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1695 Pleasant Hill Rd, Duluth
(770) 381-8342

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Dee Gaitor

I am emailing about my online order. I went online and order my food, it was easy and ?. However, I arrived at 10:35 I called could not get through. Finally someone picked up said they must be very busy not able to pick up the phone. I thought that was very unprofessional. I asked what is the procedure do I wait they bring it out or just fo in due to the covid-19. He said just go in. All the doors were locked that was very aggravating. It was late we drove over 5 hours to get to Atlanta. Finally someone comes out so I walk in. No one greeted me I got my food and left. When we got to the room which is right around the corner the Resident Inn by Marriott in Gwinnett, Atlanta. Our food was cold. I wouldn't complain I had to feed my three kids and myself to a cold meal. I was there on-time to get my food. It should have been hot. I attached my receipt so you can see. I did order it late but I was on time and also here is the time stamped of the call. I just do not want another family traveling late experience a cold meal. I was just trying to patronized TGIF since the county I live in, in Alabama doesn't have one. Thank you for your time in hearing my complaint.

Veronica Orizabal

Service and food quality really went down at this place. Only item that was good were the fries.

Teresa Mosley

The food was good when it came but it came out separately some of us was eating and some did get their food until we were ready to go having to take it to go

Sir Felix Alex

The staff was very friendly and their practice of social distancing is possibly the best I've seen so far by a chain restaurant!

Johnny Aguirre

I can't remember what I ordered. Just remember that I ate my wife's mac and cheese and cheesy broccoli. They were awesome. Plan on going back and just ordering a side of both for lunch or dinner or whatever.

Shere V.

Sat in the restaurant this evening with the hubby and rang up a pretty decent tab for Friday's ($100+) and we forgot our togo order (again from us drinking too much). I called to see if they had it and got hung up from two associates which dictated our review. It's not about the food but about the fact that they hung up twice and I had to call 3 times for someone to actually answer my question. I'm not mad at the server cause he was great, but at whoever mans their call center. Other than that the bartender Kevin was great!

Gretchen S.

Not sure why the low ratings at this location, but my fiancé and I had a great experience doing Uber Eats delivery from here last night as we celebrated his new job. I haven't had TGI Friday's since probably 2013 and have only been to the chain twice at most - first in Oahu before they shut down and second in the Oak Park area of Illinois. Both were good experiences though.We ordered the cheesesteak egg rolls, onion rings, sirloin steak and shrimp plate, and loaded cheese fries burger. Everything was delicious and fresh upon arrival. We would reorder everything again. The appetizers were even still crisp which was great. The only thing that could've been better was the loaded cheese fries burger as the fries were kind of stuck to the bun. Obviously, this is a dish that would be better in person, so it's understandable. I'll say this meal was leaps and bounds better than the Hooters meal we had recently though. If you're trying to decide between the two restaurants (both close to each other), then I'd recommend TGI Friday's hands down. Looking forward to ordering from here again.

Ryan Carter

Excellent customer service and the food was on time.

Thomas H.

The service here was excellent. Everyone who came to our table were super friendly and had a warm smile. The food was good as always and it was good to dine inside and get back to a sense of normalcy. Well done Fridays on the social distancing also. *Thumbs up*

Morris Walthour

Waited about 10 minutes to be seated so I left. There was only about 4 groups in there. I guess they met their quota for the day. With COVID in affect and the poor service, I expect this location to be closed in a few months. It's unfortunate, I used to like this place.

Larry Matthews

They are really making an effort to deal with COVID-19. I felt like it was safe to eat there. Many restaurants are not even trying.

Crystal Groves

The ambiance was exactly what you expect for TGIFridays. Hip-hop music softly thudding its deep bass as we dined on a delicious, gooey sizzling chicken and cheese. Our servers were exceptionally attentive and caring. The whole place was wearing masks and required them of guests to be walked to their seats.

Gavin Bronkhorst

No gloves in sight of any of the employees while handling food. They sat us right in front of the kitchen where we could see silverware right next to a sanatizer bucket. Won't be back disgusting.

Angela Moses

I always get a good meal, pretty good service, and a great waitress. The vegan burger and salmon is the best.

Dalena T.

We got sat right in front of the kitchen . We ordered a NON alcoholic beverage that took very long . She came by and we thought the drink in her hand was the drink and she said "no the drink you ordered comes from the bar." The food came out before the drink! A NON ALCOHOLIC DRINK took longer to get than the food. As we are eating we are astonished by our view . Of course , since we are sitting right in front of the kitchen and notice that the silverware rack holder with silverware in them were shoved under with the sanitizer bucket next to it . I believe that's a health code violation considering it's COVID-19 . Also, we notice all the employees have no gloves on while handling food and drinks during this pandemic .

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