Big Momma's Ice Cream

2336 Travis Rd, Augusta
(706) 951-5107

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Pat A.

Each time we head to Charleston, we stop in Augusta to eat at Big Mama's Soul Food Restaurant. Never have we been disappointed!! Great Pork Chops and Collards! Everything we have ordered was always good. Of course when we come through again, We Will Stop!!

Sandra M.

We were looking for somewhere that sold soul food an open on Sunday. I remembered Big Mama's and we decided to check them out. I was pleased with the menu and everything was good. I would only say if you don't like really sweet tea add little extra water. Overall we really enjoyed everything. I had smothered chicken, Mac and cheese and green beans and my husband had chitterlings over rice, greens and rutabaga. We will try them again.

LaStacia L.

It's been a while since I visited Big Mommas. I got there on 07/01/2022. It wasn't crowded but I'm sure they had call in orders. So I knew I would have a wait. No problem everywhere you go now there is a wait. Well I waited almost 39 minutes only to get home and my chicken was fried to death. It was so hard and dry. I ask for dark meat. Which when I got home I had a wing and a leg. Ok so I'm hungry no big thing. I was disappointed to say the least. I know a lot of places are short staffed and you have to be patience these days. I do expect to get what I paid for and my food not to be overcooked.

Denise H.

Oooh, we were very pleased and blessed to get a good meal while traveling from Illinois to Georgia. The food hit all the hungry spots and had food for later. When will return Big Mama's is on our list!!!!!

Kate C.

We order the catfish, and the chicken, Mac and cheese, yams, rice and mashed potatoes. Nothing is seasoned, it looks seasoned, it's bland as hell. Mac and Cheese is just noodles, it's bland, not even salty. Lots of oil, no flavor The Yams are good, cinnamony but not the best The chicken is fried well but under seasoned The catfish was fried by the breading just tasted like flour, where is the SEASONING?' The gravy on both the rice and mashed potato's was lack luster, no salt, no flavor, just... thick meatish water The mashed potatoes taste boxed, and the rice was over cooked Update: the Red Velvet cake is red VANILLA CAKE

Vicki C.

This is my go to fried catfish lunch in Augusta. They are consistent with their fresh tasting catfish lightly breaded and not soaked in frying grease. That's how I like it cooked! Their collard greens, fried okra and corn bread are my favorite sides. And of course what's a southern meal without sweet tea! They should have more fresh lemon because it enhances the fried catfish flavor. Their takeout is efficient too.

Rain R.

Really are they selling one chitterling as an order? We ordered 2 chitterling orders and received a total of maybe one chitterling for each $17 plate. It was my first and last time going to this place. They literally cut up one chitterling and put it on a bed of rice and gravy. It did not taste like anything but rice and gravy. I attempted to contact the business through their social media pages as well as called the restaurant. They out to be really shame.

Kevin C.

I just moved nearby and this is gonna be BIG trouble for me trying to maintain my girlish But seriously the food is AMAZING!!!! Everything I've tried has been great the standouts for me are in no particular order: Fried Chicken Fried Pork Chops Ribs Mac&Cheese Black eyed peas Sweet Potato Pie... Friendly Fast service to boot....

Charles K.

Went to BM's for lunch yesterday and it was delicious. Was my first time eating there. I had the fried chicken, potato salad and fried okra.

Angie S.

The best soul food in Augusta. Nice sized portions and super delicious! Don't forget the red velvet is to die for!

Amit S.

This is a soul food place. They give good size portions, excellent variety on the menu, friendly and attentive staff, and just great southern food. I had the fried chicken (dark meat) w/mashed potatoes and fried okra, with sweetened iced tea. The skin was perfectly seasoned, it was not soggy, and the meat was flavorful. Mashed potatoes w/gravy was excellent, and fried okra was one of the best I've had. The sweetened iced tea was not too sweet which can sometimes overwhelm the palette.


This place was awesome. Great service and friendly atmosphere. If you are looking for authentic soul food look no further. Kaniyaa our server was fantastic. WILL DEFINITELY BE BACK AGAIN


This was my first visit to Big Mama's and I haven't decided if there'll be another. The great - the food. I had the shrimp, rutabaga and mac and cheese. It was all seasoned well and the shrimp was fresh. Sadly..... that's it for the great. I also had okra. That would have been great if I had ordered it. I was charged $3.69 for it. The young lady was very apologetic and offered to remove the charge, but I was curbside and by the time I got the order, I just wanted to go home, so I declined. Mistakes happen. The big mistake, though, is the problem. When I placed my curbside order online, the site said it would be 10 - 20 minutes. I received a text that said a text would be sent when the order was ready. 50 minutes later, no food. I replied to the text. Apparently, it is automated. 5 more minutes and I debated whether to bother calling, or drive off. I called, and was told the order had just come up. After 3 - 4 minutes, a very sweet young lady brought the order out and apologized again, telling me, again, the order had just come up. I doubt she was lying but.... my order, then, had been sitting in the back somewhere. There is a decidedly different texture to fried food that has either been kept warm too long, or reheated. It was also tepid, not straight from the kitchen hot. Had the young lady not been so sweet, I'd have returned it (I was eating as I was going down the road). That and again, I really just wanted to go home. Will I eat there again? I'm just not sure. I certainly won't order curbside. As an older person, during the covid crisis, I won't dine in. I'll have to decide, perhaps, about pick up. It would have been great..... if it had been hot.

Shelly LaBrech

you know when someone passes you food that is heavy, its gonna be good. we had the big momma combos, hot and fresh, very tasty hamburger cooked to perfection and hot, crispy fries. the drinks were ice cold too.

Becca Coles-Gillespie

We stopped by on our way home from Cavendish for some fries. Friendly service, huge portions and amazing fries. We will be back!

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