Loving Fruit

3780 Old Norcross Rd Ste# 109, Duluth
(678) 516-1776

Recent Reviews

Raymond Z.

I love this place. This has become my new go-to place in the Pleasant Hill area for a few reasons. 1. Loving Fruit is the about as health-oriented as you can get. There's fresh vegetable/fruit juices, vegan snacks, bubble tea, and slushes/smoothies. I opt for the fresh juice combos, which are easy on my health conscience. I've also gotten the avocado smoothie which is really good; it's made of fresh avocados, ice, non-dairy creamer, and sugar. I love that you can watch the staff make it and that you can ask and see everything going inside your drink. 2. Quality has been on point in the ~6 times I've been. I've never had a drink I wasn't satisfied with. You can taste that the drinks are made with fresh fruits/veggies. 3. The place is a great place to sit and chat. There's always lots of space to sit, and they play nice calm piano music. It's very clean and quiet, which I love. I imagine if there's wifi (I'm not sure that there is) that it'd be a good spot to study too. 4. The owner (I think?) is very sweet and super helpful. Some of the juices are very similar so I had a hard time choosing, but she always helps explain the differences to me and make recommendations. There's also a rewards card which gives you 50% off a drink when you reach 5 drinks and a free drink when you get to 10!

Roger V.

Nice place, hidden on the side of Kroger, they have games on tables, juices are free of ice which most other places add, not here! Vegan chicken nuggets and fries were great.

O'Neshia S.

Delicious ! Purchased the power house! Clean environment and quick service ! Please check out picture for more information ...

Lin Mann

Delivery is out of range, however, driving to get my coconut bubble tea or coconut smoothie is worth every penny. I wish they have at least an EV for electric cars.

Jacquelin G.

love this juice bar ... my favorite!! really clean place and customer service is 5 stars. Really recommend, im 7 months pregnant and their full energy juices give me plenty PLENTY of energy!! Also, Detox drinks are delicious ... i live 30 minutes away from this location and the drive is worth it!!! it is rare to find a juice bar that doesn't add sugar to your drinks, Loving fruit is 100% natural and drinks taste so fresh and sweet, all the time! Never disappoints me!!

Fred M

Very very good tea. Honestly my favorite.

D'onica S.

I ordered the full energy smoothie it was great but pls be mindful if you're a health but like myself request to have zero sugar in your smoothie or it will come out too sweet. My first time coming here my smoothie had sugar and although it was amazing it was entirely too sweet for me. I don't require a lot of sugar in my diet and prefer the natural sugars in fruit. On my 2nd return I requested for my smoothie to have zero sugar added and it turned out amazing! The staff customer service surpassed my expectations! Just newly moved back to the Gwinnett area this is by far the best smoothie place I experienced in this area!


Walked into a cozy and clean place. Very comfortable and I was in love with the decor of the place. I love how they have books, simple games to play while you sit and enjoy what you ordered, and even a section for the children to choose something to read or play with. The woman working (whom I believe is the owner) was very welcoming and had a great way of having small talk. She answered all my questions and she was friendly. (Always is a + for me)

Rachel V.

Walked into a cozy and clean place. Very comfortable and I was in love with the decor of the place. I love how they have books, and simple games to play while you sit and enjoy what you ordered. The buisness even has a section for the children to choose something to read or play with. The woman working (whom I believe is the owner) was very welcoming and had a great way of having small talk. She answered all my questions and she was friendly. (Always is a + for me) This place is located on the side of a Kroger. Now about what I ordered. I ordered the "Full Energy" smoothie which contained kale,spinach,cucumber,celery,orange,banana and ginger and my opinion was V E R Y * D E L I C I O U S . I also ordered a mango slushy, it contains chunks of fresh mango and it was Y U M M Y. All the fruit is fresh and the ingredients are organic and natural. No gmos, zero artificially colors or sugars, zero preservatives and etc. (the way I love it). Will definitely be returning to try more off the menu. I will definitely recommend this place.

Michael L.

If I could give 10 stars, I would. Let's first start with customer service. The owner is very friendly, polite, and professional. She does a great job explaining the differences between each smoothie. Let's talk about the smoothies. They are amazing! The owner only uses fresh fruits and ingredients. Most smoothie places use juices as fillers, but not this place. You can even observe from the table to see how the smoothies are made. The store itself is always clean. The menu is pretty easy to follow with very fair prices. The owner does a great job answering any questions. Please give this place a shot if you're in the area. You won't be disappointed.

Ariane Robleto

Great tasting and large selection of teas and Asian fruit juices in a clean and relaxing location with board games available. Yummy Hot Taro Red Bean Latte. Looking forward to trying the vegan snacks next time.

Fit Tn

Not like other smoothie/boba bar that I've experienced. I literally had a cup full of blended mango and ice. I give 4 stars because it is a healthy option and I have no other experience to compare it to.

K. Odum

Strawberry Mango Kale Smoothie! OMG

Linna Vega

This is an excellent place to swing by and have a treat. 100% relaxation with wonderful ambience. My entire family loves to pick up their smoothies and healthy juices here. When my I have an upset stomach or I’m lacking a bit of energy, I come by and order there PowerHouse Smoothie and or juice. Just enough ginger with a taste of fruit to cure anything! The Beat It Juice and Mango Smoothie with Mango pieces are great too! They also have different kinds of boardgames placed around the shop for you to enjoy with a friend or family. Restrooms are meticulous. :-)

Erika F.

I absolutely LOVE this place. Every time I come I receive outstanding customer service. Any inquiries regarding the menu they help you out. I would recommend Loving Fruit to everyone. Their smoothies and bubble teas are 100% natural. You can taste the fruit or vegetables in every slurp you take. You won't regret it!

Kara P.

Seriously the best dessert place in Duluth right now. I got the mango slush and my companion got the honeydew slush with boba. Both are super fresh tasting! Mine even included chunks of mango at the request of the (super nice) woman there. I also really appreciate all the vegan items on the food menu- especially since most cafes around Duluth aren't vegan friendly at all this was a super welcome sight. Additionally the cafe was spotless and really nicely decorated with some nice games set up for customers. I really prefer to come here for the taste of fresh fruit rather that any other drinks around Duluth and will definitely be back soon.

Zafar Temuri

I'm a regular at this place. Great quality and humble experience

Xiaohui Y.

We came here on Saturday night around 7 pm and there was not many people. The cashier was friendly. The store was clean and neat. We got three drinks which were mango slush, coconut bubble tea, and honeydew slush. They were very good! The slushes were made with fresh fruits!! I will definitely come back again!! By the way the store smells very fresh too!

Eric Trieu

I'll be honest, I only give this place 5 stars because of the Mango slush. Yes, I do realize that's shouldn't be enough for such a high rating, but if you've been on the hunt for a legit mango slush that isn't a majority of crushed ice and made of powder, this is the place for you.

John Lin

Came on a cool rainy night and was welcomed into a very nice and warm atmosphere with quiet music playing in the background. Tables and chairs are nicely setup with a few board games. We are vegetarians and were very happy to have found this place. We ordered the beyond burger, veggie nuggets, fries and a watermelon lemonade with a vegetable smoothie (kale, banana, spinach, a few other fruits). Everything is natural, with no added sugar. We will be back for sure!

Tim C.

Literally the best smoothie I've ever had. The energy smoothie is green, has a ginger flavor and is the most perfect texture ever.

Eric T.

I'll be honest, I only give this place 5 stars because of the Mango slush. Yes, I do realize that's shouldn't be enough for such a high rating, but if you've been on the hunt for a legit mango slush that isn't a majority of crushed ice and made of powder, this is the place for you. The mango slush here is made of actual mangoes. They are fresh and you can also add mango chunks to the slush as well. So one of the main reasons why the mango slush here is so legit is because of the texture. It's feels almost like you're drinking a sorbet. Alright so enough about the mango slush. The rest of the menu is pretty good too. Of course all the items are based on actual fruits and not many is powdered base like other similar spots. Keeping this one short. If you love fresh fruits and prefer them is liquid form, then come here. For me, I'm just here for the mango slush!

Vivian E.

Lovely little tea shop with one of the highest quality ingredients around. All of their items are either vegan or vegetarian too. There are lots of comfy seats and games. My family enjoys spending time here after having a meal at vegreen. The owner and staff have always been kind! The price is very reasonable!

Roxanna Rivera

I was really excited to try this place but when I ordered they didn't have alot of flavors or jellies available. I settled for a MANGO tea with whatever jellies they had and he ended up giving me a STRAWBERRY tea not at all what I ordered but it was decent. Everything was made fresh so it's a bit more pricey then the other bubble tea places in the area.

Whitney B.

So glad a spot like this came to town! It's so good and fresh and the workers are so nice !!

Zoua V.

I got a mango smoothie. Real fruit is all I want and yes it taste just like the real deal. I will definitely go back for more fresh fruits.

Anna J.

This was my first visit to this delicious fresh smoothie restaurant. I admit I had to drive around the corner to find this greatnesses it was well worth it. Th fresh fruit and veggie can be seen an the decor is very fancy . I will definitely come back when I'm in the Duluth area . Moderately priced using fresh ingredients I ordered the Avocado smoothie and the Daily Detox juice. Perfect combo.

Amber W.

This place is my new smoothie spot in Duluth! Friendly people who made my smoothie (they greeted me as soon as I walked in!), and I got a green smoothie. It was so fresh, I could taste the fresh greens (kale, spinach, cucumber and celery), but they were balanced well with the fresh fruit. Can't wait to try some of their other smoothies and juices.

Anzanette Whyte

Hands down best smoothies and vegan food anywhere, all fresh fruits no fruit syrup I suggest everything on the menu but my favorites are the mango diamond slush, beet it juice and the watermelon lemonade, and the coconut bubble tea.


AWESOME customer service and the best Vegetarian lunch. The juices were fresh and well put together. The vegan snacks actually taste like real meat. I will definitely be back to this place again soon.

Helen C.

Get the mango slush, especially now while mangos are in season! I don't review often but this is really yummy!

Matthew Palacio

The owner is friendly and the environment is relaxing. This is my favorite smoothie and vegan food place around. Everything I've had has been delicious, including the vegan burger.

Nicki K.

After having Asian drinks or boba with fresh fruit in Chicago, I was wondering if it would ever head its way to Atlanta. I've been trying to find 100% juices or smoothies that is closer to my house and I came across Loving Fruit. I was so excited! This location was the once yogurt place. It is in the Krogers plaza off Steve Reynolds but you would never know that. Loving Fruit is on the right side of Kroger, facing Old Norcross Road. There's only one worker. I was by myself so I was fine but I can see how a large group would get annoyed. I hear her cutting up fruit. That's legit, I'm telling you. I ordered the Mixed Fruit smoothie. While I wait, there are board games at tables. IG worthy backgrounds. The menu also offer food, vegan too! When I got my drink, I took photos and tasted it. The drink is delicious!! You get a rewards card too. I will be back!! 130/2019

Karina Siberon

This is my new go to place for something sweet and fresh!! The smoothies are made from fresh ingredients and taste absolutely delicious! On top of that they aren't that expensive!!!

Andrea G.

So fresh and delicious! They have a wide variety of juices, smoothies, and teas. Also have vegan/vegetarian snacks such as vegan chicken nuggets which come with dipping sauce. I got the Beetit juice with vegan chicken nuggets for lunch. I will definitely be stopping by again for a juice and/or snack.

Cynthia W.

First off, this is a vegan spot so be prepared. Second, it's tucked on the side of the shopping center, so it's easy to miss. I tried the watermelon juice that had watermelons, oranges and carrots. The guy made it fresh and it tasted amazing. If I tried to order this same drink in Charleston, it would cost $15, but here it was only $6!!! I also saw they serve beyond beef burgers (my fave) and had a lot of drink options. I'll definitely be back.

Danielle K.

Cant say enough about this place. Juices are so fresh and delicious. Vegan snacks are so good and made to order. Smoothies are fantastic and to top it all off, customer service is great and friendly.

Shan D.

Enjoyed the Thai Bubble Tea. Great customer service, and they were very welcoming although we came in during the last hour before closing. She told me to come back and try a smoothie next time. I definitely will!

Ankush Borse

Awesome place.

Maia S.

Tastiest smoothie ever! What a pleasant surprise, I swung by on a whim because I wanted something to hold me over until dinner. (Plus I was anxious to take a break from traffic.) You might miss this place if you aren't careful! It's in the Kroger shopping center off of Steve Reynolds Blvd but it's facing Old Norcross rd. When I walked in it was quiet and I was a tad apprehensive because it was so empty. But it was too late, I was inside and the very friendly (owner?) was smiling at me. The menu features fresh juices, smoothies and some boba teas. I also saw saw vegan snacks like edamame and even a vegan burger. I opted for a green smoothie called the perfect blend. I will note, everything is made fresh so I waited about 5minutes for my smoothie to be blended to perfection. Wow! Was it worth it! Seriously, the tastiest smoothie! It was so sweet, even without any sweeteners! The ginger gave it a beautiful bright balance! So much better than the junk they serve you at smoothie king... (trust me, I used to work there, the bananas are pretty much the only real fruit they have) Seriously, I was in my car exclaiming "wow!" every time I took a sip... As I was leaving the nice woman who served me said "See you soon!" And she will! Probably tomorrow if I'm being entirely honest...