4915 Sugarloaf Pkwy, Lawrenceville
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Josue Amaro

I tried ordering through the drive through. However, they were only taking orders through one lane. I was on the other lane waiting and waiting along with 8 other cars. There was nothing indicating that the lane that I was in was closed. I went inside and told the employees what was going on. They were fully aware and purposely only taking orders from one lane. A lady that was working there was very disrespectful and had an attitude when I pointed out what was going on. Will never come back to this McDonald's

Jay Anthony

Pleasant atmosphere. Nice employees. Seems like they were putting forth effort. But.... only a couple of people inside and food came out late even though I pre ordered with the app and fries weren't hot after the wait. Overall way better than some of the other restaurants around here.

Hellen Pendley

Just stopped in for a quick chicken sandwich and iced coffee. They gave me the wrong sandwich. The iced coffee was not what I ordered (mocha) but instead was more like iced creamer with a little coffee mixed in. Won't visit this location again.


I ordered a SE biscuit w bacon and it was hot n ready when I got it. I do believe there needs to be more ppl though. It gets busy quick ?

Todd Wahl

Although McDonalds is typically my go to for a super fast consistent breakfast I've noticed that most of the restaurants are struggling at best to quickly turn out the food even when there doesn't appear to be many patrons. The customer unrest at the last two restaurants I've visited are a good indicator. It seems to be a problem with the company as a whole..... concerning. It took me nearly 18 minutes to get my food. I was nearly late for a meeting.In contrast Chick-fil-A gets me my food in less than 5 minutes..... no matter how many people are backed up in the drive thru. Sorry to mention a competitor but that is what your up against and that is the new bar.

tyniia Jones

It was very slow. We got in the line in 11:15 and didn’t leave until 12:30. Also they kept forgetting what we had and left one of our 10 pieces chicken nugget meals. But we just leave we don’t have time and we have school. They need to be faster.

Jason Blackburn

I was impressed with this McDonald’s. Ate there during lunch and they were quick and nice. An sweet employee chatted with us for a minute and recognized we were ‘new customers’. Someone was cleaning almost the whole time I was there.

James M.

It sad it McDonald's has outside light on cars in drive thru and guy on speaking speaking sorry we are closed and I like your sign said drive open 24 hours 7 days week. I been very loyalty customer until today. I been stopping by there ever day for month but not I no longer having to do anything with that McDonald's.

Gina Rosbury

I love McDonald's tea but I don't know if I would go back to this one due to the tea being watered down. The fries tasted like they had been sitting there all day and were cold and it wasn't sitting their slow time.

Jessica Garlinger

Moldy food served and crappy response from the manager!!

Kyle Binkley

This is by far the best run McDonald's in Gwinnett County. There are 3 other McDonald's closer to my house than this one. But I will drive the extra miles just to go to this one. Wait time at max in the drive through is 5 minutes. Typical, is 2 to 3 minutes or less. Can't go wrong with the service and food quality (for a McDonald's) here.

It's DatBoi

If you want food after 9 pm, be ready to wait upwards of 20 minutes even though the place is fully staffed. A medium fry at 1 AM took nearly an hour, and i couldnt leave due to the drive thru layout. Do better.

Latasha Hall

I want to thank the crew that worked that’s working right now my food was fresh it was good to have some fresh food from Mc Donald’s without asking so thank you to the team!!!!

Lilia Carmona

Worst service starting after 10pm! Workers seem to be high or on drugs and don’t seem to get order correctly even if you repeat it back to them for the 5th time! Slow and unprofessional. They need a better night crow ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Emily Cooper

I'm going out of my way to leave a review on behalf of the people who work the drive-thru here every morning. I swing by for a coffee most days and they are not only efficient (in and out in 10 minutes or less), but ALWAYS pleasant and friendly. Just nice people. The cashier has begun to recognize me ("the usual?" ?)... I have a long commute that starts awful early, but it's nice when the first interaction I have is with someone who seems happy to see me.

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