Taco Bell

2031 E Bearss Ave, Tampa
(813) 971-8743

Recent Reviews

Stephanie Powers

Great at 3 a.m., doesn't quite holdup now that I don't drink.

BlueJ love

They are not open til 2 highly upset wanted pizza tacos and fries

Jillian Jorden

The staff was very friendly! The food on the other hand could have been better, it is a fast food restaurant so my expectations weren't very high to begin with but when I got home 2 minutes after getting my food my tacos were ice cold and the tortilla shells were hard. The only thing I ended up eating were the nacho fries... which were surprisingly fresh! The fries and the friendly staff is why I'll go back for another try.

Lea Romero

Team is always nice when I order and everything always comes out correct.

Melissa G.

I'm not coming to this location anymore I live in the area and normally come here but recently the service and the food has been very poor. I just came and got a number 5 the girl took my order really well she even asked me to look on the screen to make sure everything is OK it was OK but when I got my nacho Belle Grande, a meal, my taco was missing I'm not coming back here anymore. A very poor service the food is not fresh anymore. The worst part is I normally check my food before leaving but because she took my order so good I didn't and when I got home I was so upset. The extra taco was going to be for my daughter and she does not eat nachos and I refuse to go backup here to fix this over a Taco.

Zach P.

Awful location. Constantly get orders wrong, have terrible customer service and extremely dirty in a bad part of town. Stay away

David Senquiz

I ordered and paid on the app. I waited in the drive thru for 15mins then gave up and went inside. Told them my order number they pulled it up. I waited for 30mins! For the food and when i checked my food it was all wrong. The worst experience ever!!

Debbie Dillon

Order was correct but they are very slow. From the time I got in line (drive thru) till I actually got my food & was leaving was over 30 minutes. Very busy location & young lady at the window was polite & apologized for the time it took.

Juan Sanchez

I love the chicken chalupas create more food items with the chalupas❤❤

Teresa Sanchez

My grandson and his friends went here today, placed an order on Kiosk #1 paying for the order through Kiosk at 12:33pm. When my son asked for a refund, a manager was called and this person told them they couldn't get a refund, instead to call their bank. Excuse me? Can I give them a 0 stars?This is the person they have running this establishment? Clearly they do not want to do their job. DO NOT give your business to the location at 2031 E Bears Ave, Tampa FL 33613.

Mara S.

Absolutely no pride in what they do, no customer service skills. DO NOT go to this location. My son and friends ordered food and paid at the kiosk. When they went to counter, they were informed that those items were no longer available. After asking for a refund, a manager informed them that she could not help them. She told them to call their bank. What? No explanation whatsoever. DO NOT give these people your money.

Joseph Thomas

Not bad. Loved the quesadillas have some spice but not too much you can't handle. Not too pricey either. Would recommend.

Brittany G.

Very happy with everything about this Taco Bell. The staff is very friendly when I said one fire sauce I got one fire sauce. Other places just throw a bunch even when I say just one. The food was so good and hot it had me munching like the memes. My order was all there nothing bad from this location. Shaconna is the name on the receipt. She was lovely if she was the one at the window

Megan Steward

Why does this one on bearss always take 5 hours in the drive thru?! Lol seriously! Everytime. They are not efficient at this location. So annoying to get trapped in this drive thru line.

Sulia Torres

Waited 40 min for my food.. Under staffed there wasn't even a supervisor available to speak with. Everyone there was heated as some ppl left without even ordering. Sad situation for the employes there working having to handle that type of stress and no supervision.

Darren Hall

I ordered a burrito supreme with beef at approximately 11:30pm, when I got home and opened it there was NO BEEF JUST REFRIED BEANS!

David Del Bino

Great fastfood place. Ran by for breakfast. Most people dont know Taco Bell has a breakfast menu. It's really good. Love the breakfast crunchwrap

Jeremy Glover

Wow. This place is a disaster. No one was at the front when I walked in. I had to go look around the side for anyone to notice me. The lady that took my order was wearing headphones as she talked with me. The drink machine was broken. The bathrooms were dirty. There was a giant bucket of cleaner on the counter where orders are taken. There were mops in the walkway between the order counter and the cook isle. At 6:45 PM, no pizzas were ready and they had to be fired which took 20 minutes. An item from my order was missing when I received the food. The tables and chairs were dirty. I found a hair in my pizza box. Yuck. Do not go here!

matthew ozor

Neighborhood is a little iffy, but the inside was clean and organized. My order was accurate and was ready in a reasonable amount of time. Wasn't out too quick so I know they made it after I ordered. Staff was laid back and friendly. I'd go back if I had too.

Remis Hernandez

To be quite honest because I just needed a taste of taco but I didn't have the money some more reason my brother had and I was able to email a nice time the real professionals Taco Bell

vickie trice

Ordered a chicken bowl no rice. But what I recieved was no chicken, no rice and all the toppings. I was so disappointed when I got home and did not even get a fork. The only way I can get a refund or remake is to revisit the place which is not even near me. Can I suggest quality control?

Carl Jones

I just saw the worst employee this taco bell has. So long story short my friend who never go to taco bell went to use the rest room, so when he came out he noticed a lady was having seizure and ask a guy breaking down boxes to call 911 cause he didn't have his phone. The guy told him I'm on the clock ain't nothing I can do. Really, what kind of person is this? SMH but I won't be back here.

Rachel Prather

Typical fast food tacos but the service was excellent and the workers were very friendly.

Andre R.

worst Taco Bell in Tampa please if your reading this save your money! There was only 2 cars in front of me but yet it took them 30 minutes to take my order, just to mess it up and over charge me and not place any of my items in the bag. They were completely rude and the staff smelt like marijuana. I will never go here again, the staff is ghetto and unprofessional.


Clean parking lot clean store clean bathroom friendly staff quality food five stars.

chris boring

Ordered from here and brought home my meal thinking everything was in the bag. Get home to see I am missing 6 tacos and when I try to call their number I get a busy signal.

Tai C.

They NEVER get my order correct 😡

James Ziegenbalg

Friendly and quick, my only complaint is thst this location consistently has an issue with their rice being hard. Not sure if it's overcooked or left out too long but if they work on that I'd change my rating.

Joseph Ferrell

The service was great and the food came out perfect..

Christine Rodriguez

The shell from my taco salad was cracked in pieces :(

Nikkie Noneofyourbiz

The food was awesome which is the only reason it scores so high.

Ken Jones

It's a pretty good lunch. But doesn't stick to the ribs very long.

Kirti Makati

Always love this place. It's better than the most other locations.

Alex Persechino

Drive through is slow but the food is good and not just thrown around

James Pell

Fast service good customer service store was exceptionally clean heard the manager talking to the employees about when they were slow there's always things to clean I like that

Daniel Danger

The drive-thru often has a problem with keeping the line moving. We routinely find ourselves waiting 30 minutes in the drive-thru because the person working (who's name I do not know) takes an order, has the car pay, gives them the food, and then waits until they drive off until to take the next order and so on and so forth. It's ridiculous that this happens this often and the drive through isn't always moving when only 3 cars are in it.

Charles C

Once again they forgot to add the cinnamon twists to my order that I continually pay for this is the 3rd Time. I asked them for hot sauce I got 3 when I ordered 5 items when I ask for more He said there's a long line of Cars not worth it rude staff


This drive through location is the worst location by far. I have been to this location about 6-7 times and the food is less to be desired. I am constantly not getting the hot sauces that I asked for and sometimes they can’t seem to distinguish the difference between sweet and unsweetened tea. Not all people want to drink sugar!

Marilynn G.

I love this particular Taco Bell because they don't judge me when I order quesadillas at 1am and they always get my order right haha love y'all

Maribell1 Boland-Delgado

Really friendly but they should fix 8ntercom is not loud enough.