Aviva by Kameel Downtown

225 Peachtree St, Atlanta
(404) 698-3600

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Wes M.

I visited during Dragoncon and it was a great experience. The line was long, but the owner came out with a tray of baklava and served everyone a free piece in line. I was fresh and reeeealllly good. The owner seems genuinely grateful for your business. I got the falafel platter with four pieces, and 3 sides. I got lentils, creamed spinach, and potatoes. The lentils were the best thing - casserole style made with caramelized onions and were awesome. Very nourishing after partying hard at Dragoncon. The falafel was great as always - crispy and moist at the same time, and the potatoes were very tasty. The creamed spinach was a bit rich for my taste. I would've preferred a healthier version. But I still ate it all! Will be back next year.

Brian J Balduff

Excellent food, friendly and efficient staff, and a clean and open atmosphere. This is one of my favorite restaurants in the country. It is in a food court and serves like a cafeteria but the quality outshines everything many high end restaurants. It is expensive for the location but cheap for the type of food.

Arnab Mazumdar

8 months agoThis place is highly recommended. Loved each and every dish in my vegetarian platter made with right amount of spices.Kameel walked on the floor and greeted all the customers. BINGO if you get to see Kameel as he offers a dish to every customer on the house.My dips were extra scrumptious and would definitely return if I’m around.

Brittany Wilson

We went here while at Dragoncon. It was an absolutely fantastic experience. The food was outstanding, service was superb. Everyone was so nice and pleasant. We felt good after eating there. Would recommended it to anyone. Will definitely be visiting again if we’re in town

Nicole A (Nicochan)

My go to for yummy Mediterranean foods. The owners are so nice and welcome. The staff are all friendly. They are all so appreciative and supportive of DragonCon attendees.

Sebastian Holcomb

We come here every year for Dragoncon. This was our first time going to this restaurant and I can honestly say I wish I'd eaten all our meals here instead of other places in the food court. The food is fresh, flavorful, and very filling.

Kaung S.

I had it over DragonCon weekend, so take my experience with a grain of salt. In short, I don't get the hype. I've had plenty of similar food before, with much more flavor, and/or better value. I got their chicken platter with rice and veggies. It all tasted OK. The meat was edible, the rice was bland, and the veggies... well, how can you get steamed veggies wrong. We also got a side of tabouli, and it was so acidic and tart, that we could not eat more than the first bite. I also don't get the nice experience, because it doesn't seem genuine. It's just a guy behind the counter yelling "welcome, my friends." This geek isn't going to go back there again.

Alex L.

Wow wow wow. Can we give this place a triple Wow? The minute the owner sees us he gives a free bowl of soup and calls his customers family & friends. What planet is he from because I haven't experienced this in a while. I ordered the roasted chicken with veggies and side soup. The soup was okay, it was a creamy chicken soup but a bit too salty for my taste buds. The chicken though was perfect. The meat was tender and seasoned very well. Very impressed in this chicken dish. Considering this place is in a corporate center for mostly lunch folks, the food is spot on. It's very hard to find a tasty food court meal. It's even more rare to get splendid customer service on top of it. Love this lunch spot. FYI, this place is in the basement so you will need to enter one of the corporate buildings near the square and go down stairs.

Jehmin J.

Tried this food bc of Dragoncon. The ordering is stupid simple pick one or half meats and 2 full or half sides. Id just get half each to get a little bit of everything. The owner was there is the flesh greeting everyone in his super packed lines. The portions were ok. If you eat alot you might have room for something else. Idk if its bc of dragoncon but the food was sub par. The pasta tasted like mush alfredo. Flavor good texture bad. The bubbagabish was too acidic lemmony flavors not balanced. The shawarma chicken meat was soft but simmering in a vat of flavored juices. Id prefer a hint of char from a rotating grill but it wouldnt of been as juicy. The falafels were probably one of the best things here. Good flavors with a nice crisp texture. I was underwhelmed for such high ratings on yelp and other sites. I also wish they had lamb options such as adona kebabs. It seems it was mostly fish and chicken. This place was really packed and the food seemed healthy enough. Next time id probably order the falafels or a wrap instead of a plate.

Will Hale

The flavors of the food popped in my mouth. It was great food. The people there very nice and happy to answer any questions. It's popular and also very busy. Worth the wait though.

Melissa Hoek

By far the BEST food in ATL and the service is absolutely great! I've been having lunch at Aviva at least once a week since they opened in Peachtree Center (minus a brief time during covid shutdown).I've tried everything on the menu and nothing disappoints. The falafel is the greatest I've ever eaten. Salmon, rosemary chicken and the shawarma are all spectacularly seasoned and cooked to perfection . The soups, bread, veggies and each of the other sides are all made fresh daily and so good.I appreciate the way Kameel greets all his customers with a smile and the sincere way he appreciates them for stopping by to have a healthy meal.

Craig Vieth

Kameel is an awesome chef!…and great host.

Tiffany D.

I really enjoyed this quick bite. This is definitely a good pick for when you are on the move, but don't want traditional fast food. GLOWS: - Rosemary chicken was huge and very flavorful - Service was efficient and friendly - The watermelon on the side was a nice touch - I loved the addition of the falafel and the pita to the meal. GROWS: - A combo with a drink would have rounded the meal out perfectly.

Reid E.

Worth 10 stars if I could give it! Best Mediterranean gem in ATL and super convenient if you work in one of the zillion high rise building connected to the Hub. Kameel is so friendly and puts a smile on my face every time I come in for lunch. This place is a must try!!


Just amazing and fresh Mediterranean food! 2 days in a row, for lunch! So many choices of sauces and combinations. Great spot in downtown Atlanta!

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