TGI Fridays

1695 Pleasant Hill Rd, Duluth
(770) 381-8342

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Tiffany Ingram

Omg! This food was so delicious. My kids barely said a word bc their mouth was so full. My daughter said this is her new favorite eat out spot! And our waiter was excellent!Wish I could remember his name

Bridgette Smith

The service was good from the female server, the food was awful. A male server came to my table which he had his mask below his nose. I asked him to cover his nose. He would not, so I asked for the manager. The male server said loudly, "She is not wearing a mask", duh. I was eating. Can I eat with my mask on? I don't think so! Immediately after eating my food I put my mask on. I will not return to this location.

Shane O

I’ve been here a couple times. The staff is nice and they do a good job. Food was tasty.

Dawn Root Chakra Layton

i have and awesome waiter named mike. Give him thumbs up!!!


Below is a bucket of bones meal, loved it I ordered a long island as well best I've had in a while i told them to mix it strong with pucker it turned out exactly how I loved the wings were awesome! Ribs just fell of the bone service was expected seeing how staff were short.but over all everything was on point. I don't write to many good reviews but the went extra mile to be sure everyone was safe!

Karen Armstrong

I usually love TGIF but I don't know if it is the pandemic but this visit was not the best. My food was eh ok! My waitress was cool but was young and was not very knowledgeable. I hope after this pandemic it will be back to it's normal good self.

elizabeth a Snyder

Terrible. I was unable to download the menu and when I asked the bartender to offer an alternative she shrugged her shoulders and said some people can't get it to work. We left because we couldn't order. I guess Fridays is doing great if they can just watch customers walk out over something that easy to fix.

Marilyn Wilbur

It was an okay experience. There were 6 of us and 3 of us got our orders taken. It just seemed so chaotic and there was no direction. My food was good, but I didn't get any utensils to eat with my to go order. I will give them another try maybe on another day.


Took a while to get seated. Staff did not acknowledge for 5 minutes. When we did sit service was quick and friendly. Great experience otherwise.

Hazel Hughes-Choyce

The customer service was very nice; but after we got home, the chicken wings were extra dried out unfortunately, so I couldn't really enjoy was "tough" almost like it was from a previous day and not "fresh" out of the oven; and my sister said her ribs was dried out too. I gave them the score because of customer service; but the food definitely needs more attention. Food should always be "fresh" because people can taste the difference when it's "old" chicken etc. I loved the cheese sticks. (Needed more marinara sauce though).

Paul Davis

Good service... SOMETHING you can't find these days.


Food was great, one of the best steaks I've had in a while

Tan Harris

Do not come to this awful location. It's almost EMPTY and the service is still SLOW. No one at the hostess stand. Sat at the bar for over 10 minutes and had to go to the kitchen door to call for ANYONE to come out. If you don't want to wear a mask or get your temp checked... Come right on in. They won't notice. This place is TRASH.

Christopher D Gilleland

Went in for dinner 7:00pm, only 4 other tables occupied. Ordered our food. Food come out after a decent amount of time... then... the 2 servers assigned to us.. just never came back. I had to stand up and stare at them to get someone to bring my check. (They entire staff was huddled in the back corner laughing and cutting up). Then waited 10 mins for ANYONE (not our servers) to come back and get the check. When we finally left at 8pm there were only 2 tables besides us occupied. And the entire staff was still huddled up chatting and laughing. ...Guess it's a "cultural" thing.

Christina D.

This location has terrible service and just THE GHETTO! It doesn't help that there aren't many TGIFridays in Georgia and this location just happened to be closest to my house. The atmosphere is dark and dreary at this location, like when you walk in..just dead! I have been here on two occasions; the first time, the waiter sat down at the table with us to take our order and proceeded to talk about her personal life before actually getting our order and the rest of the dinner was nothing at all to write home about. The chicken in the Sizzling Chicken & Shrimp dish was not what I'm used to AT ALL and I've been getting this same dish for years. I was not satisfied at all with the way it was prepared. Second visit was just horrible but I guess I shouldn't have returned after the first experience. They did not have the menu item I ordered and when I paid my check, they charged me twice. Definitely use CASH if you do decide to come here for some odd reason. I will be driving out of the way to go to another TGIFridays location when I do decide to eat here again cause I love their Sizzling Chicken & Shrimp.

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