Curry Leaf Indian Grill

3000 Windy Hill Rd SE #128, Marietta
(470) 308-0254

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Tor Djärv

I ordered the Malai Kofta and it was perhaps the best Indian dish I’ve ever had. The koftas where soft with a very pleasant texture, while the curry had a deep and complex flavor that seemed to grow for every spoon. This dish was served with fluffy fresh basmati rice cooked to perfection. I completely see why it was marked as the chef’s specialty in the menu. I will definitely return in the future.

Chelsea Allen

Food is amazing! The Butter Chicken is phenomenal and the chicken 65 is also great. It's my new favorite Indian spot! Great job guys!

Robert Pagan

Have eaten a fair bit of Indian and this is my favorite spot in Atlanta; I’m amazed it’s not a 4.5+ on here. Still haven’t had a dish that wasn’t delicious (plus they really listen when you tell them you want very spicy). I only wish it was closer downtown to me :(

Adam Shaked Gish

Simple authentic Indian food. It is not a fancy place, abd there are only a handful of tables, but we sampled a few vegetarian dishes and everything was really good.

Hannah Ordway

This is one of my go-to Indian places! I've never been to the restaurant because I get delivery, but it's been correct every time. I appreciate how many vegetarian options they have- the malai kofta is my favorite. The paneer butter masala, chicken 65, chili baby corn, samosas, and garlic naan have all been super tasty as well.


I ordered the chicken tikka masala and garlic naan and was not disappointed!

Akshay Agarwal

We ordered the tri-o-tikka dish which came with one naan. The kebabs felt really dry and hard. They were neither juicy nor tasted fresh! I am extremely disappointed at the quality & quantity of food. I will not be recommending this place to anyone!

Jason D

Great Indian Curry for the price. I’d say the curry was an 8/10 but priced better than other curry places. Staff was super friendly and facility was clean as well. The mango lassi is a little thick but lassi always varies store to store. Would definitely recommend if you’re craving curry and don’t want to break the bank.


They have scaled down as of date to a small enclosure that still makes for a decent cozy dine in. The food quality is pretty good and service is swift. Didn't find the menu very extensive but it's good enough. The food was not exceptional but still pretty good. I'd ordered a Samosa chat which is a type of snacks but quite filling.

Yogesh Novked

Never gonna order again,Asked for Rumali roti and they gave large wheat chapati. Even before going there I called and clearly asked if they make rumali roti like the thin sheet he said yes so placed online order.Complete Waste of money I could have made that chapati at home..Apart from that I Order tandoori chicken which seems like fried then baked chicken and their chicken biryani is average and chicken wasn’t fresh.


We have been here 3 times in the last 6 weeks as a stop on our way to visit family. We live in Iowa and crave this place. We time our trips just to eat here. Hubs and I are both addicted to the Chicken Sukha. Wow! It is spectacular. One of the best things we have ever eaten!!! The garlic naan is incredible too. So sad that family is moving. This place is a gem!

Matt S.

It's okay. I ordered thr chicken tikka massala for delivery. It was fairly was watery and also a bit bland. The chicken may have been over marinated because the texture was a bit chewy. Overall, it's okay.

Harlan P.

Let me start by saying that I enjoyed the veggie korma and I appreciate that the food was ready on time. I was disappointed that there were few to no menu options that included meat + veggies (beyond onions and bell peppers). I asked if I could add chicken to the korma, but the answer was no. My order included the Indo-Chinese fried rice and stir fried noodles. I paid $4 extra to have chicken added to these as they were the only menu options that allowed meat additions. When I picked up my food, it was poorly packed (smaller items were underneath larger items in the plastic bag). The bag was tied so tightly that I could not open it to check my order without destroying the bag, so I decided to go on trust. When I got home with my food, I discovered that I'd paid $4 extra for nothing--there was no meat in my noodles or rice. On their own, the fried rice was dry and lacked flavor and the noodles were just an oily mess. I called the restaurant and asked to have the $4 refunded. The person I spoke with agreed to refund it. I asked if I needed to come by with the card I'd used to pay; he said no, he could refund it right then. However, the money still hasn't been refunded. I'd go back for the korma, but the experience as a whole was disappointing. I appreciate honesty and accountability and the person I spoke with showed neither.

19 Is the Number

I thoroughly enjoyed my Chicken Masala and Garlic Nan! Delicious and the service was so good. I wish we had good Indian Cuisine like this in Conyers. I definitely visit again when I am on that side of town!

Hinu S

Great food, good taste, poor take out packaging, veg-dum Biriyani without vegetables and very little potatoes. I did not pay for flavored rice though tasty. Very little quantity of side-rytaa- in compare to the quantity of rice. Thanks ??

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