Taco Bell

2031 E Bearss Ave, Tampa
(813) 971-8743

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Joseph Ferrell

The service was great and the food came out perfect..

Christine Rodriguez

The shell from my taco salad was cracked in pieces :(

Nikkie Noneofyourbiz

The food was awesome which is the only reason it scores so high.

Ken Jones

It's a pretty good lunch. But doesn't stick to the ribs very long.

Kirti Makati

Always love this place. It's better than the most other locations.

Alex Persechino

Drive through is slow but the food is good and not just thrown around

James Pell

Fast service good customer service store was exceptionally clean heard the manager talking to the employees about when they were slow there's always things to clean I like that

Daniel Danger

The drive-thru often has a problem with keeping the line moving. We routinely find ourselves waiting 30 minutes in the drive-thru because the person working (who's name I do not know) takes an order, has the car pay, gives them the food, and then waits until they drive off until to take the next order and so on and so forth. It's ridiculous that this happens this often and the drive through isn't always moving when only 3 cars are in it.

Charles C

Once again they forgot to add the cinnamon twists to my order that I continually pay for this is the 3rd Time. I asked them for hot sauce I got 3 when I ordered 5 items when I ask for more He said there's a long line of Cars not worth it rude staff


This drive through location is the worst location by far. I have been to this location about 6-7 times and the food is less to be desired. I am constantly not getting the hot sauces that I asked for and sometimes they can’t seem to distinguish the difference between sweet and unsweetened tea. Not all people want to drink sugar!

Marilynn G.

I love this particular Taco Bell because they don't judge me when I order quesadillas at 1am and they always get my order right haha love y'all

Maribell1 Boland-Delgado

Really friendly but they should fix 8ntercom is not loud enough.


This was a pretty bad experience. The tacos (if I can even call it tacos) were the saddest things I've ever seen. It was as if someone just squished it. The service was pretty bad as well. Drive through line was long and it didn't seem like they really cared at all. Definitely go to another taco bell.

James Holmes

The Bell 🔔 was exceptionally great, service was fast, staff was courteous and professional!

Bethany Holmes

love taco bell whenever im craving it i come here

Frank Pyrtle III

In the drive thru, I ordered two items fresco. When I got to the window, I asked the cashier to confirm that no cheese sauce would be on the items. I took my order and drove off only to find that both items had cheese sauce on them. I returned to the store for my order to be corrected. I was told by a manager that I have to specifically ask for the sauce not to be added when ordering fresco. That is not what the taco bell website indicates. According to the website, ordering fresco means no dairy products at all. Besides that, I asked the cashier before I received my order. Not at all happy. Some stores make fresco orders according to the corporate description, and others don't. This one doesn't.

Ian Mello

This Taco Bell is good. They are usually pretty quick with your food and prepared correctly. Taco Bell always has the best quesadillas!!

Brett Jimenez

One of the cleanest Taco Bell's I have ever been to I even told the manager the place doesn't have an odor the floors were spotless even where the food is prepped I saw 1 piece of lettuce on the floor the coworkers all had their shirts tucked in neatly dressed very professional my food was spot on no mistakes 1st time in a long time I will give taco bell 5 stars if I lived closer I would not go to any other taco bell I live in Hudson Florida And as soon as you walk in to the one on us 19 you can smell the bathroom all the coworkers look like they just came from prison they use profanity it's disgusting and there I drive an extra 10 minutes to go to the Taco Bell on state road 52 I'd give 10 stars if I could great staff wonderful management keep up the great work

franlix uji

The food was excellent and so was the customer service. Although I was there at 11pm. They seemed to have had only 2 employees working. Had to wait 30mins to get my food and leave.

Jim Pell

Stopped going to this location for a while but thought I would give it another try they have different clean this location up and spread the service up as well I had people with me and everyone's order came out efficiently and everything was right one of the crew members even stop by our table and ask was everything okay is there anything we needed ever who the manager is at this location keep up the good work you definitely turned it around

Taco Bell
Taco Bell

Taco Bell

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