Burger King

5441 Bowman Rd, Macon
(478) 254-4270

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Thomas Jay Minter

When this location first opened I had several problems with service, getting my orders right, etc. The last few times I've been there I can tell that they've really made an effort to raise their standards. Kudos to the staff.

Carol Davison

Horrible ! Sat at the drive thru speaker for 10 minutes could see employees looking out the window as they went by but no one acknowledged us and I had my hungry child with me ! We finally just left !!!

Serena Merlini

Very pleased with our visit there.The associate that helped us out was super friendly and kind. She took the time to really make sure our order was correct. My daughter tried the impossible whopper since she is vegetarian and she loved it!!!

D Fuller

We love this Burger King. The staff is friendly and helpful. The only thing we don't like is the employees smoking outside the entry doors. It's disgusting.


Quick. Hot food made to order. Accurate. Will return

Regina S

When they first opened they were super nice to go to. The employees are nice, but the food is awful now. I have actually given this place 3 times to get the food right. I'm done. I won't be going back again. I bought spicy chicken nuggets today and they were darker than usual and hard. Disgusting. Last time the Spicy Chicken sandwich was not even edible. Before that the fries were cold and hard. I guess drive-thru is for victims.

Waneata Nunez

That was the worst food I have ever had in my life. Fries where cold, took them back to get hot ones, they were luke warm and no taste. The Original Chicken sandwich was very dark, no taste and I asked for extra mayo but didn't receive. I ordered mozzarella cheese sticks, they were also like warm and no taste. The jalapeno bites were luke warm and was not given the sauce I requested. I have eaten at several BK an never have I experienced such bad food and service.

Anna S.

These guys are AWESOME! I'm driving from Atlanta to Hilton Head, and I needed coffee, impossibilite burger and bathroom. They let me in, though other restaurants in this plaza didn't let me come in. Their bathroom is gorgeous and super-clean!!! It has everything you need in the bathroom and more. The burger looks amazing and I'm grateful for this team!

Beulah Knight

I loved this place, it was so cute and clean. The bathroomd were awesome. I like the design of the place. And my food was good and the service.

Alvin Langston

I was there for breakfast. Good food at a good price. Convenient location.

Megan McCullough

Poor customer service, employees didn't seem to put any effort into what they were doing whatsoever. I just want my chicken fingies.

Sheila Rolader

The food was delicious and the people were friendly.i haven't been treated that well in a restaurant in many years. The dining area and the bathrooms were immaculate. I even tried to impossible Whopper. If you want Burger King go to this one. ??

Pug Vader

I guess everyone has a bad experience no matter where they go. Made a quick jump off the hwy to grab my favorite Whopper. Placed order and drove to window. First thing I noticed is all workers looked like the Road Runner trying to catch Bugs! Order came very fast and was hot right off the grill.?

Jon Martin

Cashier was new but made sure everything was right! Food was fast & delicious!

Donald Wood

The new cheddar bacon king is really good.

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