Brandi's World Famous Hot Dogs

1377 Church Street Ext NW, Marietta
(770) 422-3681

Recent Reviews

Taylor Cunningham

First time there and it didn’t disappoint. Good hotdog, nice staff, and very quick. The chili was amazing on the dog. Definitely will be back!

Rahn Raethke

I'm not from this area and we do a group lunch at the office. This was certainly a relief from everything else in Marietta lately. They have a simple inexpensive menu, trust me once you get a dog all the way nothing will ever compare. I will def be stopping by here again I can't praise them enough. It's carryout and cash only but trust me take a minute and getcha some!

Patrick Idol

Great food they don't have dine-in service yet but they're working and waiting on that hadn't been there in a really long time nothing's changed still fantastic food I would highly recommend going to this or the one in Cartersville to get the world's best hot dog or chili dog

manuel gonzalez

Delicious chillyhot dogs ? onions rings were amazing, way better than varsity's hot dogs.

David Rodgers Sr.

Great old school hotdog/ burger place, super good hotdogs hamburger fries and fried pies. Chile is off the hook! Definitely a place to visit if you’re in Marietta or the other store in cartersville.

Iris H.

The best hotdogs and fries around. Love this place! Customer service very friendly. Could use an up grade on the building but, this place stays crowded because the dogs are the best. These dogs are second to only Texas Wieners in NJ.

Brian Combs

This is nothing to write home about or even tell your friends or coworkers about. I guess the tiny building that is meant to hold 15 to 20 but has 40 to 50 in it is supposed to be charming? I'm not sure. The parking lot is atrocious! It should be at least twice the size as it is if not larger to accommodate the people inside. Some were parking in places that obviously aren't spots and could block others.

T. Howard

What a hidden treasure this little building is!!! The hotdogs are spectacular and worth every bit of the wait in line. The building gets very crowded and parking is tight, just be advised. The chilli dogs are off the charts amazing!


This will remind you of going back into time when food was good and restaurants were not fancy! Great little place with some spicy chili dogs. Try it!

George Hicks

Hot dogs

Y B.

I ate at Brandi's for the first time last Friday. I was pleasantly surprised with the Chili Slaw dog. I also enjoyed a piece of the peach fried pie and ice cream. The highlight of eating at Brandi's was when we got our entire meals paid by a very nice man. I can't wait to go back.

Latricia B.

This place is a hidden jewel. The absolute best hotdog and staff. The chili has a kick to it but in such an amazing way. I can't wait to come back. Affordable prices but make sure you come with cash because it is a cash only restaurant. It's worth it so don't pout.

Connie Roa

The simplicity and consistency of a place that always taste so good and exactly the same, every time is the most remarkable feature about this honest and humble place!

Quentin Lee

Despite the hype, I was not impressed. Hot dogs selection non existent. Menu selection is limited. Chili is okay at best, has a kick to it. After a 2nd visit I choose to look elsewhere for a "World's Famous Chili Cheese Dog".

Terry Wendel

Well worth the wait. The spicy chili makes slaw a must. Pass on the cheese as it doesnt really add to the greatness. Definitely get a tea.

Cornelius Coachman

This was worth the 30 minute drive. So I'm from the Albany area and the best hot dogs place in Georgia is there called Jimmy's Hot Dogs. I dare say that Brandi's is just as good.

Jason Wiltshire

All the way dog! That bright red hot dog with cheese, chili and slaw.... oh my goodness it is perfection!

Daniel Hembree

Excellent food and fast service. Definitely a small little place but the hotdogs are legendary. Highly recommended!

Dark Horse

Great food and great service worth the short wait time.

Nichelle D.

Where do I start ! Maybe I should just tell the truth & shame the Devil! I was sick as a dog after eating here yesterday for lunch. My head is still playing tricks on me just thinking about seeing the sights at this place. First, the hot dogs are boiled in some kinda RED jalapeño juice which creates two rings around this middle finger sized red hotdog (as long as & thinner than your middle finger) the saving grace is the soft bun and hormel can chili tasting stuff slathered in shredded cheese. Now this dog is being prepared on an open air, unwashed countertop that is used repeatedly- in a tiny room packed with people harking, coughing, sneezing , dipping & spitting, at the bar and tiny tales all just inches & feet from the open ice machine, and hot dogs buns slaw, tea all lay uncovered, open to particles and germs packed in like sardines in this tiny dated who knows what it was before. Now the place is jumping, but this crowd is like loyal Confederates who refuse to accept the brewing possibilities of botchulism of cash taking hands serving food and scooping ice out of open containers with no tools. The fries are cold, and the greasy stains will seep onto everything including the back & seats so be cautious. Bright point! Brandy is super friendly during the 5 --6 hour cash cow duty (no-weekends), But if you are looking for good hotdogs don't let this crowded room sucker you. Best to make a Quick trip to silence that hankering. Your tummy ain't bout this life!!

Eddie Lorenzo

The chili slaw dogs are amazing

Karl S.

Brandi's World Famous Hot Dogs are delicious! They reminded me of my youth in western Pa., growing up we only had The Brighton Hot Dog Shop for fast food. I loved the spicy chili and the cole slaw. It's a very small place with a U shaped bar and only a few tables. Be sure to bring cash as they do not take cards of any kind.

Latiya P.

This is a very small place. Not much parking at all and maybe only 6 tables of 4 and a wrap around counter with additional seating. I went on a Thursday afternoon and they were busy. People were standing waiting for seats. I waited for about 10 minutes for my to go order. So the food.... The chili is where the spice comes from and it is deliciously spicy The slaw has a mild sweetness to it which is a perfect balance to the salt from the chili and the hot dog. I will definitely go back.

Wyatt Newton

Simple good food in a friendly old fashion setting. Love this place! Bring cash no credit card accepted..

Clay B.

I've been waiting to get over to try out these hotdogs and I admin: they are good!!! They are Spicy so beware on the initial bite. It's a small location but serves its purpose. I do have to say it was kinda cool seeing a train cross on my visit. It's literally 20 feet outside the door.

Amber G.

The best hot dogs I have ever had in my life! Great service. I called ahead for a pickup order and everything was hot and ready when I got there. Even though it's an hour away it is totally worth the drive.

Jamie Carr

Fantastic hot dog place. Simple menu and great food. Spicy chili has a bite if you dont like spicy. Staff was very polite and quick. Cash only so come prepared.

Hugo Kirk

Classic southern chili slaw dogs. The staff are wonderful. Thank you Brandi! I appreciate the dedication and hard work.

Andy S.

I love chili dogs and Georgia does not have enough of it. These hot dogs are simple (wiener, and chili). Perfect. Plus the price is reasonable $2.20.

Brad Reynolds

Best chili dogs in Georgia.

Douglas Mays

It had been at least 8 years since I had one of the famous chili dogs. They're still fantastic, really enjoyed my to-go order today.

George Lollar

I love this place. Every week I'm there. The best Hot Dogs in the south. Go and tell them George sent you.


Horrible neon PINK with a white center hotdog with the flavor of warm wet cardboard. Instant ingestion. I find these reviews remarkable to say the least. On a positive note the ladies serving were charming.

Neil Nix

A classic hole-in-the-wall cinder-block building selling food that keeps folks coming back. The chili on the hot dogs is sufficiently spicy that they should make you sign a waiver, but I love 'em. They're only open 10:00 to 15:00 Monday through Friday. The parking lot is usually packed. They only accept cash. And the train rolls by about 12 feet from the building three or four times a day and it is LOUD. But you ought to try it once.

Jonathan Howland

Hey it's great place to eat. Love the chili hot spicey goodness. Never disappoints

Glynn Woodbury

If u ever want a great red hot dog this is a must place. Also chili has a kick but so so good

Al Charette

Brandis is the platinum place for hot dogs in metro Atlanta, and many other metro areas, with a very friendly environment.

Cagney C.

Best hot dogs around!! Highly recommend this place. You will not be disappointed!!

Chris O'hanion

Brandi has an incredible formula when it comes to serving up hot dogs,burgers,fries and onion rings. The chili cheese slaw dog is my favorite no fancy menu it's written on the wall the place is always packed with good old Southern people. You have high dollar attorneys sitting at the counter rubbing elbows with construction workers the one thing they all have in common is a full belly and a smile on their face

Grant Gibbs

Amazing spot, great service and great food. I’m not sure how other people wrote how amazing it was and then gave 3 stars. Chili is the perfect heat and very reasonably priced. 5 stars.