Kani House

10820 Abbotts Bridge Rd #4000, Duluth
(770) 495-7989

Recent Reviews

Juandalyn Brooks

Love love love this place! Food is always great! Fun hibachi experience.


It was my mom's birthday and the 1st time my grandma and aunt had hibachi. The staff was very nice and helpful! They all made my mom's special day awesome! THANK YOU KANI HOUSE!

Troy Fraley

Best hibachi in town. The hibachi filet melts in your mouth and the scallops are like butter. 5 star service every time we visit.

Alex Choi

Can't go wrong with hibachi at this place. Nice atmosphere, servers are prompt and friendly.

David Tross

a great time here tonight for my birthday. JJ and Michelle helped us feel so much at home. My family really enjoyed every aspect of this restaurant. We will be back in 2 yrs as we visit every 2 yrs.

Alex V.

The sushi roll I got looked nothing like the photo. Tempura batter was WAY too heavy and greasy. Our server dropped off the food and never talked to us again, even though he walked by the table 5 times. He even dropped something off AT our table but never asked how things were. The tables don't feel quite clean and I feel like I need to take a shower after being in here.

Karen B.

Went tonight with two of my adult children, their spouses, one infant, and my 3 year old grandson to celebrate his birthday. We made reservations and told the woman who took the reservation it was for my grandsons birthday. Upon arriving at the restaurant, we told the hostess that we were there to celebrate a birthday. We were promptly seated. Our waiter, Shawn seemed overwhelmed with our order and service never improved. We had to seek him out to get refills, to get our ice cream, our check. No empty plates were ever removed from our table nor empty glasses. The chief did a "Birthday volcano" for my grandson but repeatedly called him a her even after correction (in all fairness he has curly blond hair) but I would have thought after correction he would not repeat the error. Food was okay and not as good as prior visits. Another table was celebrating a birthday following my departure and my son witnessed the drums and Japanese happy birthday that was typical of other celebrations. When asked why the same was not done for his nephew they said it was because we didn't tell the hostess. No apologies. No repeat business UPDATE: the manager did reach out to me about my concerns and apologized and offered to do something special for us on our next visit to make up for the experience.

Mugsy Pryor

The food was great, however I have seen better 'shows' at other hibachi grills in town. The manager was also a tad rude. However, the decor was gorgeous and the portions were huge.

Stella Star435

This is the best place. I recommend

Chuck Di

I've been here numerous times for dinner and have enjoyed the Hibachi dinner most delightful. Plenty of food, cooked the way you want it and the showmanship is also a plus. Highly recommend!

Hunter Hagopian

Portion control is not good. Ordered Scallops Hibachi and received 4 scallops total. The person next to me ordered a half steak, half scallops, and received 3 scallops total. The scallops were also served somewhat raw because the waitress forgot to bring it to the chef until the last minute.


The restaurant had free WiFi. The hibachi chef was excellent. I ordered the vegetables with tofu which was good. We had a bento box which was semi vegetarian. Birthday celebrations are quite noisy.

C. S.

We usually go here with the children and sit in the hibachi room but this time it was 3 adults and we ate in the main dining room. Just awful. The server must have been new to the industry, asking two of us sitting next to each other if we wanted to share a plate and have our sushi rolls on the same plate! Where'd that come from? It took 3 tries to get water along with our cocktails and dinner. And we had to ask for literally everything - dipping saucers, lite sodium soy sauce and so on. One of us had the steak bento box and it must have sat around for a while because the food was cold. And the fried rice for which an extra $1.50 was charged? Never got it. The server's response when less than half was eaten? "Do you want a to-go box with that?". Ice cream came with the bento box, and the server was asked if we could pay the difference and get fried ice cream. Or just buy an order of fried ice cream. Nope, only vanilla or sherbet. Strict rules around here. And beware, as other reviewers have pointed out, they charge improperly. One of us had a medium-sized hot sake, which on the menu is 10oz (or perhaps 12oz), but what we got was a 7oz carafe for our $10. (Oddly, it was served with a shot glass from the bar, and the carafe barely filled it 5 times.) Same with the wine, it could not have been more than 4 ounces. Their eProgram, or whatever they call their membership program requires users to actually print a coupon for each visit in order to get the 10% discount. Who thinks up stuff like this? Save this place for the entertainment factor for the kids.

Opal Strachan

My husband and I had a spur of the moment sushi crave. Since it’s not far from us, we decided to go for the first time and it was great!!!! Sue /Sae (too lit to fully remember which one)

Luisa M.

We had the most amazing service! I love hibatchi and so our kids, it's fun and interactive but tonight our chef was ABSOLUTELY the best!! Engaging and original, funny and we will be choosing this location and asking for him "JJ" was his name. 5 stars!!

Arnab Kundu

Loved the place. Nice bar with good options. Bar was on the expensive side though. However, the hibachi was very well priced for a restaurant. We were 3 people, two rounds of drink for each while we waited for our table and hibachi dinner for each, costed us 120-130 bucks in all. I think cost could be slightly cheaper but that can be overlooked on a given day. My strong recommendation for this place for anyone looking for a professional dinner, luxury/celebration dinner and I will be going back soon myself, once I am able to save enough..haha.

jasmine marlene

food was delicious and our cook, jose, was fantastic! he gave us the best service and treated us like family.


Great place for dating your wife on Friday night. Clean, good service, food was good, fair price.

Sherry B

If you like Japanese Hibachi style you will love Kani House. Great presentation by chef at the table and the food was delicious.

Lavinia I.

Sushi perfection! I found my new guilty pleasure....crazy roll with seared salmon on top. I've had it just about every other day since I have discovered this place. The chefs and staff are very pleasant and friendly as well.

Aloke Tusnial

Great ambience. Good Hibachi place. The chefs present a great show. Language is an issue and there seems to be miscommunication between the server and the chef, which can ruin your dinner if u r not attentive. However, with a little vigilance, you can enjoy real flavorful food, both Hibachi and Sushi. Definitely worth going, even if u r a vegetarian like me. This is the only place so far that I found 5 different types of Vegetarian Sushi and ofcourse ur choice of Veggie Tempuras ... if u r not hungry enough for a full Hibachi dinner.

E. Sutherland

Kani House is one of our go to spots for a family outing and I must say, I'm very pleased with the improvement this location has made with their staff and customer service. The food was great and our cook was entertaining and genuinely friendly.

Greg Wright

Visited with a group from work. Maybe our teppan chef had an off night, but it wasn't an experience I'll come back for. Food was ok but the rest was well below average. Food was not prepared as requested and was all served at different times with large time gaps between the veggies, rice and meats. The other half of our party had a different chef and they finished ten minutes before we did.

Richard D.

Best bang bang style shrimp I have ever had. The sauce was excellent and was full of fresh jalapeno. Hibachi was good and tasty. Service was right on par.

Justin Koehler

First visit tonight. Chef JJ was awesome. Food was excellent. 5 stars!!!!

Ann W.

Just had dinner tonight. First of all service was horrible! Waitress never came back to refill our drinks. The food was sub par in taste and servings! The vegetables were not fresh!! Would never go back. You can get better food at sho gun for 50 plus tip! I won't go back!

Consul Vinny

This Kani House is probably the worst of them all.

Patrick Fagan

This place has been through recent renovations. Our Hibachi chef was more interactive than any other Hibachi experience we have had in a long time. It is my opinion that Kani house has the best ginger salad dressing. The staff was pleasant from start to finish. Great service and great prices. There is nothing more boring when you go to a Hibachi restaurant and the Chef fails to positively interact with his table. Well done Kani house!

frank R.

Loved it, just make sure you hold your face back when he lights up the grill😅

Anna Beatriz Reinfeld Castellanos

Because i love the Sushi they make and all there food too, the people that works here are very nice people... 😃👍

Darleen Browne

We love this place!!! Rafael is the best sushi chef ever!!! Great value for your money!

Cathy P.

Great place to watch the hibachi show with the family. Or if I'm a hurry, just order from the menu. Plenty of parking and easy to get a table. It is expensive even when you order from the menu but there is plenty of food.

Stephanie W.

Regular customer on the Hibachi side and the dine in side. It is my adult kids favorite place to go for any and all celebrations. Service is attentive and the food ranging from sushi and hibachi will keep you coming back for more.

Noob Boi

Awesome place. U get to watch them cook and the chicken is delicious

Honey Bee

BEWARE. I, nearly, died from food poisoning here in 2011. I had food poisoning for OVER 3-months. I will NEVER forget the poor quality food that Kanu House serves.

Lorael A.

Besides the food being a bit bland, our party was the last of 3 to be served after being the first to be sat. I'd hate to bring race into it but the other groups were caucasian. The show our cook put on was nice; our food was underseasoned. I honestly think our server just wasnt prompt about putting in our order and that's me being modest.

Sakina A.

This used to be our favorite restaurant but yesterday when we went there with couple of our friends, it was horrible service, waitress was so in friendly, cook was also not good , when we complain to manager , he didn't took any action nor apology, never go back to this place and not recommend to any one, when we asked for birthday song, the waitress said that no one is available any more, really very disappointing

Susana S.

Not bad! It's hard for me to like a place since I'm very picky! Lol but this place was perfect to celebrate my boyfriends birthday! I'm definitely coming back :)! Everything is so clean and they get they're job done. They guy doing the tricks was really good.

Faisal Lalani

Nice place for dinner. Menu and serving options are a little confusing if you are not a regular diner here. Girl at front desk was very friendly though, she patiently listened and explained. We went for hibachi grill. It was quite entertaining watching food cooked with small tricks for young ones. Taste was okay but Juan (the cook, quite frankly I don't know if that's his real name) tried to make it to our taste and he succeeded to some extent. I don't know why he was hesitant to tell his name. His tag had initials "J. J." on it. Anyways, he was friendly and entertaining. One thing could make it better is to have options for sides with entree. I had to let shrimp as side go because I couldn't take chicken for that. Besides that it was a good night out.

Raj Jasani

Really really good!!! Definitely would go back there but the price a bit high. The staff was really nice and polite