LongHorn Steakhouse

2733 Dawson Rd, Albany
(229) 889-1866

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Billy Bryant

My experience was not the best due to the following factors. We were seated by a large group. Our assigned waitress had over 24 individuals of various ages to wait on. She at the stage of passing out bills. It took her 45 minutes to get the information to those customers. Other waitresses, 3 different ones, helped with the meal experience. I don't blame the waitress for she was as nice as could be but she was put in a no win situation by having other guests assigned to her by the person seating guests. The food was excellent. Our waitress when free from other guests was apologetic and attempted to be accommodating as she could be under the circumstances. The waitress was tops. The person who was seating people needs guidance in seating people according reasonable service as opposed who is next on the list.Vegetarian options: Good variety offered.

Roger Broadway

I had a strawberry pecan salad with no meat. It was very good, and almost to pretty to eat. My wife got a small steak. The steak looked really good, but it was kinda tough and wasn't seasoned very well. Outback Steakhouse definitely has a better taste. Our server was very good.

David S.

I like Long Horn, their salmon is usually delicious, and I can't remember ever being disappointed with their service. All that changed this evening. The service was awful, I waited nearly an hour to get served. When the salmon arrived, it was undercooked. I'll eat at Long Horn again, but not this one.

Sunshine Williams

My first time going to long horn was very nice, even though I had to wait a while for my salad to come out due to us having a big crowd, it was still nice. Our sever Brittany was very nice and attentive, she was very sweet even from all the demands. I ordered a salad and lobster tail and it was great.

Jeremy K.

Went in bar had 3 people at it rest was dirty plates and glasses. No hostess. So sat at high top table by bar. Bartender never even speaks or makes eye contact. The what I suppose is manager comes ask if I've been helped I explain no that I've been sitting here for 10+ minutes. So after fifteen more minutes I finally walked out. These corporate shitholes are well on their way down with shitty good and worse service

Brenda D.

Yesterday around 5:30 PM we stopped to eat since it did not seem to be packed with cars. Walked in and there was about 10 peoples sitting in the seats waiting to be taken to a table. There were numerous empty tables and I said why are you still sitting here? There are waiting for waiters and waitresses to show up for work? This was the second time this has happened to us. This is also poor management on the higher ups and who they hire. For sure we will go to Tifton from this day forward. Could it be that Albany's pay scale is so low it cost these folks too much to buy gas to come to work or is it just laziness? The low pay scale has been a big problem for years in Albany.

Abby Smith

The service we received tonight was beyond amazing! We have never received as great of service ANYWHERE like we did tonight at longhorns! I believe our waitress’ name was Dasher but she was super sweet and attentive to us! When the back got my order a little wrong, she made sure to get it right for me without me even asking. When we go back, we will be asking for her again!

Janet A.

Just left after the hostess sat several groups that came in after us while we were waiting.

Chasity Gaines

It was a Sunday and very busy but we were seated as soon as a table was available. Was upfront about wait time. Service was very good. Waitress was nice, kept drinks filled, and kept us updated on the status of our order. Food was wonderful. The only place to get a steak just the way you want it.

Bartley Settle

The food was good here today. The 3 star rating is because of two things:1. I ordered a salad for lunch and our server, Jaron, asked which side do you want with that. To me, this implies that it comes with a side for the stated menu price. Wrong. When I got the bill it was listed as a separate item. I consider this to be a deceptive practice.2. The men's room was not very clean. The floors were extremely slippery, not just from being wet from mopping. It was almost like walking on ice.I was passing through Albany today and stopped for lunch. Not sure I'll stop here again when I'm in the area.


Checked in told half an hour wait. Asked if we could sit at the bar and get full menu, we were told yes. Sat at a very dirty bar, with plates and glass which I moved off to the side. A waitress approached us ad advised that we could sit at a high top just beyond the bar and she would take care of us. She took our drink order and after 20 minutes of not seeing her again, we moved back to the bar. The bar staff took care of us fairly quickly from then on. The original waitress never came back looking for us with our drinks. Steak was chewy and quite sinuous, shrimp and potato were good

Todd G.

Traveling for work, I stopped in to have dinner and possibly watch the NFL Draft at the bar. As I sat down, I noticed the other 8-10 customers at the bar did not have food, drinks, or menus in front of them. Everyone was pleasant chatting or on their phones, being very patient. The bar tender let us know it would be a little while and everyone again was understanding. After about 15 min, all we had were then menus, so I got up and went to the Outback, which was very good, service and food.

B Palmer

4/12/2022My birthday dinner was ruined because they forgot to cook my meal. The waitress apologized and said that they would comp my meal. Everyone was finished by the time my meal came out. The steak was almost raw and bleeding all over the plate. I told the waitress I would just take it to go and cook it at home. She was very apologetic and knew it was their fault.When the bill came the bill was not reduced. I asked the waitress, who came back and said because I was taking it in a to-go box the manager rI was charging me. I gave it all back. Then asked to speak with the manager, Johnny. He is a rude, condescending person. I asked why their mistake was my fault. I didn't get my birthday meal because they didn't do their job correctly. He didn't care one bit. He spoke to me with a "matter of fact" attitude and said that was the way it was. Mind you, I wasn't the one who asked for any compensation. I would have said don't cook the meal because my family was done eating by that time.We went to Longhorn at least 2 times a month. That's a family of 6. At this point, we will not give our business to them again.

Neke Barnes

Our experience at Longhorn Steakhouse in Albany was awesome. Our waitress was ... Omg I just forgot her name, but she is pregnant. She took our orders, was very nice, and never complained. She had a small party that sat behind us that I heard complain about everything. They got on my last nerve, if they got on hers, she NEVER showed it. We had a large party, celebrating the matriarch of the family birthday. Our orders came out hot and the food was delicious. The waitress saw that I gave the matriarch a card for her birthday, and she asked her if she wanted a birthday sundae. She brought it out, we sung happy birthday, and she shared with the greatgrands.

Jade Jenner

I like the food, drink??? and dessert?? of this place mmmmm delicious!!!! Definitely I'll be back!! And the service of waiter excellent?? I recommend this place!!

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