Crazy Cuban

290 14th St NW, Atlanta
(404) 607-7348

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mirivenia butler

Definitely was pleasantly surprised! The owner was super cool and the food was amazing! From the coffee to the empanadas, and Definitely the Cuban sandwich was perfect. Definitely will be back!

Ian Failing

The food’s better than Papi’s, the bathroom’s so clean that I thought I had accidentally stepped into a doctor’s office, and the guy behind the counter talks like he’s not a corporate stooge. Try it out! It’s a shame there’s no alcohol, but it looks like they’re passing on the savings from the license; these prices aren’t much higher than fast food these days.

Ale Henriquez

Let me start by telling everyone that wants to try Cuban food... THIS IS NOT CUBAN FOOD, not even close to be Cuban....I work in the area and was looking for a different place to eat, tried Crazy cuban, boy I'll tell you. I've eaten Cuban food all my life everywhere and never faced what I encountered. The menu was written on the wall, that's not a problem but after reading the entired menu I asked if they have congri, he had the audacity to tell me, " just take white rice and black beans and mix it" really dude!?!? Never seen a Cuban restaurant that does not have congri,I told him that's not congri, he said tells them gringos they see congri and would ran, dude.. it is what you're advertising CUBAN FOOD explain them what it is and offer them Cuban plate the gringos or any other nacionality that visit a Latin cousins is because they want to LEARN about the culture and taste the food. congri is straight up Cuban plate you can't get any more Cuban with  a good ole congri.After that ordered fried pork with rice, black beans and plátano maduro, 1st the beans where way too liquid to be latin beans, second the maduros are frozen Goya box and the meat salty, what a disappointment quite honest to be LATIN stay with Latin food, the attitude of the guy in the counter reminds me the people that comes from other countries and think they still there, with the type of food and service this dude still lives in Cuba for real... I ordered to eat-in when he gave me the cup as it was a to go cup I asked for a lid, this fool tells me " why you need a lid for? Are you a 6 years old kid that will drop the cup?" I just told him "ya yo veo" meaning "I know what's gonna happen"When food came to table, the plate was ceramic but the silver ware was plastic and  was cheaper than dollar tree, I mean this fork was from who knows where, the lunch truck on the streets has better plastic silverware than here, I do understand that because "pandemic "  some places still serve with plastic but if you gonna put that excuse why would you serve food on a ceramic plate it just doesn't make any sense. I paid 17 dollars for a plate that should cost no more than 8 dollars and if we go by the service and the attitude of that dude the plate should be free.I wish I could upload a pic in this review but I will use other platform to upload it.

Amy Winch

Get the Traditional Cuban sandwich! It is amazing. This is the best Cuban sandwich I've had since I left South FL. The pork is amazing.

Noir. TM

Amazing food and reminds me of home (Miami) and the owner is hilarious. He actually is crazy and again reminds me of Miami! 100% recommend if you want to try authentic Cuban food!

Amie Garcia

Sandwich was ok (traditional Cuban). Mine was a little over grilled and lacked a little flavor. Bread isn't true authentic Cuban bread- it should be a little crisper.French fries are amazing.I do want to try the Ropa Vieja and the maduros. Maybe some arroz con pollo will be added to the menu??

Colin C.

I got lunch to go and enjoyed my experience. The interior was neat and well themed. The cashier was very friendly. I got a Traditional Cuban sandwich and Flan. I enjoyed the combination of flavors in the sandwich. Ham, cheese, mustard, and pickle seem too simple but I thought everything worked well together and I didn't feel like I was missing anything. The flan met my expectations. It might have been on the sightly thicker side but I enjoyed it. I'm not completely sold on the value. The sandwich and flan were slightly more than I would have valued them in my head but the difference wasn't big and I may not be updating my mental model with inflation as fast as everyone else. Overall I enjoyed the food and would be interested in trying some of the other sandwiches and main dishes!

KC Luu

The place is ok. The Cuban sandwich does not taste like the Cuban sandwiches in Miami at all. It's sandwich here is moreso an Americanized version than anything else.Also, they don't actually have flan. They have creme brulee but call it flan and it's not even that good but pretty unmemorable. It does not taste like actual flan from France nor does it taste like Spanish flan from either Spain or Miami.Irregardless, the customer service is good. Many people like it here for a quick lunch.

Bill Patterson P.

Holy deliciousness. I ate the classic Cuban I like spicy this one has Jalapeños delicious and a very tasty Sandwhich full of flavor and taste awesome. So good I order one to go for Mom the classic just as delicious without the spicy but very good size so big I was able to have a second round off of Mom's traditional Cuban. Great atmosphere to sit outside in the deck or enjoy the cool air inside. Very happy with atmosphere and will put this on a regular schedule for delicious Cuban food. Very Authentic indeed!

Mojgan Khalilifard

Best Cuban sandwich EVERvery clean , fast , the owner is there all the time .This place is my favorite

Katia Margarita Herrera Abello

Wow it’s a really bad service, the person at the counter should not work there. wow! they can also see how aggressive the owner is. I am a TOTALLY REAL person, in your restaurant I ordered to go, and if the service is like that to go... I can't imagine if I sit down to eat. I remind you that we are in a free country and say I want to place 1 or 1,000 bad punctuation I will do it! simple…

Per Sveen

Best Cubano I’ve had in the midtown area, absolutely delicious and pretty inexpensive for the area too

Fredericka Brinkley

At first you may second guess yourself, but don’t! These are some of the best sandwiches I have had, and the fries are sooooo good. The owner was very nice and friendly. It’s also pet friendly!

KanD Padilla

It's definitely worth going here. The owner is one of a kind. I just love this guy's personality. He says I'm a handful, lol....with jala on the side!

Josh Webb

The food is amazing, I had the turkey sandwich and the jalapenos add a perfect kick. The staff were fun and friendly. Service was very fast. Really a all around great experience!

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