Taco Bell

2031 E Bearss Ave, Tampa
(813) 971-8743

Recent Reviews

Jessica A

Impressively rude people. They won't let Uber drivers pick up inside and they make them wait in the long drive thru line, even as early as 9 pm with at least three people staffed up front. They don't answer phones, either. Orders keep getting cancelled. Never again.

Gowda Gowda

Every time not even joking every time I order here; they keep messing up the order. I ask for a beef burrito, and they keep giving beans and when asked, they say sorry and repeat the same. I strongly suggest not to order from this place, especially after 9:00 pm.

Melissa Murray

A long line usually that moves fast with a accurate order almost always, fresh and make perfect order.

Nitant Panchal

Great place, also has pizza hut in the same building. Usually is open from 9am to 1pm but watch out for hours on holidays. Google may not show updated working hours. Would suggest to call and inquire first before going there.

Deborah Zahornacky

Staff is great very friendly and helpful so so happy that we are able to eat inside the restaurant unlike McDonald's and Popeyes

Tommy Letts

I had a large order 10 items and went through the drive through. The order with special requests on over half of them was ready when I got to the drive up window. Very quick and accurate service. Great crew and management.

Lorena Lierman

I went late at night and the lady there was annoyed because I was trying the mobile app and didn't want to answer my question. I didnt know the name on the order. I continued as guest mode. The food was accurate but my crunch wrap was cold. Not sure if it was because of the time of night I went. And no sauce was given to me even though I requested 4 sauce on the app.

Lonnie Hiers

Food was as always for the Bell. One of the good things about chain restaurants. 95% quality all the same.This store, cleanliness was not in the dining area. Several of the benches, a few chairs, and one table. None of wich were together, had food particles left on it. Restaurant was not busy, someone should have cleaned the dining area... bad form

Lanny Cheek

The place was clean the food was good the staff was very friendly I give them four and a half Stars


Quality of food was okay. Service was lacking. Also asked for mild sauce received Hot and Volcano.

Ben Nicely

Quality of food was okay. Service was lacking. Also asked for mild sauce received Hot and Volcano.

Paulina Mcintosh

Literally the slowest worst service ever! This whole establishment should be shut down. I came in and was the only person in the place and literally stood there for 20 minutes! No one even greeted me or tried to take an order. At one point I was gonna just wander to the back to see if anyone was in the place. I just left and decided to go spend my money at Chick-fil-A instead, at least they appreciate it.


I ordered four tacos I asked for plenty of sauce. Once I opened my bag I saw there were only four packets of sauce for four tacos (one for each taco).I asked for more sauce and the manager in drive thru only gave me two more packets of sauce while making the statement “I can only give you a few more”.6 packets of sauce for 4 tacos and two orders of cold NOT well done nacho fries. Terrible customer service

Tyler Feeback

Looking forward to try those new fries they have. They were out. Asked for my taco to be supreme but no tomatoes. The cashier seemed to be angry and didn’t give a receipt so I don’t know if I was even charged to make the taco supreme or not. Sierra Mist tasted like alka-seltzer.

Bradley Marshall

Delicious food and the staff was really nice and AMAZING!

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