Snow Mountain

10820 Abbotts Bridge Rd # 130, Duluth
(678) 957-1889

Recent Reviews

Sabrina Liew

Best place to come to if you are craving bubble tea!


I absolutely loved the milk teas. The pricing is also reasonably priced. If you want some fresh delicous milk teas, this is the place to go

Sabrina L.

Best place to come to if you are craving bubble tea! The store is run by a very sweet couple and I have been going to them since I was a little girl! I remember stepping out of my mother's car every time my brothers and I went to the shop with some some change and dollar bills in our hands. They are very reasonably priced and the quality of their ingredients are super fresh all the time! I highly recommend trying there Jasmine tea, oolong tea, or champagne grape with boba, grass jelly or both together! Their grass jelly is homemade and so are the other condiments. A nice drink paired with salt and pepper chicken nuggets always hits the spot! Also please remember to bring cash for your payment!

Demi Chu

They have the cutest couple!

Diem L.

This place is an oldie but goodie! It's also a mom and pop shop. We got the black milk tea and egg pudding. Strong flavor in the tea, and egg pudding was very fragrant, soft and silky smooth. It literally melts in your mouth. I think a lot of people forgot about this place because of the newer and nicer tea places popping up. Snow Mountain has been here forever. I remember visiting Georgia years ago when there was no tea top, ding tea, greatea, Kung fu tea, Snow Mountain was king. Today, we happened to be in the area as wanted to see if It was still open, IT WAS!! So we came in and the owner was still there! Still old, still sweet, and the tea, as bomb as ever. I hope they stay open and I hope everyone tries it if they haven't been here. This is the real OG. Btw, it's cash only!

Nee Nee

Amazing boba

Eric P.

This is the best place to get boba tea in the area. The old couple the runs it do a great job and I highly recommend visiting.

Ace C.

I love this place! The old couple are the sweetest people I know. I love having conversations with them to practice my Chinese. My go to is their Black Milk Tea with Grass Jelly and Tapioca.

Christopher Hofmann

Best slushies I've ever had!

Vanessa Williams

Their bubble tea is the best. The onion cakes are amazing!


Want to go back and have a sip! From NJ

Bryan Y.

Store owner man was rude to me today. Walked in, got a unwelcoming vibe. Was told the tea is premade with fixed sweetness, which is fine. Placed my order "Normal large bubble tea with grass jelly, boba, and egg custard pudding.". He didn't add the egg pudding. When I asked him, he said it's too late b/c he already made the drink (drink was not sealed yet, he could've added egg pudding in there and pour out some tea), then said I didn't order the egg pudding. I told him I did, he said "Well usually at most we can only add 2 toppings max." I've been here many times, way to lie to me in my face for your convenience. You just lose a customer. I understand if you're older and not having a good day, but please don't put this on your customer.

Isabella J.

Best bubble tea in town! The authentic snacks are so delicious and the owners are the most hardworking and kind hearted people I've ever met. Me and my family try to come here at least once or twice a week and there just isn't an experience quite like it. All boba is made with love

David Yoon

the Boba is spectacular! Especially the mango. The milk tea is a must if you go here!

Jess Lewis

The snow was all made by snow machines. Not surprising since it's in the south but still a tad disappointing. The slides were kinda fun, but so much work we didnt use our whole allotted time. The snow was super packed and impossible to form into a snowman, and dont expect to attack your friends or kids with a snowball. Not only was the snow too hard, but no snowball fights allowed.

Richard Wu

A wonderful place where you can buy great bubble tea from a great couple!!!!

Krissy Panda

Always great and friendly

Alex W.

The comfortable environment here only the enhances the amazing experience I have here! The business is extremely well run here, along with their amazing flavors of bubble tea, dumplings, and ice cream.

Aleksey K.

The older couple was super friendly and helped us pick out what we wanted to order. The bubble teas we got are amazing, especially the taro. Highly recommended, reasonably priced, great service, and delicious teas!

Alex Wa

The comfortable environment here only the enhances the amazing experience I have here! The business is extremely well run here, along with their amazing flavors of bubble tea, dumplings, and ice cream.

Issure Chen

Authentic Boba. Made from scratch.

William Vo

Very good place with very good bubble tea. People there are really nice! Definitely worth going multiple times


There's no place like it! I always have trouble choosing what to get because I love almost everything here. The owners are friendly and the drinks are the best anywhere! I always make it a point to stop by when I'm in town.

Sena A.

Place is unclean. Gets ice cream premise from bucket. The boba isn't great. Wouldn't come back.

McKenzie Callaway

There's no place like it! I always have trouble choosing what to get because I love almost everything here. The owners are friendly and the drinks are the best anywhere! I always make it a point to stop by when I'm in town.

Sam P.

A sweet old Chinese couple serving a traditionally slowly served boba tea, all hand made, with care. It's usually not to busy, but don't expect the fastest service. But it makes up for a casual hominess atmosphere that just makes you happy. The bubble tea is delicious too by the way.

Sofia R.

The best boba tea/ milk tea ever. My favorite is the almond milk flavor with rainbow jellies

Christina S.

Out of all the boba places I have been to, I think this is the most homey. It is mainly run by an elderly couple, so do not be expecting much of a trendy, modern vibe. It is quiet, quaint, and comfortable, with cheap, simple, delicious milk tea. They are normally generous with their tapioca and grass jelly, and they also have other additions, such as eggnog and milk pudding. They have fruit syrups for other flavors, but I prefer their regular black milk tea, green milk tea, and taro milk tea, with grass jelly and sometimes boba. The small is around 3 dollars, and the large is around 4, I believe. The grandpa and grandma are so sweet! They always greet with a smile on their face and make you feel very welcome.

Fatima S.

I'll be the unpopular opinion here, but the tea was sub par. The pre made tea containers they had concerned me as I like my tea made fresh and I like being able to select how much sugar I want. The old couple broke my heart, in a good way. It's nice to see elderly still grinding and running a business, though! I would come back just for them, but I might grab food instead.... Maybe.

Stacey S.

I walked in and the place was extremely dirty-very gross. I'm shocked the health department hasn't shut them down. I can't imagine how this place has gotten 4 stars on average. Plus it's cash only. Highly NOT recommend.

Micheal S.

Although it's not the cleanest store, I'm entranced by their milk tea. They scoop their tea out of a pre made pot. They only take cash but I'm okay with that. Their large size is big and not that much money wise. The elderly couple moves slow but they are adorable. I come here all the time when I'm craving milk tea after shopping in H Mart a few stores down.

Ninghao J.

Best bubble tea in town - owners are super friendly. Every time I came back in town, I will visit the place. Pan-fried dumpling is also delicious!

Leah Phuong D.

He's the sweetest!! The owner that is. We spoke like 10 words to each other in English but I think he knew my heart. He felt the boba-connection and knew I was an addict. He asked "no ice?" Why sir..... how did you know that's how I like my boba drinks????? He filled my cup with extra grass jelly! With a scoop of tapioca in a large cup, my drink was only $4. The grass jelly is simply delicious. Homemade! It's the perfect amount of squish! Located in a shopping complex, I'm sure they get a decent amount of foot traffic. This place is only 10 min from my current internship so you betcha behind I'll be making my stops during lunch!

Kim K.

This is of the original bubble tea spots in this area. Their bubble tea is very solid and toppings are free. Also the regular size is less than $3! Seriously a great deal for good bubble tea! It's owned and operated by the sweetest, cutest, and friendliest grandma grandpa duo. Make sure to bring cash because it's cash only.

Nevermo re

Amazing taste; love the Taro bubble tea. Wonderful decor as well! We need this in Blue Ridge, please. Went here for my 18th birthday, got complimented & saw smiling face. I love it!

Lucille Raia

I found this "ice cream" shop very odd! the older lady was pleasant yet the process was ridiculous & very SLOW! additionally, the ice cream was not located in the front of the store; it was located in a "back" area; this retrieving of the ice cream took greater than 30 minutes to complete a 4 person order! And more troublesome, is the cleanliness of the store & the inability to witness the ice cream being scooped... I am perplexed that an establishment selling ice cream does not have the process where it can be seen. As well, it appeared it's main product was Asian food vs ice cream! Again, a very "bizzaro" encounter!

Jessi Goulding

I feel like I step out of the United States and into China when I come here. I always get the taro milk tea with milk pudding and bubbles. So good!!!

Megumi Kasamatsu

Edited September 2017: recently had the honor of paying them a visit and they have not changed a bit! I was so happy about that. Only if I could give this place more stars.... I consider myself a bubble tea addict and this place is by far the best of the best bubble tea store I've ever been to.In fact it was the first place I ever tried bubble tea! Just order the green milk tea and you would know why this place is so amazing. Oh and the food!!!!!!!!! The salt and pepper chicken, green onion cake, meat over rice, beef noodle.... Okay so I love everything about this place. I miss this place so much now that I don't live in Georgia anymore :(

Chris Phan

The Taro Boba Milk Tea I got with Grass Jelly is super good. The loveliest couple runs this shop with much love.

Taylor Lian

Snow Mountain is my FAVORITE place to get bubble tea. It is always so authentic and great!! I absolutely LOVE coming to this place with my friends, especially during the summer time. Also, the elderly couple of this place are always so friendly, nice, and welcoming. I'll be really sad when I walk in one day and only see one of their lovely faces greeting me. But, nonetheless, it's an awesome, inexpensive place to hangout with friends and it's always just AMAZING!!