Zheng's Wok

5451 Bowman Rd #5783, Macon
(478) 474-4434

Recent Reviews

Rashavian Johnson

Great food and customer service.

Anthony Little

Horrible food. worse service

San Dupree

Love it! Clean, friendly,good price and the food!! So good wish we had one in West Macon! You are the reason I look forward to seeing the doctor on your side of town and those potatoes and onions yummy!

Naomi Jane

From all other reviews it seems that this place would be pretty good but by my experience, it was absolutely not. Picked up carry out of General Tso, Lo Mein, Sweet snd Sour Chicken. Texture and taste was awful, definitely was older food or WAY over cooked. I'm not even expecting wonderful when getting chinese takeout here in Macon but this was ridiculous.

Benny Adams

My wife and I passing thru Macon looking for some Chinese food. We definitely happy with Zheng's Wok! Great restaurant and very clean.


You don't come here for Michelin-star quality food but for like $8 I got a pound and a half of general tsos tofu and a side of rice on time and exactly as ordered.

Shannon Wontsay

All I can say is, if this is what considered a good restaurant in Macon, I'm very sad for Macon and its folks. 1 hour 15 minute wait for Mediocre Chinese food, and part of the order missing. Who are the folks running this place? Food stunk strong of onions. Gag!!

Shanna Nelson

Great food ., the best Chinese place on the north side of Macon.


Great place good lunch buffet small but good food

JohnsonMillerClark Ent

Good prices & good food

Michael Box

Not sure of anyone’s name but I’ve been inside a few times and the lady who’s usually at the counter is friendly. Food is always made hot and fresh. I also appreciate that the chicken is just a tiny piece that’s 90% breading as you find in some places. Prices are good, food is made hot and fresh, and nice people.

brandon b

I didn't even eat here but I gave 2 stars bc me n my coworker walked in hoping to try some good cooked food, besides "fast food" since we're truck drivers. We stood in line to review the menu and food on the buffet. It wuz 30mins after opening and the food looked as if it had been there all night. Nothing looked fresh. Even the soups had a "film"layer floating on top. After seeing this we both decided to leave...

Cindy Bullard

Delivery to our hotel. Very prompt delivery. General Tso's chicken tender, not overly sweet and a has nice little zip. Excellent crab Rangoon. Flavorful fried rice. Tender boneless spare ribs. A very nice surprise!

Regina S

This place is only good if you go there and eat. If you order for delivery you might get old food. I ordered General Tso today and the meat was tough. It was so tough I couldn't eat 90% of it! At one time I had stopped eating here, then decided to give them another chance and only order General Tso because it was the only thing that tasted good. Well, I was disappointed today (Saturday). I won't go back under any circumstances. I give them too much of my money for low quality food. They are not consistent in the taste of their food. When the General Tso is done right, it's really good, which is the only reason I'm giving 3 stars.


Fried dumplings are the only thing good here. Everything else is your typical garbage Chinese loaded with sauce.

Mrs. Dee Fleming

This is absolutely amazing! The food is awesome as well! The owner she is an absolute doll? Our family enjoys this restaurant!

Mrs. D'Neydra Fleming

This is absolutely amazing! The food is awesome as well! The owner she is an absolute doll😁 Our family enjoys this restaurant!

anthony howd

Great place, really Good food and Fabulous Staff

Matt G.

In town on business, needed to feed 16 people last night. So I ordered lots of different entrees. The team liked the food, everything was very good. Will be ordering again. I'm from NY/NJ where we have lots of Chinese food places to choose from. I would put Zheng's on the top of my list!


We were staying in a local hotel and ordered a couple of dishes -- Singapore Noodles and Mixed Veg with Steamed Rice. The noodles had the right amount of spice although a little salty for my taste, still I enjoyed them very much. Mixed veg also good. No complaints from us.


We popped in for a quick bite. It's the classic picture menus and the Chinese restaurant menus you've seen before but....the broccoli chicken was really good. The chicken was the star - very TENDER! and the broccoli a tiny bit crunchy - perfect combo! Lots of food; glad we split it. We would go back!

Robert S.

My favorite Chinese food in Macon ga! Portions are good, price is also reasonable. My favorite is the sesame chicken. Would recommend for quick Chinese take out food here in Macon.

Ginger Dare

They have The BEST Chinese food that I've eaten in a very long time!


Excellent food. Buffet was a quick option. Everything was freshly prepared and tasty. Loved everything I tried!!

Kelsey R.

Since this is basically the only delivery Chinese option in north macon I've had this a few times. Not the best Chinese food I've ever had but it's pretty good! They catered a work event for us and I really enjoyed the chicken and broccoli. A little greasy but that's expected for Chinese !

Linda W.

This place had the worse Chinese food I have ever had. Every thing was very greasy. Will not order from here again. Plus we only got 1 fortune cookie. We truly could not eat the food. We got wonton soup,vegetable fried rice and pork egg rolls

Daisiona Jones

Queenie Jones

dixie shreves

Goos sushi. Good prices

Nonny D.

Tied for the worst I ever had. Sweet sour chicken breading was just plain weird. Kung pao was so salty as to be nearly inedible. Fried rice wasn't fried rice. And the mother in the kitchen yelled at the son working the front nearly the entire time we were there.

Shari Boulay

Excellent food! I have never been disappointed with any dish we've ordered from Zheng's - always fresh, always delicious! Best Chinese food in Macon and surrounding area! We don't have go anywhere else when we're craving Chinese cuisine.

Jeff B.

This is my go to for take out Chinese food. The sesame chicken with fried rice is my favorite. The food is always great and prepared fast.

Zorana Bradic

Service was on time all good but all of the dishes were tasteless, lifeless, and I dare say bland. I will never order from there again

Patricia Bruce

Good food and service.

Holic Lee

Great service, fresh food, delivery are fast. I'll be back for more. Best Chinese restaurant in Macon Ga.


Good food, good service, good prices. How can you go wrong? I'm a very regular customer. I like the Chicken Broccoli Stir fry.

Angela C.

It was okay. I got the general tso chicken dinner combo plate and it tasted the way you would expect. The fried rice wasn't really seasoned though. I ordered crab Rangoon also and that was horrible. Way too much cream cheese and it was super sweet. I could barely eat one of them before throwing it out.

Tayveon Jackson

Nice ppl,Great food, reasonable prices

William Schroder

Restaurant offered DELIVERY, so I ordered Chicken Noodle Soup, Egg Roll, Hunan Beef, Fried Dumplings, and Pork Fried Rice. All ingredients seemed fresh with no greasy burnt flavoring. However for the most part, all of the dishes were tasteless, lifeless, and I dare say bland. Even the "hot" Hunan Beef, on a heat scale, was quite mild and barely had any spice to it. Chicken noodle soup had some good white meat in it, but was 90% noodles, and only 10% soup. It was also quite bland. I think they put good care and ingredients into their cooking, but little flavor.

Meagan T.

The food is delicious and always hot and ready. The lunch buffet is on point. Friendly service and clean tables to. I go here all the time and I love the mushroom chicken and egg drop soup on the lunch buffet. I'm glad to have somewhere affordable and delicious near me for my lunch break. The hot and sour soup is delish and the crab ragoons hit the spot.

stephanie Logan

I absolutely love their food. Every time I order the food comes really quickly, the shrimp fried rice is cooked perfectly. I will continue to order from them. Best Chinese food I have tasted since my childhood,