Taco Bell

3802 S Dale Mabry Hwy, Tampa
(813) 835-9907

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Amy Kousouros

The food here has typically always been hot and my order correct, the staff not especially friendly but not unfriendly either. There was a period of at least a few weeks where they advertised the new freeze (pineapple whip), and the freeze machine was broken for the first few weeks of the promotion. I started driving up to the Taco Bell on Kennedy Blvd near Westshore because I've never had any problems there.

Tammy Lovett

Always friendly in drive through...Food always nice and fresh...Great place.

Kirk Zachry

This is horrible service I asked for 2 number 6's and they didn't even wrap up my tacos there now all over the bag looks like a dam taco salad. I wish I could post a picture so yall can see

S.Maytham A. Zahedi

This visit took longer than normal.Employee was attentive and order was correct.

Tyler Barratt

Food thrown together. One lady had walked out and the manager and her were out side, arguing. Line was to the door. Slow service. Drive thru wrapped around the building. Wont be back.

Michael Weaver

This place is awesome. I accidentally ordered the wrong thing and they fixed no questions asked. Food was great! Thank you taco bell for your awesome personnel.

Justin Hannan

Theygave me what I wanted no complaints here

Mary Burgin

I go to this location all the time. Order the same Nachos Bell Grande. Never a problem until tonight. Something was off about the chips. Tasted bitter, like it was sprayed with a chemical or bleach. Drove back and went through drive thru since the dining area is still closed. Explained my issue and all i hear is manager tell the employee just give the money back and take the food back. Wouldn't even take the time to speak to me directly. Still wonder what caused the chips to taste like that? Old oil..Chemical residue left in machine??? Anyone else have this issue and actually found out what happened?

Ivy Bunnell

The staff is friendly enough but there are often items missing and occasionally the wrong items are given. It’s a nice surprise to get everything I ordered the first time around. I hardly go here and when I do it’s always disappointing.

Naysha Hernandez

The taco bowl was almost empty so was the crunch wrap supreme. We will not buy from this taco bell again since it is a waist of money.

Sharon Dexter

They put too much salt on my nacho supreme. Couldn't eat it

Patricia Sainsbury

Our cashier shadae was really nice and the inside dining was very clean. We were also given plenty of sauce which makes me so happy, I hate getting only a couple, shadae also offered to bring my food to me after finding out we just moved to Tampa from Tallahassee and the kids and I were completely pooped from driving and moving in and I must have looked like I was in pain and sore when I whined when I stood up , lmao. Food was made presentable and not sloppy or underportioned.

ken brown

Ugh! The mexican pizza is sooo good...clean store...samantha gave impeccable service...thank you

Rachel S.

Carla is amazing. When asked what her favorite thing on the menu was she was honest. I eat Taco Bell a lot and I've never had the customer experience Carla provided.

David Evans

First tried Taco Bell back in the 80 s. Tacos were 33 cents then. Still about the same food but prices are up naturally.

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