Taco Bell

3802 S Dale Mabry Hwy, Tampa
(813) 835-9907

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Killer Clown From Outer Space

Good food , I love the churros that's what I went there for.

Vash Addams

Four times in a row now we have been missing part of our order. How is it so difficult to forget chips and cheese or a burrito? The employees are friendly, but they need to be checking orders in the drive through better. I'm getting REALLY tired of paying for stuff and not getting it. I'm about to start writing off my donations to Taco Bell on my taxes.

LisaMarie B

We decided to sit down and eat inside Taco Bell. We had was fast service at the counter. The food was high quality too. The shift was just changing and as the staff came on duty they wiped table for us and restocked the napkins, silverware, etc. The drink area was already clean. All of the natural light was nice and it wasn?t too crowded. The only thing stopping it from 5 starts is the air conditioning was too cold. Thanks for a good lunch!

Sheila Stoker

I had the Taco Salad and two tacos. The service was wonderful. Quick and friendly. My food was delicious. I enjoyed my visit.

Tampa Boy

Food is good, but they've been skimping on everything lately. just bought a quesadilla and it has almost no chicken or cheese. Always get 2 5 layer and have to get extra beef or there won't be any meat at all.

David Brenner

This place is the real deal. Edward at the bar is first rate and the food is spectacular. Highly recommend.

Katie Arter

My hubby and I had a very creative order. Everything was exactly how we asked from the food and sauces requested. The girl at the drive thru was awesome. Havent had the best experience with this location, but you have to give credit when credit is do. Tonight they were on point.

Chrissy Voegeli

Best Taco Bell I've ever been to, and it's consistently good. Staff is always on top of it here, y'all are great ð???

Stephen Weston

Actually I was pleasantly surprised to see that they remodeled this location and it looks really good. The food tastes fresh and hot. Great visit!!

seanandkatie A

My hubby and I had a very creative order. Everything was exactly how we asked from the food and sauces requested. The girl at the drive thru was awesome. Havent had the best experience with this location, but you have to give credit when credit is do. Tonight they were on point.

Anonymous User

This place needs all employees and all.new management. Slow service, you never get what you order and when you complain to get it corrected you get attitudes. How do you run out of beef, make people choose chicken or steak. Then upcharge them, but yet the hard tacos and soft tacos have beef on them. Also getting charged for sour cream that was never put in none of the food ordered. Done going to this location.

Diya Lawrence

Staff doesn't know how to make the food correctly.

Kim Peek

Great customer service from the cashier at the front Chasity. She was great. Took my tray for me and everything. Good job Taco Bell. I will be back.

Kim Peek

Great customer service from the cashier at the front Chasity. She was great. Took my tray for me and everything. Good job Taco Bell. I will be back.

Lazy Bear

Their eating area is always closed for one reason or another even though its supposed to be open. The workers are lazy and i can always smell weed in the air upon walking up to go on... Still love cheap burritos and nachos though

Glen Carter

Taco Bell food, clean restaurant. I came in at 20 minutes to 10 pm. Super friendly staff, they let me sit down and enjoy my meal.

Mortem Reaper

I work there. Have to give good reviews

Adrian Alcivar

You can smell the tasty tacos. The food is spicy and salty. The decoration is nice looking with pulple details all around

Angela Sanders

Every time I go here the food is perfect and drive thru is always friendly and fast ð??¯

Ben Johnston

You can't beat the prices at taco Bell and the food is already prepared right on the spot the best bargain in town

Kirti Makati

This food and place is a good & my favorite maxican at a very reasonable prices.

Brittany W.

Terribly disappointed with the tablespoon of meat I had in my 2 cheesey Gordita crunches and quesarito. I could've taken a tortilla and added cheese and lettuce for cheaper. Doesn't resemble anything as advertised.

Lanie G.

I don't even want to give this location 1 star as it doesn't deserve ANY. This location is the slowest Taco Bell I have ever been too. On average, inside or drivethru will take about the same time which is normally about 20 minutes. The staff often get your order wrong or argue with you about your order when you complain. Drinks are often disgusting as they never seem to have their CO2 changed. Management seriously needs to get their act together and teach the employees to multitask.

Aggie I.

Hahahaha Taco Bell knows I'm on a diet, jk ordered a regular taco but tf is this.. like usually it's pretty good but today it was just funny, hopefully next time I get a normal sized taco, thank you:)

Theodore Toler

Do not underestimate the power of the staff at this taco bell. Believe me when I tell you the food here is EXPERTLY crafted. Biting into a taco, burrito, or crunch wrap where everything is the perfect temperature, the right consistency, and the ratio of all ingredients is spot on, that is rare. Thank you Britton Plaza taco bell, you never disappoint me.

Reynaldo V

I went to this place to redeem my free crunchy taco sponsored by T-Mobile. The only problem that I experienced was that the staff is not well informed about the steps on how to redeem the weekly free crunchy taco. They said that I have to go through the Taco Bell app. The T-Mobile Tuesday app clearly says not to go through the app. Just open a Taco Bell account. Everyone in that particular establishment need to be on the same sheet of music. Needs some improvement.

Clay Elliott

Slow service. Went on a Sunday afternoon. There were 5 cars in the drive thru who were waiting to place their order. So I went inside. Angry customer inside. He ordered online, only to find out they were out of Pepsi. Another guy was complaining that they ran out of Sour Cream the previous week. too many problems before I even place an order. I walked out and went to Tijuana Flats across the street.

Debra Wilson

A great place for a quick bite. They keep coming up with new items to see what fits into the today crowd. We like the late night on the weekend.

alexandra cannon

Great service and the person took my order very friendly definitely go back. Always clean when I go in.

James Friley

It was quiet and peaceful. The sweet tea could have been sweeter with more tea taste.

Kerry Gee

Food is fine. But that is to be expected. What ISN'T expected is the consistently slow drive-thru and misplacement of your order when you get to the pickup window. I come to this TB regularly because it's the only one in S Tampa and consistently the drive-thru takes min 10 minutes. Who is managing this place?

Malaikah Love

The food at this location is never fresh or good. The line takes a million years to get through no matter what time of night or day it is. I hate that this is the one I live close to.

Sarah C.

30 minutes in the drive through. Spent 20$ in food and the only thing edible was quesadilla. Gave us the wrong order and was out of Baja blast. Do not recommend at all. Super gross . Take the extra time you will sit in line and go to the one on Kennedy.

Ally Valdes

Has got to be the slowest Taco Bell I have ever been to. It's a shame because the next closest one is on Kennedy. I mean, they are SLOW. Whether it's drive through or inside. It's like watching the elderly prepare food. It didn't use to be like this so obviously things changed.

Amanda Vincent

Normally donâ??t leave bad reviews but this experience was horrible. Ordered through their mobile app and was given wrong order at drive through. Can either inside, politely said it was wrong and they took the food back. This was the first man I spoke to. 30 minutes later another person came and asked if Iâ??d been helped. I explained and it was corrected by different person than i originally spoke to. The person I originally spoke to had completely forgotten my issue. I wouldnâ??t have been upset about any of this if I hadnâ??t discovered after leaving that they had DOUBLE CHARGED my card after this horrible experience.

Darby C.

This was by far the worst experience I have ever had at any Taco Bell. After waiting in the drive thru an abnormally long amount of time, I ordered two chicken Gordita supremes with no tomatoes and avocado ranch instead of sour cream. When I got home i realized I received chalupas instead. I went back to Taco Bell and told them and they attempted to make me a new one with no more than an insincere apology. They gave me beef Gorditas instead of chicken and inbetween the two was sauce and cheese all over the wrappers that spilled all over me when I took them out of the bag. I returned these while still in the drive thru and told the cashier that they were beef and not chicken as I had ordered. She did not apologize and took the bag and told the cooks to make a new one. I then asked for a cup of water while I was waiting and was given soda water instead. When I finally received my chicken Gorditas I bit into them and realized that the wrong chicken was put on them that was covered in a tomato based sauce which does not normally come on the gorditas. I was too frustrated and far too hungry at this point to wait for another order to be made. This Taco Bell wasted so much of my time, made me 3 wrong orders, and didn't do a single thing to make it right.

Desirae R.

Worst Taco Bell!! Sat in the drive-thru for 12 minutes for two tacos and then ask for hot sauce while a girl who's working the drive-thru with bright green artificial nails puts her fingers in her mouth and then handis out the sauce with the hand that she put fingers in the mouth. Just disgusting!

Jeremiah K.

I usually check my food before driving off from the drive thru line. Although the food is hot beware of very slow service.

Valerie Davis

Charged me more than prices on menu!

Doug S

This is my third visit here in two weeks, and they are still out of mild and hot sauce. That's like McDonald's running out of Big Mac sauce!!! The food has been better lately, but no mild sauce?