Dairy Queen

1804 E Oglethorpe Blvd, Albany
(229) 432-6339

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Michael Coffman

Food as of late has left a bit to be desired. Also, they seem to be out of key ingredients like fudge, bananas, and even their special seasonal pumpkin blizzard ingredients.Food: 3/5


Called before I drove across town to make sure they had cotton candy blizzard. They said yes, then when I got there, they said they were actually out of the pink stuff. And she was so rude.

Catherine Calhoun

Drive thru was very slow.Food was good.

Alice Wilkey

Always good Bluzzard, they did not have the Dirty Oreo like we wanted so we got the regular Oreo Blizzard..


Everyone loves DQ Blizzards.. when we stopped in to grab a couple- guess it wasn't meant to be that day. As we got to the drivethru we were told that they had no cheesecake ( i was craving mine w strawberry cheesecake), we settled for 2 of the fudge brownie deluxe. After we got to the window, the girl was slow to open up so she could take my payment- timed her as our Blizzards were in the window. She finally took my card, walked away and came back 5min later. I was told that the system was down as I didn't have the $14 in cash she asked what I wanted to do- I asked her for my card, asked if anything had gone through- if not cancel my order. She gave back my card but by then several people had gathered inside by her just standing there laughing.. quite rude but, guess that's type of staff they have?I was about to pull away when she asked if we wanted the Blizzards, I asked her if I didn't pay for them they weren't mine. She insisted we "take them for our trouble " .. ?? we took them and were sorry. ??They were dripping all over as lids weren't on tight and seeping out all over. ?? We were given straws no spoons, ironic as after we took few sips of what appeared to be slightly thickened chocolate milk, a large chunk of soggy brownie was revealed taking up 2/3 of the cup. ?? We were disappointed as this isn't the quality of product that we expect or the service.Hopefully our next trip will be better- as we both have fond memories of DQ over the years, this just wasn't one of them

Percy Girley

This place needs to clean house. The drive-thru women are rude and argumentative. I asked for a regular drink top on a blizzard once, because the sundae tops leak, and the woman at window accused me of having an attitude and kept slamming the window, turning her back, and having loud convos with her coworkers about how she don’t “play” and cussing. Then accused me of snatching my debit card back. I just kept quite to not provoke any further. Terrible experience.

Thomas McCarton

Systems down and our uneducated worked don't know how to figure out tax and total cause they don't know how to operate a pencil. That's our school Systems.

Grizwald Dickie

Drinks from the drink machine taste like mold . Ice cream was spoiled also

Hannah Temples

Horrible service! After waiting for them to answer, I walk inside to order, got my food maybe 10mins later. MY CHICKEN WAS RAW! Definitely not good for someone being pregnant. ? The excuse was, she didn’t have her headset turned on, but it was already 11!

Eva Banks

NEVER come here ! I asked for three kid meals and 2 adult meals and they gave us two kids meals and 3 adult meals. When we got our food and realized it was wrong the woman was on her phone by the window and we had to get her attention by tapping on the window four times ! and when she finally opened the window and we told her it was rang it in wrong and we wanted it fixed , the woman argued with me saying we never said we wanted a third kids meal , and when I started yelling back because I was frustrated at this point two more women came to the window and proceeded to join in with the one woman arguing with me saying we were wrong and we didn’t say it was a kids meal. They ended up giving us the right sides to the kids meal but basically threw the food at us and told me if I don’t stop she had the right not to give me my food the way I ordered it and that when I told her the customer was always right she told me I was wrong. When we finally got all our food including the food they rang up wrong and we looked they made the hotdog wrong anyways that was supposed to be the kids meal and I heard my husband say PLAIN so that’s how I know the woman was wrong because the whole hot dog meal was made WRONG ! No spoons were given to us and they never gave me my grape slushy ! You work at a primary ice cream place and ice cream was ordered , you automatically put spoons in the bag ! My husband has to go back just so my three year old will eat because it was her meal that was wrong which is why I’m so mad ! All I wanted was the right hotdog and an ice cream , was that too much to ask for ! I’ve worked in fast food places and ran the drive thru , I was a crew trainer at McDonald’s and Burger King and my husband was a manager at McDonald’s working overnight as so did I at McDonald’s so I know something about customer service and what’s right and wrong ! No manager was working that we could talk to. They’re should be at least one manager on at all times , this is just plain old bad management ! If I could give it a 0 I would instead of a 1 ! HORRIBLE !!! Corporate needs to get involved !

Sherry Terrell

Have good hamburgers ? and shakes ...

Ted T

I know that some people think more is better. However my Blizzard had way too much Heath Bar which made it overly sweet. She said the same thing about her Butterfinger Blizzard, way too sweet. The prices at Dairy Queen like everything around have climbed to a point it's no longer worth the money for what you receive.

Sarah Dent

Had a blizzard but they put too much Reese's not enough ice cream


Never have what you really want. Every time I go they start off with what they don't have. Just couple days ago they even said they was out of ice cream! How is an ice cream place out of ice cream.

Logan Sutton

Never have catch up those working there litterly tossed my food to me litterly never going back

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