Little Red Dog House

821 W Broad Ave, Albany
(229) 883-6059

Recent Reviews

Brenda Cooper

Great customer service, cost, and food. Serves hotdogs with chips, drinks and occasionally a desert.Vegetarian options: You can buy just buns with slaw and onions.

dwane karl

Hotdogs were great as usual but the drive-thru only thing is not working. Too long of a wait to get to the window then more waiting to get your food. Service has really gone down after the owner passed away. Looks like the Son doesn’t care about service anymore. Also being short on employees should not compromise Quality service. That’s where management needs to step in and pick up the slack. Great food but very poor service.

Herman J. Mortimer

The waiting time is a nightmare and that's why I gave it three stars (due to the lack of help). My brother-in-law loves their extra chili hot dogs and has me going back to bring him more. The associates are friendly and down-to-earth. Has various types of hot dogs for you to choose from.

Bulinda Moore

I love their Tex Mex Dog, slaw, chili and scrambler dog. Yes, Little Red Dog House is the bomb!!

Maggie King

Everytime we visit Albany we eat here! Great service, yummy food, & the best sweet tea in town!

kimberly brooks byrd

These are the best in town. Everytime I go to visit family I have to go by and grab me some hot dogs!!!!

Jessie Frazier

Very good hotdogs. Slow customer service but it's good.

Tammy Welch

Awesome hot dogs an one of the best sweet tea in. Albany ga.. the service was awesome to..


Truly a disappointment, I've heard wonderful things about this places food however I traveled here today by motorcycle from 2 hours away to be told they would only help me if I went through the drive thru. That's quite difficult along with inconvenient for myself and the people behind me if I go through the drive thru on a motorcycle.. I explained my situation and the lady told me she couldn't help me.. I'll be sure to forward the information to all the people that told me of this location about my experience and ask them to not do business here anymore. Have a great day!

Sparkle Smith

Good was really good. The packaging needs to be better. Chili slaw dogs were amazing. But with paper sack and wrapped in wax paper - I really needed another container

Gabrielle Cannon

Consistently the best!! This place is so good, we will wait down the road and around the corner for it folks. TRY THE SCRAMBLE DOG ALL THE WAY!!! Y'all!!!

Charlie B.

Yep best hotdogs in town. I've been eating here since I was in high school and I've been out 20 years. Definitely a go to spot of mine.

Arthur Osgood

I love their hotdogs, customer service is fast and very respectful as well.been coming here since I was a kid and it gets better and better every time

Wendi Keys

We live in Louisiana, but we were born and raised in the Albany area and we stop in for their hot dogs every time we visit. Best hot dogs anywhere.

Nick Lewis

Been eating here since I was a kid. The quality and deliciousness of the food hasn't changed over the years. The scramble dog is always my go to.

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