Bradley's Bar & Grill

4961 Lower Roswell Rd, Marietta
(770) 321-0108

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shane carter

Knew going in it was a smoking lounge. As a non smoker it took me back to the good old days of red itchy eyes & stinking cloths. I'd go back though because we had a great time.

Venkatesh Kini

Charming dive bar with a great atmosphere and friendly staff.

Kathy Potts

Hey, I visited this afternoon for a drink and ordered the Buffalo Chicken Salad to go, which I took home…Awesome! I love the place and people. I will be back for sure. ?


Hey, I visited this afternoon for a drink and ordered the Buffalo Chicken Salad to go, which I took home…Awesome! I love the place and people. I will be back for sure. ?

Royaal Richie

Nicole is absolutely amazing. She made the most perfect drink for me and I appreciate her so much. She also brought out the condiments for my side order and I’m so happy she was my server

Bethany Keyes

4 stars ONLY because there isn’t a non-smoking section.We went for lunch. Food is great! We ordered queso with salsa on the side. My boyfriend ordered the grilled cheese and I ordered the blackened tenders.Queso is great! For $8 you get ALOT! Chips are also fresh as our waitress warned us to be careful because they were extremely hot and still a little greasy.My boyfriend said his was delicious, and I will say the same for mine. Chicken was very tender. Nice size for the tender, much bigger than places that specialize in chicken tenders.The only reason I didn’t give 5 stars was because this location allows smoking. We have ate lunch at other bars before but they didn’t allow smoking during the day or inside and we went to this facility thinking it would be the same.If you’re not a smoker, it is off putting to have the smell of smoke around you. The only escape from the smoke is the bathroom, (or the patio which isn’t enclosed) which was kept clean.Honestly it made me wonder how the food was cooked (ie was the kitchen full of smoke too?) because the bar was right next to the kitchen and majority of the smokers were sitting at the bar.Overall we enjoyed it, minus the smoke, as I do have asthma. But we really wanted to try this place as the reviews are great and didn’t know about the smoking until after we were there.Definitely would go back again but only for takeout. Owner, is it possible to build an enclosure around the bar or to limit the hours people can smoke? Non smokers would love to patronize your business, but my health can’t take sitting in the restaurant.

Lauren O.

We came on a Saturday afternoon and chose to eat outside because my dog was with us. They brought her out a massive thing of water and some treats too. The food was great. I had boneless wings and fries. It may be my favorite boneless wings in Atlanta. Perfectly crispy. But even better was the sauce choices. I had one called buffalo teriyaki where they mix hot or medium sauce with teriyaki sauce and they were amazing. The outdoor area is just a couple of tables on their side walk but it's shaded and has a nice fan to keep you cooler. Inside looked like a pretty cool bar when I peeked my head in.

Chris DeWolfe

The owner is always in there so you know that he loves what he does. He has hired a great team in the kitchen and bar. He talks or says hello to every customer. If you are a non smoker it is probably not the place for you as they allow cigar smoking too. Food is great! Thank you and continue the great service.

Timothy Gibson

Great Smoky Dive Bar... You will be back... By the way get the dinner special. It's always good...

Leslie Burger

The moment we walked in, this is our place. A true spirit, no fabrications, no bull, all enjoyment. Our food was great, service honest & attentive. Best part, HOCKEY on my eyeline big screen!

Doug B.

Sorry John. Love ya but won't be back. You have a WOKE snowflake working who is ignorant and rude. They are everywhere, but when they are rude to me when I'm not deserving and when I'm spending money... I have to vote with my wallet. The experience was infuriating . Hope for you, this person is not showing their a** on a regular basis.


Not going to hate on the fact that they allow smoking. It's not for me, but I knew how they operated and that's why I called in a to go order. It's a dive bar. So set your expectations accordingly. The boneless wings were disappointing. The way they were cooked made for a rough texture and a lack of consistency. It was also $12 or $13 for 1/2 pound, that came with no fries or a drink. I get inflation but this was high.

travis Simmons

The absolute shiftiest bar in East Cobb and I love it! Best dive around! Absolutely smokey, dimly lit, shady characters abound. Good beer selection, full bar selection, great food and great servers. Will continue to be a patron.

Trevor Bower

Karen is most definitely an asset to Bradley’s and is one of the best waitresses I have had! Chef Peter is a flavor magician in the kitchen! The food and service were both fabulous! I would highly recommend and will be back!

Leah Turner

I LOVE this bar. The people are friendly and the bartenders take extra good care of you. A special thanks to Erin for taking care of us! And to the cooks, thanks for the killer nachos!!!

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