My Pie Pizza - Albany

2700 Dawson Rd Suite 14, Albany
(229) 496-2422

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Shawnna L

Wonderful service, freshly food, and vegan options. We visit once a week to get the very vegan pizza with cauliflower crust. Ingredients are fresh and the pizza is made to order. As we wait, we eat one of the large fresh, warm cookies with a fountain drink. Love the staff and the environment.Food: 4/5

K Edwards

The staff is always friendly & happily willing to make your pizza to your tastes. I have to admit that I haven't tried much on their menu because I'm stuck on one pizza in particular. The Mr White. If you're a garlic fan, this ones for you. But I've had a more traditional red sauced pie & it was great too. Picture a sub shop but with pizza & that's My Pie.

Leigh L

The food on the line for the pizza did not look fresh. It was not neatly arranged and anyone looking at this would second guess eating there. The guy hardly puts any meat on the pizza so what you're really getting is a cheese pizza for about 9 or more bucks. You can get a much larger pizza from little Caesar for 5 bucks and it's going to taste great. When the pizza was advertised I wanted to try it because it looked amazing on the website page but you have to be able to produce what you advertise. I see this place going out of business because people pay for quality and in times of inflation people just don't have money to waste on anything. The tables in the restaurant were dirty, the tea was sour, and although the pizza didn't taste bad, it wasn't what I expected at all. It's not really a large pizza, so comparing it to the $5 pizza at little Caesar my vote would go to little Caesar every time. You have to be able to offer something they don't in order to Thrive. I am not bashing the business but a few changes could help it improve.

Kaylin Armour

Staff was friendly and welcoming. Pizza was amazing and cooked to perfection. Garlic knots are definitely for garlic lovers. Overall, well done.

Mary Newman

I was very impressed! My first time there and this was THE BEST pizza we've had in Albany! I was greeted at the door, the guy making the pizzas was so helpful! I asked what his favorite sauce was and he told me the NY pizza sauce, so I got that on my create your own. I looked over the toppings and asked him all kinds of questions. Mind you, it was 6pm on Friday night and they were busy! He didn't blink an eye and was so nice in helping me! I chose meatball,, Italian sausage, mushrooms, green peppers, black olives, mozzarella and parmesan. My Pie does not skimp on ingredients! It was so good! Hubby and I both loved it and we're not easily impressed. Great job, guys! Thank you for the wonderful service and fantastic pizza! We can't wait to visit again! ?


Don't sleep on the Chocolate chip Cookies... I got a chance to meet the new owner of the restaurant and she was really personable and a pleasant person to talk with. The pizza was good and so was the Mediterranean salad. Most definitely will be back.

Angelica York

The staff is very friendly and courteous. The service was decently fast and food was good. There was enough garlic on their knots to kill a whole clan of vampires, lol. But definitely recommend, especially on $6 Mondays!Vegetarian options: Vegan cheeses offered, as well as loads of different veggiesKid-friendliness: They have coloring pages and crayons on the tables for kids. Will even hang them up on displayParking: There is a very large parking lot, so you don't have to worry about parking

Michael Leach

My Pie pizza is delicious. The service is fast and friendly. One of my favorite places.

Jonathan McCoy

Great Pizza, Great service. They have gluten free/ dairy free pizzas and desert.

Erica E.

My expectations were low but I was pleasantly surprised. Pizza was great as were the garlic knots. Not bad for the south!

Ree Pearson

What’s not to like?! The brick oven pizza is wonderful and so are the salads and wings. The ingredients are very fresh. They have all kinds of pizzas to choose from. My favorites are Pesto my Chicken (chicken bacon pesto) and My Greek Pie. You cannot beat their $9.00 weekday lunch special which is half of a small pizza (3-4 slices), half salad (generous size) and drink. They are only closed on Tuesdays. They also have a special on Monday - any of their classic pizzas for only six dollars. Please help keep My Pie going!

Harry Martinez

Toppings were evenly spread to the edges. Fired in the oven without burning the crust. Your gluten free bread is a nice size. Larger than competitors who carry gluten free crust. Thank for the friendly service..

Lisette Montequin Minix

We love My Pie, the pizza is always delicious and the service is always fast and friendly!

chim xhim

Best pizzeria in town! Hardly any vegan food in Albany and seeing vegan pizza on the menu is amazing!! They accidentally got my order mixed up with someone else’s once, but the employee was extremely kind and even gave me coupons as an apology. Pizza is fresh and definitely affordable for what they offer, staff is also extremely nice! ?

Anthony Cooper

I love the pizza but this is the SECOND week in a row I have called at 8 with no answer then showed up 35 mins before close on the door to the door locked and the guy cleaning up. And when he came out this time he told me "well I just prepped the line" and actress like he didn't want to stay 1 min past 9. Maybe the owner should know y'all are missing money every night y'all close early. But seriously be pizza in town. Sad you don't have better employees.

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