Chuck E. Cheese

2601 Dawson Rd, Albany
(229) 436-5481

Recent Reviews

JBB Burkett

Staff made my son's birthday party so smooth and fun! Justice was an awesome host!

A Jam

Went to my nieces 2nd birthday party!! I had a great time. The staff were all friendly and I was greeted with a smile. I always get the salad, which is always fresh. The bbq tradition wings are my favorite!! I would definitely recommended for a kids birthday party or if you want to just take you kid for a day of fun. Just let them run around and play games. They won’t get lost because there is always someone at the entrance.

Kristine Scott

Pleasantly surprised. Its been many years since I've been in a Chuck e cheese. Staff was super helpful and polite. Facility was clean!

Shawnna L

Went early and it was easy to be checked in. We opted for the 36 dollar time frame. He is 4 and loved being able to play games on his own. We will be back.

Pink Woohoo

Where everything is electronic now, you have to strike the cards multiple times to get them to work while it takes minutes and points off your card. Definitely not impressed with the new system... If all rides where working and games where working with out multiple strikes it would have been more enjoyable, but as this particular restaurant is, you come out feeling a bit cheated. Not much bang for your buck....Kid-friendliness: Good to have in the mall, refreshing for winding down...

floyd reynolds

the staff here were all so friendly and helpful and they have so many games and all here and it's a lot of fun especially for the kids and the cost for the card you purchase for the games to earn tickets for your kid or kids to leave there with a prize

Joe Malinowski

They've upgraded most of the games, kids had a blast!

Heather Lee

This Chuck E Cheese is the cleanest I have ever been to! We just moved to the area and we are definitely coming back!

Thomas The train

This is the steam locomotive What I like

Stephanie Batand

Kids enjoyed, but be mindful if you get a card that uses time instead of tokens. The lady at the register told me I could pause the card (which was true.) But she didn't tell me I could only pause it once.

Khoriyah White

Waitress were rude. Food took atleast 2 hours. We only ordered two pizzas. Drinks were watered down. But, i can say their salad was good

Sunshine Williams

I like the new system where you want have to hold tickets in your hand they are automatically on your card.. I didn't give 5 stars cause some of the machine takes your money and I didn't have time to keep running down no worker


This birthday party was the best we've had yet! The goodie bags was packed nicely and the ticket blaster was great. The setup was perfect for the party. When we walked in we was so excited to be there. Our host was nice and she let our kid get extra time in the ticket blaster. When Chuck E. came out we done the dance and ate cake. After that chuck E. got pictures with us. The ice cream was Best. This was our best birthday party yet!

Calandra Reese

Great place for kids. The staff is very friendly and they work very hard to keep the establishment safe and sanitized.

Ryan Owens

Pros:Kids will have funFood looks greatsStaff were helpful and friendlyClean locationThey try to make sure no one walks off with your child ( a good system of checks)Cons:the games don't last long. You can see how disappointed they are when a game last literally 10 seconds.About 20% of the games are out of order or do not function properly.

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