Sumo Hibachi & Wings

11720 Medlock Bridge Rd #115, Duluth
(770) 495-5830

Recent Reviews

Alan Harding

The food is very good here! Chicken wings are small but the rice bowls are huge, and the prices are good.

Nikohl L.

Great wings! Always crispy and seasoned well. The lemon pepper and honey garlic are our go-to flavors but I've heard good things about the others.

Veniesha Bradford

They always cook my wings just right! Good portions and are very fulfilling. I recommend eating here any time!

Taylor McLendon

I visit this place almost once a week and it NEVER disappoints!! Always good customer service and the food is always amazing!!


Cashier got my order wrong and argued with me over what I said. As someone that?s worked in food for years I was appalled. Absolutely shocked at the attitude of the person. Don?t go. Find somewhere else to go.

Ben S.

Easily the best place in JC. For $11 you get hibachi, 10 wings, and a drink. Great wings, huge portions. Been coming here for years!

Jj L.

Disgusting. Chicken looks and tastes old- very dry and no flavor. I had to trash the whole thing, I just couldn't stand the smell of old chicken. Not to mention, No teriyaki sauce on top of it. Very disappointed. I'm never coming back.

Tiff Tiff

This place is popular right now because it just opened so time will tell if they are consistent, but it was very clean and the food was cooked well. It was full of people when we arrived, but service moved quick and so did the customers. Very lively place The employees were nice and it felt very laid back. This place attracts teenagers so keep that mind.

Nicole Blake-Baxter

This was such a big disappointment. I was hungry and had no idea what to get for dinner. So I figured you can't go wrong with wings, right? After a 30 min wait for 5 wings, chicken fingers and fries, we ended up tossing the food in the trash. The wings were so dry and overcooked. It had absolutely no flavor and was pretty much like chewing on crispy cardboard. My 9 year old ordered chicken fingers and french fries and after one bite, refused to eat it. I'm just shocked by all these great reviews...clearly my tastebuds are the problem.

Torre Love

This establishment is always clean. The cashiers are always friendly and the food is ALWAYS HOT!! The television is always on ESPN which good. I can enjoy good food and watch sports.

stephanie mak

The female cashier was very knowledgeable and friendly. The seafood taste great and affordable

Leona C.

If you want good service and good food... do NOT come here. The girl at the front can not even take your order for flirting with the guys. The orders are wrong and the people are just rude! What a rip off!

Johanna Herrera

It was very disappointing the food was so dry it look like it's been re-cooked. I got the wings meal was disappointing . I will never eat there again .

Myeisha Murray Travel Agent

Soooo I was really hungry so Imma go again to make sure it was really good. My whole family Raved about how good this was. They have my business!

kasim abuaisheh

Great customer service and absolutely delicious wings. Iâ??d say best wings in the area hands down. They are served piping hot and have amazing flavor. They arenâ??t your typical cheap tasting take-out wing place. Iâ??d eat here over any of the big name wing places

Silly Gir.

Oh my goodness! The food was so good. As a matter of fact, I tried it with my Mom the other day while out shopping. It was my first time. The food is amazingly delicious!! Plus, you get a huge portion of food;well worth the money.

Jay Ferro

Decent food. Big portions. Slow service. Just took 30+ min for a small order bc â??the fryer was backed upâ?.

Dewayne Breedlove

Service was very good. I think they were a victim of their own success. It was so crowded it took me 32 minutes just to get my food. In the process I watched several people walked out because they knew it would be so long time to get the food their food. So I say just choose the time you eat there very wisely. They have phone in orders that seems to work very well. If they're extremely busy they won't answer the phone.

Alexis Barnes

I visited for the first time last night and I got the lemon pepper wings. They were so good! Definitely different from the other lemon pepper wings I've had in the past and they didn't disappoint. The only reason why I didn't give 5 stars is because I called in my order and was told it would be ready in 10-15 minutes. I waited over 10 minutes before leaving my house because I live really close. By the time I got there it had been a little over 15 minutes, but I still had to wait an additional 10+ minutes for my food to be ready. It kind of defeated the purpose of calling it in which was a little frustrating. But overall my experience was good

Raquel Pike

Ordered the wings and fried rice combo. Recieved plenty of food for the money and it was really good. Think I may have found a new place to get wings

Ronnd H.

This is the best place ever. They give you the best bang for your buck. You won't leave hungry but you'll still be hungry for more

Ashley DiBenedetto

I have been going here for the past few years and am so glad I found this place. All the staff is always very nice over the phone and in person. They are very fast and efficient and the food is great! I love the wings special with hibachi rice. Wish they were open on Sundays though, especially during NFL season!

Allen P.

The fried rice and wings combo here used to be the best in town, however I think they changed management and the food is not as good as it used to be. The sauce for the wings is difference and the fried rice was not as fresh.

Raphael I. Israel

lovely healthy food at a reasonable price

H V.

I truly used to love this place because it was so convenient and the kids really liked the wings. I've ordered wings from here for work parties at the hospital on numerous occasions. However the last couple of times, the wings have been extremely over cooked. However, my daughter wanted wings and I decided to give them another try. I ordered our same order, which we've ordered dozens of times, as well as repeated the order back. I went to pick up the wings, and something told me to look. They usually show you your order. After already running my payment, I explained my order was incorrect. In response to my statement, she immediately said ( very snappy) " well I took your order and I didn't hear you say that! And we're closed now so I can't remake it! Do you want your cup? " I'm not looking for free food or I would've even been more understanding if she would've even apologized or stated I maybe misheard you. Unfortunately our kitchen is closed now, however we know you frequent here and next time we'll make it right! Nothing!!!!She looked at me with a blank stare! I'm not confrontational at all and I know exactly what I ordered because my order hasn't changed since we've started frequenting Sumo wings. I simply took my daughters order and left, because I know how much I've patronized Sumo, and this was the icing on the cake for me! Despite being convenient, and wings (used to be) honestly really good; I believe in customer service. I've shared Sumo wings with so many of my friends and coworkers, however this will no longer be a place I will promote patronizing, or recommending close to the hospital!


Did not try the wings but chicken fried rice and hibachi were huge portions. Enough to feed 3 people each. Not much flavor but there were sauces to add. Egg rolls were just ok. Would not go out of my way to eat here again but served its purpose.

Tim P.

You expect just wings and fries but they'll throw a basket of fries at you like it's nothing. Good luck leaving here not feeling full.

John Y.

Not enough good things to say about this place. It's delicious, they give you a whole TON of food, and the staff is extremely hospitable. I get the chicken teriyaki with wings & bleu cheese. You should too. You will NOT regret it.

Wes N.

totally screwed up our order waited for half an hour and still no food. wont be back. used to love this place. very unhappy.

Christine H.

My husband and I wanted a fast meal and stopped by Sumo. I ordered the House Hibachi with fried rice which includes steak, shrimp, and chicken. We were pleasantly surprised of how good the hibachi was, especially for the price. The portions are good. The service was fast and friendly. We will definitely be back!

Kenny Black

Stopped in for the first time ever today, what a pleasant surprise. The food and service were incredible.

LaToya Brown

Place is nice, great customer service but the food was just okay. I got hibachi shrimp. It didn't seem authentic, its missing something seemed rush. I've been to over Hibachi express and was satisfied this just wasn't up to my taste.

Kina L.

This fusion of Americanized Asian with American sized portions is one of things I love about America. I came here during a weekday lunch rush and cannot believe how fast they got my order ready. I ordered the 20 piece wings with chicken fried rice all for about $21. I watched as other people receive their food in the restaurant and basically you get a school tray sized plate piled with food! The wings were good for the price and the fried rice was typical mall food court fried rice. You really can't beat the price here. Is it a good date spot? No. Can you feed your whole family for about $20--- yes. Parking: Easy, established lot

Mrs. Haney

Fast friendly service! The wings were delicious and the fish was good. We didnâ??t get hibachi but the portions we saw on others plates was huge!! Rice overload!! The food comes in a large bowl. Decent prices!


Fast friendly service! The wings were delicious and the fish was good. We didnâ??t get hibachi but the portions we saw on others plates was huge!! Rice overload!! The food comes in a large bowl. Decent prices!

Christian E.

Fast friendly service! The wings were delicious and the fish was good. We didn't get hibachi but the portions we saw on others plates was huge!! Rice overload!! The food comes in a large bowl. Decent prices!

Brian Feinberg

Small, busy place with lots of takeout business. The hibachi, fried rice, and wings were all delicious. The prices were reasonable and portion sizes were quite large, so you could probably share 2 meals among 3 people, or maybe even one meal for 2.

Dajah Crump

Their wings,philly,fried rice, and hibachi are AMAZING. All of their food is good. There's no such thing as going only one time. Once you try it once, you WILL go back.

Elizabeth P.

My hubby has been raving about this place for the past two weeks. He has been going like 2-3 times week. We finally went today together for dinner and I see what the hype was all about. The fried rice was awesome, the wings were amazing! I got the boneless garlic Parmesan. Delish! The house sauce is sooo yummy! We will definitely go back!!!

Dan M.

First things first - you get A LOT of food for the price. The platters are huge and could easily feed two people. Quality? The hibachi was decent to above average....not great. I got the House Special: the shrimp, chicken, rice was pretty good. The steak not so much. The value was fantastic...again, you get a ton of food and it's fairly priced....just don't expect the highest quality, even for hibachi. I'd like to come back to try the wings - I've heard great things about them.