Papa Johns Pizza

112 N Belair Rd, Evans
(706) 854-8787

Recent Reviews

Torin Marion

Great pizza, friendly service, and very fast. 10/10Food: 5/5

Deen Brooksher

I’m amazed. What an IDIOTIC MANAGER. I ordered a pizza at 930. It wasn’t supposed to be ready for 35 minutes. I showed up 35 min later and the manager threw the pizzas out that hadn’t been picked up and apparently refunded my money because they closed at 10. If that is the case, don’t accept the order!!! I could care less about the money. I wasted my time to drive here and was enthusiastic about having a pizza after work. By far the worst experience I’ve ever had with a Papa Johns.

Jay Young

Great pizza, great service. One of my favorites.Parking: Hard to enter from bust road depending on the time of day. Limited parking.

Nelson Blalock

I picked up my pizza from an online order. It was cooked quickly and correctly. Because of the app ordering timeline notification I managed to not waste time waiting at the restaurant.

Dexter Jackson

I’m am 35 and have never left a review in my life. The pizza I picked up. Not sure exactly what time if I had to guess 8:00pm. The BEST pizza I have ever had. Whoever was putting together this “ masterpiece “ did a fantastic good. Thank you

Renee Gavlinski

If I could give this Papa Johns store zero stars I would. Called in a delivery order tonight...I ordered a large stuffed crust the works pizza..1 garlic sauce..12 chicken wings with 2 hot sauces... they said 45 to 50 minutes... the high delivery boy with his pants hanging off his behind showed up with one medium pizza and 4 garlic sauces... told him it was incorrect and he said well that's all I got. We refused this 30 dollar pizza and I called and asked for the manager who told me I did not order any wings. I asked her name and she said she was the manager.. again I asked her name and she told me I'm the manager and my name is Friedel..I asked for her last name and she said Davis..... she said I lied about what we had ordered. And hung up. I called back and someone named Melissa answered and hung up on me.. yes I called back and Zach answered saying he was the manager and he had no idea who Melissa or Friedel are and I asked his last name and he said none of your business. Is this what they call customer service. Didn't get a pizza there. And they better hope I get my refund. Went to pizza but.. they made the wrong pizza but guess what.. the man apologized and said I'll make you another and the first one is on the house. That's customer service. I will be speaking with the DM on Tuesday. Not once did they offer a solution.

Yaritza Lagunes

Great customer service. The employees are attentive. The order is always right.

Wet Sofa

Solid pepperoni pizza. Tasty sauce, lots of pepperoni, light fluffy crust. Can’t go wrong with some of their garlic sauce and pepperoncini on the pizza too.

Carolyn R.

I had a wonderfulllll experience today. One that was noteworthy of me finally making my review for this location. I have had a great experience every time I come to this location but today was the best. I ordered a lot of pizzas and drinks and the employee who was helping me offered to take my pizzas out to my car so I didn't have to make multiple trips. He was very thoughtful I was very grateful for that. The place was clean and the customer service was spectacular. The pizzas were made exactly how I needed them to and they were delicious. I will be ordering

Chelsea Lee

Would give no stars if possible. Spent over $50 on dinner tonight just to waste my money. Delivery driver did not bring the 2 liter I paid for, and despite the pizza being cold we started eating it anyway, only for my husband to pull out a long black hair mid bite of his slice..tried calling the store and got told that I needed to be transferred to the right store because they didn't deliver here, only to be transferred and hung up on. Tried calling back with no luck. Needless to say, we won't be ordering from here again, nor able to eat pizza for a while. Completely turned our stomachs.

George L.

Ya know, I have to say this new NY style crust Papa Johns has is amazing! I used to live in Brooklyn and living here, the closest thing to real NY pizza is Roma's but no one can beat Papa Johns' delivery times and NOW this NY style pizza! Fo realz!!!

B. Smith

Purchased a Philly cheese papadia. No taste. It was awful. Returned it and received full credit. Service was good. but food tasteless. Didn't even show it on their menu in the store. Only pizzas. I mentioned manager needs to be aware of not posting. Staff was professional when I returned it.

Logan Phillips

Worst experience EVER ordering pizza!! I have used this location for years and tonight I get my order canceled and refunded, why?? Because the guy wanted to level with me and say he has to be up at 630 and that's why he canceled my order. Said he wasn't going to send his driver on a run *this was 20 minutes before close that I received this call*. I called Dominoes to finish my order, told the lady what happened and she said she also has to get up at 630, but that doesn't mean she's going to cancel someone's order. I highly recommend that Papa Johns hires new workers that are actually interested in working the job they are paid to do! But don't worry, from now on it will be Dominoes first, then little Caesars, and maybe just maybe if all other places can't pull it out, THEN I will use Papa Johns again.

Vicki Lewis

Always has order correct

Joseph M.

I ordered the 2 for $23.00 special, and they brought me 4 pizzas. I didn't order 2 of the pizzas. I will never order from PapaJohns again. I don't recommend PapaJohns.

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