Taco Bell

2031 E Bearss Ave, Tampa
(813) 971-8743

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Diamond E

For the second time , I’m very unhappy...The first time I had to waste more gas to turn around to let them know my order was wrong now my second experience I checked the order at the window informed employees that my order was wrong also let them know there was no tomato on my chicken Chalupa which was very cold and they did not offer to give me a new one they offer to give me a side of tomato. Also with the cook yelling oh my god that I can hear from in my car and she’s inside the building. At this point I’m not even sure if I can trust her to remake my food knowing that she has an attitude that she has to we make my food. To say all this is to say that I’m upset I really weighs $13 on some Cold and nasty u Taco Bell. I promise you I would never come to is Taco Bell location again.

Mary Snell

If i could give it less I would. Was at drive thru speaker and told to please wait. Waited over 20 min. When asked what the problem is was told doing online orders first. Rude women running the place while there. I would run as fast as you can from this location.

Chrisy Wierima

Best Taco Bell I've been to in a long time! The taco shells were actually full!

Reverend Alexander

The employees was rude. When I was rolling down my window looking at the menu board the employee was demanding i say hello. I started placing my order and she got every item wrong. I had to repeat me order 6 times. the food was not hot, barely warm. the employee refused to give me a receipt. so I had to come back into the drive thru to get the receipt from the manager...

ito rivera

Food was fresh and fast for a late night bite

Pete Donner

My wife found about a 7 inch hair in her crunch wrap supreme...On her birthday

Donald Bowers

There always on top of everything line went quickly food was ready at window everything tasted good

chad kronenberger

Got my online order correct in a timely manner. No complaints. I'd order from here again due to every other taco bell giving me the wrong food and taking forever. Good work ?

Stephanie Lester

The customer service there was good despite how busy it was. The food quality was not only good but fairly delicious ?


This location is a 50/50 chance on getting GOOD Taco Bell. The rest of the time your burritos will be mostly tortilla with very little filling. Also you’ll be waiting 20+ minutes (easily) in the drive through most of the time, line moves VERY slow. But the times the food ACTUALLY is good, it’s VERY good.

matthew hintz

Went around 2am. I ordered 2 chicken chulupas, one hard taco and one soft taco, and was told the total was 11.58. While waiting in line i thought the total was a little high. I ended up adding a $1 cinnamon twist when i got to the window and was told the total was now 12 something. I paid cash and did not receive a receipt. I also didnt receive the cinnamon twist. Didnt feel like accusing the person of stealing from me at 2 am so i just checked the price online and she ended up ripping me off for 3 dollars. Ive been trying to call, but unsurprisingly nobody is answering.Long story short, my order was wrong and i got 3 dollars stollen from me.

Zylen Dawkins

As a vegetarian, I order box meals with black beans instead of beef. The two times I've been to this location they have managed to give me two out of four boxes with meat on the items. I've called repeatedly to no answer. They didn't give me a receipt at either encounter so customer support could not assist me in any way. While mistakes are bound to happen, due to the events and not being able to receive a refund for the boxes with meat, I definitely do not suggest stopping at this location.

Char Lene

They're nice. It just takes forever in drive thru.

Patricia Ortolano

Horrible! I pulled in and an employee screamed some b!tch needs a taco while out outside smoking. I watched two employees walk in as I pulled around I reconcitered my choice and as I pulled out asked another employee just sitting outside if they were open and she rudely said yeah everyone's waiting on you, I told her I heard the pervious comment and was s leaving but to have a nice day because I am in the service industry and it's always right to be polite


I went to drive thru an hour ago got my order only to get home and realise they gave me the wrong item 1 out of the 2. I am calling the store for 1 hour now to speak to manager and no one is picking up. The next day I go there they did the order and I vomited the chips tasted like machine oil and stale. I am not going back this is bad service. & bad food.

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