Vance's Bakery Bar

123 James Brown Blvd, Augusta
(706) 250-3936

Recent Reviews

Roland Bentley

An amazing place to hang out with friends and to enjoy their delicious cocktails!!

Levi W.

I ordered the charcuterie board with meats, crackers, and olives. All of them were basically publix brand dried meats, crackers, and olives. Only enough for one person, and at $18.00 that feels like a quick jab in the wallet. For desert we ordered the grandma brownie, the cobbler, and limoncello bites. They are all very small portions, with the exception of the grandma brownie. The grandma brownie was extremely too rich. Again, it's the type of desert you get from Walmart of Public plastic wrapped deserts. Not impressed. It was topped with a Hershey chocolate bar. $8 or $9, not sure but was very much an assault on your senses. The cobbler was definitely the best thing on the menu. It was strawberry and blackberry. But the serving was not even enough to carry a conversation over. I'm a normal size healthy human and I have eaten some very exotic places and I felt taken by the serving size since this menu is comprised of only deserts for $8-9. The servings should be big enough to share and talk over. Three bites, and the cobbler was gone. The last thing was the Limocello bites. Could not taste any liquor, it was entirely too sweet, and again, small, over priced, could have easily been pulled from a Publix plastic container. Overall disappointed as this place came as a recommendation. The atmosphere is really impressive though. Really liked the setup, but the food was not anything like an experience and for $55.00 total on our bill for two, I would not recommend this place.

Jey Tai

over all great experience!... the bartenders most definitely know what they are doing... and the desserts are to die for!

Charles Immonen

Excellent boozy desserts and drinks served by an enthusiastic staff of chefs and mixologists. Great vibe and friendly staff, don't be afraid to ask questions to your hearts content.

Latrese C.

What a cool concept. Drinks and desserts! Finally made my way down town to this delectable spot. Love the decor and great customer service. Our waiter was very knowledgeable of all drinks and desserts and had great recommendations. The desserts were delicious but I didn't really taste muchNo drinks this time around but will be back for sure.

Britny N.

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! I didn't think I would like it this much. The service was great and the desserts were even better. We didn't try any cocktails but I'm sure those are good as well. Highly recommend the oatmeal cream pie, the cream had kahlua in it. I believe they change the filling every so often. Also tried the lemon pound cake, it was so moist and full of flavor. This is a great addition to downtown!

Jelitha Sullivan

I love Vance’s! Ever since I discovered it, I recommend everyone to go! Great atmosphere and excellent customer service. My favorite bartender is Jackie! The drinks and desserts are delicious and the presentation is done well. Not to mention that the bar itself is beautiful. It’s so peaceful. Highly recommend.

Ree C

This place is so good. Bartenders are the best! Good drinks and good desserts! The only recommendation I have is that it's a little too bright at night. Make it more cozier. Other than that I'm sold! ?

Donald Lamont Heath

Was my 1st time. Great vibe and good service

Naira S.

Cool vibe. Channeling 60s. Great concept. Drinks and deserts. What else do you need on a date or a night out with friends? Happy to see new businesses opening up in Augusta. Let's support local.

joye adams

Omg my wife and I had date night last Friday and we ended our night at this amazing bakery in downtown Augusta!!! I absolutely love good sweets and this gets 5 stars all around! The desserts were decadent and perfectly balanced the staff was amazing and extremely polite. The owner came out and shared his vision for this business and I cannot wait to return. A perfect place to end my perfect night with the love of my life!!! Until next time ♥️

Macayla Han

Tried the weekly special (banana foster bread pudding) and it was delicious! Best bread pudding I've ever had! Love the vibe of the place too

Annette Gray

So glad to have something like this in Augusta!! Especially for a date night or just a great desert and drink. Service was top notch. Its locally owned (even better) very clean! Definitely will be back! A must try!

Noah L.

Went to Vance's a few weeks ago and it was a great experience. Creative offerings with interesting, complex flavors, and they had excellent service even as i showed up not long after opening hour. Definitely one of a kind.

Kristi C.

Vances is absolutely amazing! They come with new specials they post on Instagram all the time! I got the banana fosters bread pudding and it was AMAZING!!! Perfect for a date night or casual snack with friends!

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