Little Caesars Pizza

2211 E Oglethorpe Blvd, Albany
(229) 255-2240

Recent Reviews

Jessie Frazier

I ordered online. I went to pick up food the computer was down so could not get my order out and go. I called for help and manager told me to wait while he fix other pizzas in back. I waited 10 minutes. Pizza was cold. Prices going up. Value going downFood: 1/5

Joe Kopp

I swear the people that work at this place are as worthless as they can be. Ordered online and 2 hours later still wasn't done. When I finally received my order it was cold. Called the restaurant and they wouldn't answer. After they finally answered I was told that it was too bad and they hung up on me. That right there just blew my mind.

Carlos Garcia

Don’t like that you cannot place an when you get there. You have to download the app to order. Defeats the purpose of hot and ready.

Jonathan Kutz

This location has Horrible customer service. Been there two times and felt like I was a inconvenience by the employee manning the counter.One time Quoted 10 wait time, and at 20 I asked where my pizza was. Employee heard me and just walked off to back without saying a word.Pizza seemed uncooked also compared to other locations I visit.

Robert Johnson

Mediocre. Love the ordering online aspect, but, as for the pizza? Eh... you can tell they don't care. And, why isn't the Detroit style deep dish ultimate/Supreme available online???

Kenneth Daniels

The bread seems better at this one. ?

jackie weeks

Cheese pizza and pepperoni pizza was great.

Pamela V

This little Caesar’s is okay as far as pizza goes. I ordered three pizzas for a party and each turned out ok. The wings are subpar but to be expected. I really like the sauce for the Buffalo wings though. They forgot my brownie cookie but I just had to let them know and they brought it out to me. the wait isn’t too long either.


Food was hot and fresh. Was ready when it was supposed to be based on app and email. Pick up was seem less.

Randy Pruett

The young man managing the evening shift at the Oglethorpe location does a fine job. They make good pizza and they are consistently meeting their schedule for pick up orders.Tonight we ordered 10 pizzas at one time for a crew working into the evening. They had all 10 ready in exactly the time frame they promised. The one time (about a year ago) that there was an error, he quickly corrected the problem and all was well.

Trish Perry

Always good and great price. Keep it up!

Elsa Fischer

The pizza is good and pick up is fairly quick. I love the no contact just order on line and pay for pick it up 3 diget # will be given punch it in to the hot holding shelf and away you go no need to see or ask anything unless you need to.

Sasha Pope

I dont understand why the rating is so low. My food was right fresh and hot exactly what i ordered AND on time. Thank yall so much!

Full Circle

They said they don't do hot and ready pizzas anymore because they're scared of the health inspector. I have to order my Pizza ahead of time online. Isn't the whole point of Little Caesars a fast hot and ready pizza without waiting. If I wanted to order something I would order it from anywhere else.

Ashley Marshall

Love my Saturday Ceasars! Their menu has come a long way

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