2609 Dawson Rd, Albany
(229) 889-1166

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Mil 10 Aaron

It's the only CFA in ABY, so it's stays busy. The service and food is amazing. The could open the old location in the mall to help serve more customersFood: 5/5

Kathy Campbell

Everything was great,the young man helping with drinks and dining area was absolutely very kind and professional ?Please bring back the peach milkshake??

Larry Thompson

Service inside was a little slow on the day we visited. Otherwise food was excellent as always. Navigating parking lot can be a little challenge.

Alexis Barnes

I wouldn't waste your time at this Chick-fil-A. The manager is rude and the staff can't read apparently. When you only get portions of your order and nothing gets rectified, it really puts a bad taste in your mouth. I'll be ordering from the other Chick-fil-A in the future because this is absolutely ridiculous. The manager even tried to blame the missing item on our delivery driver. Luckily, our delivery driver was kind enough to go back and get the missing item THEY LEFT OFF.

Kat Tucker

Always friendly service and good food! Even though the lines are long, they go fast and the waffle fries are worth it. Makes kids happy! ?

Dee “bird” jonx

I ordered the Market salad and when I got home I opened my bag to eat after I got off from work when I opened the bag to look at my salad I promise you it was lot's of old lettuce 2- 3 pieces of meat 1 sliced strawberry and not many apples at all I am so angry I called the restaurant, no answer and now they are closed . it's not as if l am close to the restaurant to take it back.If that's not enough This is not the first time this has happened.what is going on with chick-fil-A on Dawson Rd.In Albany Ga.

Jarad Stinson

i’m so glad i work just a few miles down the road, i absolutely love coming here! i come once a week and even during the busiest lunch hours, i never wait more than 10 minutes to get in and out of the drive thru!

Kaela Hart

This was one of the worst CFAs I have ever visited. My husband and I waited 20 minutes for our mobile dine in order(it was sitting on the counter). The order was wrong, and when we attempted to add extra items to our salads(which we were willing to pay for.) they would not allow it. Even though the app said we could. When we went up to get our order fixed, we waited a long time to even get noticed. The cashier never said hello only “for here or to go”. No wonder your store is dead and empty on a Saturday night with a fair right next door.? My husband and I both worked at CFA. If the operator would contact me, I will be more than willing to provide my ServSafe certificate as well as give him contacts that can confirm. I worked at two store for five years total and only left because we moved both occasions. This is not how a CFA should be run. One of the stores I worked at was the Vero Beach store which at one point was top in the nation operated by Michael Kelly. I know what CFA can be and this is not it. We come in not just for food, but for quality service.The only bright spot in this visit was a team member named Grant Wilkerson(forgive me if I spelled it wrong). He had great hustle and supported the core four and extra mile service of CFA. He supports CFAs mission and made sure we got the right sauces, tasty food, and helped correct our order.Also, notice that this is my first ever Google review(or at least I believe it is)

Hope Solomon

The young lady that took my order in the drive thru was so nice and friendly. She was patient as I was trying to get orders over the phone. Thankfully, it wasn't too busy and no one was behind me. I was TOO happy to learn that the kale salad was back. It is not like the original salad nor is it as big, but it was good. Our food was fresh and hot and I didn't have to wait long in the line. I was disappointed that I ordered a large ice cream in a cup and I received a kids meal sized ice cream. Overall, another great experience at Chick-fil-A!

Courtney Carruthers

Great place! Always clean, fast and most importantly FRIENDLY. Lines are long but always fast and when you get to the window, your order is correct, hot and a smiley face to serve you.

Rick Hunter

I just had Chick-fil-A breakfast for the first time ever this past week in another state. It was so good I had to have it again already. This was my first visit to this location, but the food was just as good & the drive-thru ran as smoothly as most other locations.

Sophia Odums

I actually love this place! Upon arrival, the drive thru appears that the wait will be extremely long but they have it all under control! And my food is hot!!!

Beth Thornberry

This place need to get it together. The last three times I have ordered food something has been incorrect and I order from the app. I ask for extra ice with my sprite and I get sweet tea with no ice. Yes I should have noticed before I pulled off but the wait was longer than normal so I took it and pulled off. The next time I ordered just a sprite and sat in the outside lane at the window with everyone behind me getting their food and I had to say something twice before I finally got my sprite. Today I order a chicken biscuit with two honeys and got NO honey. These people literally have only one task to do! My son works at a different Chick-fil-A and I know the process. I’m frustrated because this is the third time. This place needs to tighten up and do better. I gave it two stars because the food is typically good. I am a signature member and have never had an issue at any Chick-fil-A other than this location

Sheneka Moore

What can I say?! They have my heart! These are the most friendly people and the fact that they listen is a bonus! Thanks again for always putting a smile on my face when I need a quick bite to eat.

Anita Tunstall

Service was professional. The workers are so organized, so that even with long lines, service is fast. Also, I was assisted even when I should have gone inside for my order. I wish the awesome cookies were less expensive, but I guess that keeps me from ordering too many. Great service and efficiency.

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