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Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt, Coffee, Tea

3675 Satellite Blvd #720, Duluth
(470) 545-6828



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Why is it so dirty in here? The ice cream is great, but this place is filthy! There is ice cream splat on every surface. There are toppings dripped all over. There are smears and smudges on every working space available. This place is filthy. Also, the lights are out in the bathroom, there is blood on the toilet seat, and there are paper towels everywhere. Clean up your disgusting ice cream shop!

I have never in my life seen a more dirty place. This place is disgusting and the icecream doesn't taste as good as other places, in fact the icecream tastes as if water was substituted for milk in the mixture. The seats are extremely worn and graffitied, the cashier area is riddled with spills, random paint or pen markings everywhere. The floors are so disgusting that my shoes stick to the ground everytime I lift a foot. It's a miracle this place even got an 85 rating. Do not...read full review

Been here for little over a year the ice cream is good. I like it. I always get the matcha lady since its green tea mixed with strawberries which isn't bad. So head over there if yall like rolled ice cream. Sorry no pictures i eat it before i even post it.

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