Crazy Cuban

290 14th St NW, Atlanta
(404) 607-7348

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Yani Hopida

Best cuban sandwich in Atlanta for sure! The service is friendly as well. Worth stopping by when you’re in Atlanta and I think they got featured in latin restaurants as well!

Jody Harris

The best Cuban sandwich I've ever had! Used to go to Kool Korners during my college days, and this place is the next best thing now! Can't wait to get back to get another!Food: 5/5

rebecca sal

Let me introduce you to my cousin Aldo. This guy is legit. Super sweet and so proud to call him family. First of all, the location is spectacular. Really easy to get to and no parking issues. Next, the main reason of this review, the food! Let me tell you, you must walk in ready to eat! Everything from the cuban sandwich to the croquettes will leave you full and satisfied. Don’t forget about the cuban coffee! If you are midtown be sure to check this out.

Kevin Woods

I ordered this meal on Uber Eats because I was too lazy to leave the house.I ordered the traditional Cuban sandwich with no veggies, Voodoo chips, fried plantains, and empanadas.The Cuban sandwich was the best item. It tasted great and was quite filling. I got no veggies because that is how it is traditionally made but next time, I will get it with veggies. Voodoo chips are good as expected. The fried plantains tasted good but I wish there was more. Empanadas were not that good to me. Not enough flavor.


Love it and stop to eat here anytime I’m in this part of town. The Cuban sandwiches and croquettas are great. The staff is friendly and prompt and the restaurant is very clean and well lit.

Tami V.

Whenever I am in Atlanta I always make a trip to the Crazy Cuban. Their sandwiches are delicious!

Ben E.

2 traditional Cuban sandwiches 21.38, 1.90 sales tax, .62 for credit card use, 3.21 for 15% tip (the no tip button was not working). Total price $27.11 for 2 sandwiches. Outrageous for my budget. Sandwiches are good but never again.


Very delicious. The traditional was exactly what I'd hoped for. The classic was an interesting twist - I really liked the jalapenos. The prices are very reasonable for how filling it is. The owner is friendly, too.Parking: Right outside, plenty of spots

Cy H.

Nice ambience and a laid-back feel. Friendly staff. Maduros were almost entirely blackened and had a good and unique taste that might not have been possible if they hadn't been cooked as much. The traditional sandwich was also quite good, most notably by how juicy the pork was.

mirivenia butler

Definitely was pleasantly surprised! The owner was super cool and the food was amazing! From the coffee to the empanadas, and Definitely the Cuban sandwich was perfect. Definitely will be back!

Ian Failing

The food’s better than Papi’s, the bathroom’s so clean that I thought I had accidentally stepped into a doctor’s office, and the guy behind the counter talks like he’s not a corporate stooge. Try it out! It’s a shame there’s no alcohol, but it looks like they’re passing on the savings from the license; these prices aren’t much higher than fast food these days.

Ale Henriquez

Let me start by telling everyone that wants to try Cuban food... THIS IS NOT CUBAN FOOD, not even close to be Cuban....I work in the area and was looking for a different place to eat, tried Crazy cuban, boy I'll tell you. I've eaten Cuban food all my life everywhere and never faced what I encountered. The menu was written on the wall, that's not a problem but after reading the entired menu I asked if they have congri, he had the audacity to tell me, " just take white rice and black beans and mix it" really dude!?!? Never seen a Cuban restaurant that does not have congri,I told him that's not congri, he said tells them gringos they see congri and would ran, dude.. it is what you're advertising CUBAN FOOD explain them what it is and offer them Cuban plate the gringos or any other nacionality that visit a Latin cousins is because they want to LEARN about the culture and taste the food. congri is straight up Cuban plate you can't get any more Cuban with a good ole congri.After that ordered fried pork with rice, black beans and plátano maduro, 1st the beans where way too liquid to be latin beans, second the maduros are frozen Goya box and the meat salty, what a disappointment quite honest to be LATIN stay with Latin food, the attitude of the guy in the counter reminds me the people that comes from other countries and think they still there, with the type of food and service this dude still lives in Cuba for real... I ordered to eat-in when he gave me the cup as it was a to go cup I asked for a lid, this fool tells me " why you need a lid for? Are you a 6 years old kid that will drop the cup?" I just told him "ya yo veo" meaning "I know what's gonna happen"When food came to table, the plate was ceramic but the silver ware was plastic and was cheaper than dollar tree, I mean this fork was from who knows where, the lunch truck on the streets has better plastic silverware than here, I do understand that because "pandemic " some places still serve with plastic but if you gonna put that excuse why would you serve food on a ceramic plate it just doesn't make any sense. I paid 17 dollars for a plate that should cost no more than 8 dollars and if we go by the service and the attitude of that dude the plate should be free.I wish I could upload a pic in this review but I will use other platform to upload it.

Amy Winch

Get the Traditional Cuban sandwich! It is amazing. This is the best Cuban sandwich I've had since I left South FL. The pork is amazing.

Alejandro H.

Permítanme comenzar diciéndoles a todos los que quieran probar la comida cubana ... ESTO NO ES COMIDA CUBANA, ni siquiera cerca de ser cubano ... Yo trabajo en el área y estaba buscando un lugar diferente para comer, Crazy cuban, mi pana, que te digo. He comido comida cubana toda mi vida y en todas partes y nunca me eh encontrado con esto. El menú estaba escrito en la pared, eso no es un problema, pero después de leer el menú entero, le pregunté si tenían congri, el tipo tuvo la audacia de decirme: "¡Nadamás coje arroz blanco y frijoles negros y mézclalo" enserio!? Nunca he visto un restaurante cubano que no tenga Congri, le dije que eso no es congri, dice el "ve y dile a los gringos, que ven congri y corren.." socio ... es lo que estás anunciando comida Cubana, explícales lo que es, si les ofreces un plato cubano a los gringos o cualquier otra nacionalidad que visite a un restaurante latino es porque quieren aprender sobre la cultura y probar la comida. Congri es un plato cubano, no puedes conseguir uno más cubano con un buen Congri. Después de eso, ordene el cerdo frito con arroz, frijoles negros y Plátano Maduro, primero los frijoles estaban demasiado aguadoa para ser frijoles latinos, segundo, los maduros son de los congelados Goya, enserio?!? ... Ordené cuando me dio el vaso, ya que era un vaso para llevar, le pedí una tapa, este barbaraso me dice "Pa'que nesecitas tapa ? ¿Eres un niño de 6 años que se te va a caer el vaso? " Yo nadamás dje "ya yo veo este se ganó un review" buen descarao', cuando la comida llegó a la mesa, el plato era de cerámica, pero los cubiertos eran de plástico y son más baratos que los de el dollar tree, este tenedor era de quién sabe de dónde, las loncheras que van a las construcciones en las calles tiene mejor cubiertos de plástico que aquí, yo entiendo que algunos lugares usan plástico por lo de el covid pero por qué el plato de ceramica y los cubiertos tan baratos que no se puede ni coger el arroz, eso no tiene ningun sentido. Pagué 17 dólares por un plato que no debería costar más de 8 dólares y si seguimos el servicio y la actitud de ese tipo, el plato debería ser gratis. A mí me daría vergüenza llevar los amigos comida Cubana, el cubano que come hay y no dice nada sencillisimamente no es cubano. A qui no la cara ni al doblar la esquina, me robó los 17 dólares, que se quede con ellos falta le va hacer... Veo que respondes a los que dicen tienen sus experiencias en esa Fonda que estaré esperando, tengo un poco de cambio en mi bolsillo.

Andy D.

Passed by this place 5 days a week either got home from work or going to work from home. Finally decided step my foot into the door and got sloppy Jose and classic Cuban sandwich. They were good.

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