Taco Bell

2575 E Hillsborough Ave, Tampa
(813) 231-6858

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Alicia R Price

The food was fresh, hot and tasted good, but the customer service needs improvement.

Melissa Galovich

the place was nice and clean and the bathroom was also very nice and cland the food was very delicious

D C.

***They're Stealing from customers!***Well, taking donations without telling customers. It's only $1 but if they do it to 500 people a day, that's $500 they just stole. The young man with the face tattoo is charging people for the TB Foundation without disclosing this information. When I asked him about it he said "we aren't using the drive thru computer so I had to use the front computer". Whatever that means, I have no idea. He then said "You want your dollar back?" I laughed and said no as it would take more time to get it back than its worth. As I drive off he said "That's why I put it on there" with a tone in his voice. So I backed up and said "excuse me?" A person with a striped shirt on walked up to the window at the same time and the young man changed what he said to me and said "oh, i was just saying I know to press no from now on when it asks if you want to donate." Also, I think he was so tied up in stealing my money he forgot to give me the sauce packets he asked me if I wanted. So now I'm back at work to feed my office and we have no sauce. I can only assume the employee and the store both get some sort of Kudos for selling/stealing donations for this foundation? I'll be going on social media, Google and Yelp later to let everyone know to check their receipts for money being stolen from then without their knowledge.

serenity mcdonald

I love taco bell but this location literally messes up my order everytime. The last 2 times have been wrong, the 1st time they charged me for a chicken quesadilla and didn't give one and I had no recipe. Then just now I told them too check the bags for me bc of what happened last time and they said everything was there. I had asked for lots of diablo and fire sauce and they even charged me 2$ for it but gave me 3 hot and 2 mild. And again I don't have a recipe bc their machine wouldn't print it.

Jennifer Benningfield

Didn't get order right. Had to repeat the order several times. They said they were out of sour cream when i asked for a Doritos Locos SUPREME. They offered guacamole instead and I said no thanks. Was still charged for a supreme although all I ended up with was lettuce & cheese. Plus i ordered a couple soft tacos with no lettuce and they were both full of lettuce!!! Never again Taco Bell!!! You lost my business.

Sam Bass

They advertise taco Tuesday and when I came down there is no free taco Dorito taco. Fake advertisement

Jim Tate

Food was ok. Asked for mild sauce and a few hot. Didn't ask for fire or hotter. Didn't even get one mild for each item ordered. Items with no tomatoes were not marked. Not happy!!

Reddgie Thormann

First time since they opened here and everything was good. Please don't change.

Meli Chronicles

HORRIBLE & never enough chicken in none of the chalupas or quesadillas. Its sad honestly

Wanda Quiles

Great service cashier Dejaun M was awesome

Chris Adkins

Went through drive thru Cj the cashier at the window was very nice had VERY GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE.

nicholas talone

Employee's playing music loudly in the food making area that can be heard in the lobby that has cussing in it. This place is supposed to be a family friendly place. Not the hood. Not impressed.

Kailyn Calhoun

Okay so not gonna lie, it took like 20 minutes to get our order. But they were so nice and apologetic, I wasn't even mad. They even threw in some extra cinnamon twists.

Travel Goon

Was good... No sauce or napkins tho. Employees are young and got attitudes. Always a line in drive thru. Inside it's dirty, no reason inside should look that bad for a store that only opened a few years ago. Only other one that's close is Busch or 50th street, they ain't no better. How can you run outta things? Poor management? Employees need to stay off phones.

Jay Young

To busy laughing with the young lady waited on me, she was good to talk & listen to. Service was the best from all of them tho. Place nice & clean helps also priced just right.

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