Crazy Cuban

290 14th St NW, Atlanta
(404) 607-7348

Recent Reviews

Dano Kirk

Good Cuban sandwich, but that's probably the point...

Marcos Monterde

Great food and service, black beans and rice were delicious.

Kyle McCannon

Delicious fresh cuban sandwiches, empanadas and rice+beans seasoning are on par from my recent trip to the Caribbean.

Jesse C

Great experience!! The beef empenadas were delicious. Crispy and tasteful. Wish they had chunks of beef but the mixture was good. The Cuban is awesome but make sure to eat it right away if not it gets soggy, or just order it the way it’s intended and just plain maybe with jalapeños for the kick. The plantains are delicious crispy and sweet. Good job there. The fried pork chunks were juicy and crispy and really delicious. Black beans were okay defitnetly needs some garlic or salt just maybe some better seasoning. The white rice was plain and defitnetly not the right kind of rice in my opinion. You need a fluffy rice like jasmine and season the rice too. But overall thank you guys well be back for more, but I’m bringing some hot sauce with me next time.

Bob Worrall

Great food! Great people! The meat and melty cheese are the stars of course, but I love it when I get to bites that are mostly crispy bread on the outside soaked with the sauce on the inside.

Samantha Wells

I drive by this place every day and finally decided to try it. Their traditional Cuban sandwich was the best Cuban I’ve ever had, and the mojo was so delish. Definitely would recommend, 10/10.

Nick Thompson

Best cuban sandwich in Atlanta.Very clean and the outside patio is my favorite sopt to enjoy lunch

Liz love

Traditional Cuban was so delicious & they were so quick! I forgot to get a picture. ☹

Kaitlin A.

Food was amazing. Cafe con leche I was v disappointed. Straight milk... no coffee in it.

Crystal Chambers

The food was delicious and the atmosphere was inviting!

N. Davis

A friend took me there over the weekend for be a sandwich. On the front door is posted a handwritten sign letting potential customers know that if they enter the restaurant and come in contact with covid-19, the restaurant will not be liable. 10 seconds after walking through their front door you realize why the sign is there; non of the employees are wearing mask. There they were. In a middle of a pandemic making sandwiches by hand without face mask to protect their customers. SMDH.

Stephen Averett

Best Cuban sandwiches you'll find in Atl.

Nicole G.

The food here is so authentic that you half expect the prices to be listed in CCs, the Cuban currency. The "Traditional" sandwich, packed with delicate slices of ham and pork, comes the Cuban way, with pickles and mustard. If you're looking for a more American style, you can get it dressed with lettuce, onions, etc. aka the "Classic." The space inside is a decent size, with plastic between booths for social distancing. And the staff are friendly and helpful. The location is unassuming, a hole in the wall on 14th St, which I've probably driven by numerous times and never noticed. But now that I know it's there, I'll be back to try the ropa vieja.

Shawn V.

I have been coming to the Crazy Cuban for over 10 years. They have moved across the street and expanded.
It is the best Cuban in Atlanta and maybe the country.


Love the food, but I can’t go there anymore because of their covid practices. Neither the owner nor the people who make the food or the customers wear a mask. They also have a cardboard sign saying that if you die of covid you can’t sue them.If you don’t believe in this pandemic, this is your place!Edit after owner's reply: I have seen the owner without a mask before he put a plexiglass up. The client was not wearing a mask when he was ordering the food so at that point he had not even received any food or drinks. He also did not have a mask in sight (holding it, around his neck etc).

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