3393 Sugarloaf Pkwy, Lawrenceville
(678) 377-5836

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Joanna M

Worse experience ever!!!! If you are in a rush don’t freaking stop 30 min waiting on the curbside pickup!!!! This place really sucks !!!! If you call them you have to go inside wasting of time !!!!

Danyelle Watkins

NO STARS FROM ME!!! Went in at 9:00am on December 7, 2022 and it was CHAOTIC! I have never in my life witnessed such bad customer service, not even at Walmart! The “Supervisor” Barbra should not have that title. First I witnessed 2 young gals get lied on for having a weapon, crazy right? Then a manager that was packing my food stopped what she was doing to join the altercation between Barbra and the 2 gals. As all of this is going on there no one at the front counter to take orders and there is at least 10 customers. As I say this I warn you to proceed with caution dealing with this McDonald’s it’s more than likely it’ll be like this again it seemed to natural.

Rehan Virani

You really need to check your bag before you leave. Half of the time my order has the wrong items in it. If you do curbside don't wait more than 10 minutes go inside if it takes longer.Food: 3/5

Aaron Alexander

This is the RUDEST most UNPROFESSIONAL establishment I have ever been to. The manager Elizabeth was very disrespectful. I waited over 30mins for my food and then she refused to give it to me, because I asked them how long the wait time was. She yelled at me and then tried to short me of my refund. I have never been so disrespected in my life. The need new management because he customer service skills are atrocious if I could have given NO STARS I would have. Terrible terrible service.


First time at this location and everything was great. The food and coffee was hot and the service was fast as well. Will definitely visit againFood: 5/5

Steve Uriz

Hot nuggets but lukewarm fries .. at least I got my Halloween bucket! Woohoo!!


Good lord I spent as much time in the drive-thru as my entire commute to work. You get boxed in once you’re in line so there’s no escape.


Drive thru service was extremely slow. They run 2 lanes at this McDonald's and I waited in line for over 20 minutes. I was next up to the 1st speaker to place my order and they let the 2 cars behind me order in the other line before they helped with my order. I will not be going back to this location.

Arsana Of The Dollars

i placed a order on the mobile app, my husband went to pick it up. since i personally wasn’t there with my phone they would not give him the order. and i couldn’t confirm i was there because of the app, i wasn’t there but that was the only option. so he talked to the manager, of whom came after a worker came over asked left for awhile then finally the manager coming over to tell him that they couldn’t give it to him even though there was a code specifically given for if this were to occur as well. they still said no. so, he placed a order at the store. waiting another 40 minutes to THEN not get told when his order was ready as well as the drinks were BOTH made wrong. for me was ordered a small mocha frappe no whip and a shot. they gave a small caramel frappe with whip as it sat there melting due to no one saying anything after setting it down and walking away. my husband ordered a small vanilla iced coffee with a shot. he got a small black iced coffee. melted as well due to lack of information. what, in the heck. is going on here??? like. hello?

Smith Paul

My review is only based on quality of the shakes and smoothies. I've stopped for two weeks and every time ive been given great service and full as what I paid for.

Teaira Holloway

Each time I visit it’s always a different time when breakfast is over! One day it’s 10:30am next day it’s 11am. It say 10:30 am on the website. Then workers are always Rude!!


It’s your typical McDonald’s experience. Missing food. Employees who don’t acknowledge your existence. Really only come here as a last resort.


Sweet tea so good. If you don’t ask for your food fresh it won’t be. Never had no problems with my order.


Sweet tea so good. If you don’t ask for your food fresh it won’t be. Never had no problems with my order.

Katherine Soler-mercedes

The drink station smelled so bad. All the drinks were flat. And the girl running the food was so rude to the guy at the counter taking orders. I didn't get a receipt and when asking for one she said she couldn't print it out from the kiosk. It's not my fault the kiosk didn't have paper.

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