time I order here my order is wrong and the staff is VERY rude. Once I had a manager check my order as delivered out and I say for 20 mins once I buzzed back in another mgr on staff was asked the mgr who originally took my order what happened only to find out that the mgr refused to bring my order out b/c she was taking the day off and going hm by 12 noon and yesterday the boy taking my order actually yelled at me for asking why one slush price was higher than the other and when asked why yelling he told me he been there all day and said my mgr go finish your order, turned the speaker off and walked out and sat on the patio while the mgr came out to complete my order. I will be contacting corporate about this matter. GO @ YOUR OWN RISK

Vijay Thota

Employee named: Edward-17 behaved like the illiterate. He pulled my car into Menu slot and decided to order Couple of items, then the same employee because of his laziness asked me to come Drive in. He didn’t put me any sign to pull my Car to Drive in. After coming to Drive In, he was not helping about the Menu. I was asking for Ice-creams, but he asked me to pull the car back and Go and see the Menu Myself. He was Rude at me and didn’t get my Item what I wanted. I have seen the most uneducated and garbage employee In my entire Life.

Megan J.

Won't be back to this location... unfortunately took more than 20 minutes to even get acknowledged. And the sonic had no clue how to process a mobile order. Before you ask the sonic was not busy. I've had good luck with sonic in the past and hope this was an anomaly but this was ridiculous.

Christine G

Went to this Sonic yesterday morning. Ordered my drink with light ice, it was packed to the top. The girl who brought the drink out didn't eat a single word. Not hello, have a good day. Literally nothing. Drank my soda. Left the cup of ice in the truck and when I came back later the bottom of the cup was full of what looked like dirt or dust settled. Disgusting. I will never come to this one again. I have a pic of it. So gross.

Diane Lagarto

Had to try it! See the commercials but there are none where we live. The strawberry shake is amazing!


Shakes are awesome. Will definitely be going back for more, but the slushy wasn't all it's cracked up to be.

Natasha Ross

Excellent customer service! Before I had even got to take a bite of my burger, it fell to the ground. The polite carhop that had waited on us, noticed what had happened and then told his manager. The manager had him ask me if I would like another one made so I replied "please?" The same nice young man brought it out once it was ready and without any additional charge for making me a new one. They definitely turned a frustrated (on my part) frown, upside down!

Abby Flores

Ordered chicken and fries. The person taking my order asked if I wanted the number 11, so I said sure. Got home to see tator tots w/ bread. Called the manager to tell him that I wanted Fries not tots, the manager was rude and dismissive. And hung up on our call. Never going here again. Suggest others to not go here either. They also took forever to take our money. And then another half hour just to give me my food. If I could give zero stars I would.


One of my favorite Sonic's to go to since I lived on campus. Still take a drive for a burger for the customer service! 5 Stars!

Jeremy Singleton

Ive never had a problem here. Great place good food variety of drinks and great service.

David M

Horrible customer service. Specifically asked if it was happy hour for drinks. Was told yes. Ordered 2 floats. When looking at the receipt, I noticed they weren't half price. When inquiring, I was told that floats were not "drinks". I was going to chalk it up to a learning experience with sonic, but I told her that for future reference, if a customer just asked you about happy hour and/or a promotion, and then they order something within the realm of the same category, you might want to let them know that what they ordered doesn't qualify for the promotion. She maintained her position that it was not a drink and drinks were sodas or slushees. I pointed out that a float is half soda, so one might think it would qualify and that she should still let them know...she shut the window in my face in the middle of my sentence. I knocked on the door and asked for a manager, and lo and behold, the same girl comes out and tells me she is the manager. When I asked her name, she quite arrogantly and proudly proclaimed she was Sarah Jones and mentioned this is a franchise location. I got the impression she's had complaints before and because it's a franchise, she's untouchable. We'll see. Corporate said it's up to the location on what they want to do with the complaint.

Herman Parra

They forgot about me taking my order and I waited awhile, almost left, almost ten minutes. This is the only restaurant chain that charges for tap water that I've ever seen and they over charge for sodas and charge for refills, only the mall food court do that in the US. Food was good for fast food, probably the best fast food quality I've had in the area. My server was very nice in the brief time I met him. I'll probably get drive through next time and skip the parking spaces.

Megan R.

Best mozzarella sticks and chicken burgers i've ever had from a fast food place. The woman who served us at this location was so nice and sweet and made sure we had all types of sauces and lots of napkins before we left.

Stefanie Hibbert

The below review is for another Sonic but since this Sonic operates in the exact same way and we had the exact same problems with the exact same meals, I guess it’s still a relevant review for this location. Keep in mind that we still have two free meals at this location that we don’t even have the stomach to pick up. This is the third Sonic that we have visited consistently over the past four months that can never get our order right. After the last time that we visited Sonic, before today, we swore that we would never go to Sonic again, even though we had 2 free meals at the Sonic in Tampa on Bearss Ave. But for some odd reason, we decided that we would try once more, give Sonic the benefit of the doubt. Unfortunately, they messed up our order again, twice. We ordered the number 10 grilled with Fries and a Coke, a Number 12 with Fries and a coke and Chicken Toaster that they didn’t offer but decided that they would make it for us anyway. When we got our food, the chicken strips were old, the fries were old and both sandwiches were cooked incorrectly. There was no BBQ sauce in the bag and everything was cold. We got out and went up to the door to explain to them that our order was incorrect and stale. They offered to remake it for us, as usual but when they remade it, it was still wrong. Twenty-four dollars later, plus all the other monies that we’d spend in the past on incorrect orders must add up to more than $100 in dissatisfied lunches and dinners that I probably will never see again. The funny thing is, I was actually craving Sonic chicken tenders and toast today and to my demise, I hated it!!! Being that this doesn’t only happen at one location, Sonic as a whole needs to sit down with the people that man their stores and do some retraining on what customer service is really all about.

Thu P.

This Sonic has by far the worst service I have ever seen. Maybe it was just the guy that I had as my server but he had a horrible attitude. Rushed us to order immediately when he got on the mic and it took him forever to answer when we pressed the button. No smile or anything when he gave us our food. No eye contact, seemed like he hated his job. Maybe it was because we had Trevonte as our server this time. Last time we came, the server we had was actually nice.

Arrianna G.

online the web said it was open 24-7 then we pulled in and pressed the red button and the workers inside didn't even come out or tell us it's not open. then we went through the drive through and the drive through is open signs were on but it was all a lie. I'm highly disappointed in this sonics. would definitely not recommend. wow. the thing that really got me was the workers inside letting us look dumb.


Ordered 2 large tots and a large limeade and took 10 minutes with only one other customer there when we were. Glad we are not from this area because it makes not going back that much easier.

Jerry G.

What's not to like.....maybe the price is a little too high..... Old fashioned stay in your car and order/pay. Meal is brought to you.....5 stars. food: 5-6 different kinds of hot dogs...shakes......malts.....fries. The chicago dogs were decent not like one of the famous places in Chicago but not bad either. The Chili dog was okay. The American was good. The coney island was good. The fries okay. The malt needed more malt. 3 stars Service: pretty good (with a smile) 4 stars Price: maybe a 3.5 Stars. I'm around a 3.5 stars for here. Will put down a 3 and go back again.

Boon C.

It has been a while I actually give 1 star on the review. This is my first time here and we don't have good impression but bad experience. We have coupon that allow us to buy one master Peanutty Swirl and get one free. We like to experience the 1960 roller skate window serving like the movie. The experience turn out not worthy for the food. We arrive at Sonic and park on the station of order. The button has been push to call for order but no one has response. I have my engine on and they only have one car on drive thought and one car on station. I can see a lot of the sonic people in the building but none has come out to take order. We turn off the engine and waited for a while. Florida summer is hot even with the window down. We decided use the drive through. The drive through is responded faster than the station parking. We put our order with buy one gets one free. The total come to $8.98 and the discount is $3.59. We told them the incorrect total and ask why the discount is not half. The coupon clearly state BOGO buy one get one free but they only give you 40% discount. The swirl was given to us but spoon was not given to us while we were disagreed with the final total. Manager came out and said this is the price. I told my wife it is not worth to argue since the gas spend on waiting for the price correction is already paid for it. Spoon was finally given to us and we drove away. If you look at the food they are like ordinary fast food. Mc Donald has enclosed AC space and why I have to wait in hot weather and eat in my car or spent the gas money to be cool and eat in the car. Doesn't make sense. The concept may be work on 60's but not with AC generation. Overall coupon is not fully honor, not an AC dining, server stay in building cool themselves and ask the customer to wait, food is not the best or healthy in fast food, bad attitude server, wrong accounting, poor management. I am sadly given the one star.