Red Phone Booth - Buckhead

3242 Peachtree Rd NE, Atlanta
(678) 732-3757

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May Ezzi

First time in a speakeasy. Had a wonderful time. The place and the crowd were very classy. Takes u back in time to the prohibition period. Trey at the door was super nice, helpful and friendly. The entire staff was so hospitable. Douglas, one of the mixologists, made me one of the best amaretto sours I’ve ever had. The music choice was great, and it wasn’t too loud, so you can actually enjoy a conversation. You can smoke inside, and they also have a cigar shop. Would definitely come back.


If you love cigars and great drinks in a sophisticated environment, this is the place to be! Grown and sexy crowd with exceptional drinks!

Andrew Ysasi

Neat cigar lounge and restaurant. The theme is great. Yes, you need a code to get in you can get from a member or the hotel. You dial the phone in the red booth to enter. There is a room in the back that has the three screens. It is expensive but a cool experience.

Thomas B.

Super cool place! You have to have the phone number to get in. So either be a member or get it from a hotel concierge or something. Once your in through the phone booth you find yourself in a amazing cigar bar. Huge humidor with some great sticks. The seating keeps going. We ended up in the back sitting in some comfy seats as we enjoyed a good cigar and some great drinks. We all got different things. The smoked old fashioned I got was my favorite. It was unique and very tasty. Service was impeccable as you would expect. Super cool speakeasy bar. If you can get the code I would highly recommend it.

Paola S.

What an experience! I've always wanted to get into the Red Phone Booth but never knew how. Finally, a friend of ours said she had a membership and could get us in. I was ecstatic! We called before arriving to see if our guy friend could get in with shorts. We described the shorts: they are not cargo shorts, they are nicer shorts that go right up to his knee, etc. He said our friend would be able to get in. We arrive, the bouncer says he won't get in with his shorts. Honestly, I was still so excited that didn't kill my vibe because there was a Marshall's right across the street and we all went shopping. Our friend got new shorts and I got a new shirt I didn't need. Anyway, back to the review. So our friend who has a membership had a way of getting in through a side door but I wanted the whole experience... so I went into the red phone booth, dialed the phone number, and a man opened the door on the other side. I wasn't sure if he opened it because I was struggling to dial the number (lol) or if they always open. Thankfully, we got there around 6 p.m. and there was tons of space. We sat in the very back room in a round table by the billiard table. The servers were fantastic. I had a vodka drink and we ordered pizzas and fried calamari. The food and drinks were delicious. Some friends played billiards and the rest of us wanted to play card games. We didn't bring card games and decided to ask the bartenders who had cards!!! So that was a nice surprise. As the night went on, more and more people were smoking cigars. I had no idea it was a cigar lounge until I went in. So that's the only thing I wish I knew before. If I loved the smell, I'd probably be back, but after some time, I started getting a little bit of a headache. Cool spot to try once in a while.

Michael W.

Members only club and I must say it's definitely that . The perks are cool but don't think the price of admission. Food was def lacking but bartender killed it . But get with a member to see it yourself . Because you won't get in

Jason K.

Tried to stop in, they made it so difficult I won't be back. To start off, ill say I love speakeasy bars, and rarely give a place 1 star. Atlanta has some great spots, so when I stumbled upon a place with a password needed to enter, a loungy feel, and a phone booth to enter, I was sold. That's where my excitement ended. I was staying at the Westin down the street and got the password from the front desk. It had changed since they got it, but the door man still let us in. He advised us the dress code had changed and what we were wearing was no longer acceptable, but he would let us in this time as long as we dressed appropriately in the future. Upon entry, it is a well done space. There are tables and booths throughout, with some seating at the bar. It is smoky as it is a cigar bar. The place was nearly empty, but every table had a reserved sign, so we were not allowed to sit. From there, we were approached by a manager who said we needed to leave because of our shoes or maybe t shirts. I don't really remember. The door man said he advised us of the updated policy, but that we could come in this time. The manager wasn't having that, and was arguing with him about how we need to leave. Again, the place was nearly empty. At the end of the day, it is not fun, not welcoming, smoky, and mismanaged. I'll be sure to not be back.

Vegas n.

Great establishment!!! I would recommend this place to anyone that wants a classy type venue.

George M.

Excellent cigar lounge and food to order. Great area to watch sports and additional areas for private parties.

Mike Tompkins

I'm not going to give the secret of how to get in...but holy shiz. What a great place. Good bourbon, good wine, good cigars. Expensive, but worth it.


The night was for celebrating my little brother’s birthday. We got there as soon as the doors opened and stayed almost until they closed! Lorenzo and the crew at the bar at the front of the restaurant were personable and accommodating! Zo is so popular and amazing that his bar service is worth the wait! Michael and Rachel were great help in the cigar humidor and the selection is impressive. Needless to say, my bro had an amazing time and the groove approves! ?


Had the best experience! Our bartender Lorenzo was amazing! He knew what he was doing! The total vibe at the Buckhead Red Phone Booth was enjoyable! Will return the next time we’re in town!

Maxine A.

They make you run around in circles between neighboring businesses and hotel to ask for the "phone number" to enter the bar. Then they judge your outfits to see if you have good enough "style". And the people in the lounge are all 45-60 year old people LOL. Definitely a funny experience

Tamika Hunt

Fantastic experience. This was our first visit to this establishment. Great service and drinks. We were too late for the kitchen but their Smoked Old Fashioned is their most popular drink for a good reason. We got the phone number from our hotel concierge and will most certainly be back!

Sabrina P.

Great experience! The cocktail menu is lengthy and I appreciated the detailed description of each one. The atmosphere played into the prohibition theme.

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