Doughnut Dollies

724 Cherokee St NE d, Marietta
(404) 365-5437

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Karen B.

The doughnuts are pretty tasty, but the salt is quite prominent. We had 4 different flavors and they were all "finished" with a heavy hand of salt. There was some type of continuous alarm going on, a persistent beeeeeep. The young lady behind the counter flatly said they can't turn it off. It was extremely irritating for myself as a patron, but I can't imagine that she has to endure that for 8 hours! Doesn't that violate the Geneva convention? Sonic torture is a type of psychological warfare. Not to mention that the chairs were extremely rickety -- clearly no one is really meant to sit in here and eat. I spoke with the girl at the counter and the owner has been notified and supposedly someone's coming to shut off the noise.... But the place has been open over an hour already.

Noreen Somani

One vegan doughnut variety offered on the weekend only. It was good but would be wonderful with a better selection. $4 each.

Marjorie F

Don't miss Doughnut Dollies. I love donuts. Really love donuts. To keep this short "sweet" and simple, let me say that I just ate one of the best donut of my life made with panache. Grab one or two or three as quickly as you can. If you want to really impress someone, bring them a box full. Best gift ever.... even if it's for yourself.

Tershaylyn Roberts

we went last week after a doctors appointment.I was super excited but for us to get there to not to be greeted!!! I said hey to the young lady first she responded with a dry hey!! I ask what would she recommend she said she tired of them all but people come and get this dollies classic or something OK cool.. we ask how much were they she said depends on what tier they are in i am m like okay so what tier is this....she just seem like she was just wanted us out... ok cool meantime white lady comes in she perky saying hello help the lady was super sweet!!! I was like i just purchased 5 dried donuts and didn't even get a have a great day sooo....I wont go back.. I should have just went to krispy kreme.. beautiful donuts but dryyyyy....

Lisa P.

My husband and I are huge fans of Doughnut Dollies...especially their vegan glazed cake donuts. Don't let the word vegan scare you - we're not vegan, but these donuts are amazing!


Awful donuts! I was excited to try this place and got four pretty donuts. The lady behind the counter was nice. But the donuts were gross! I couldn’t even finish mine and trust me when I say I wanted to because they aren’t cheap! I can’t even explain how they tasted…but really odd. Don’t go!

Noah Cothern

This is our family’s spot and has been for years. Though we aren’t as close as we once were we still make the drive to have a perfect special morning or event. Truly food art!

Cindy A.

After my doctor's appointment as I was heading home, my car suddenly turned in to this little parking lot and there was Doughnut Dollies! So, I had to go in. I entered this utilitarian style shop and was greeted by a wonderful smell. I walked over to the simple display and perused the delicious choices of doughnuts. I selected four to take home for my husband and I to try. It was difficult to make the choices! I selected old fashioned, strawberry glazed, birthday cake, and cream filled doughnuts. I really wanted to try the Apple fritter, but it was just way to big - maybe next time! Each tier of doughnut is a different price, and it was not clearly marked which ones were which. I had to ask the server to point them out for me. When I got home, We made sampler plates to taste a bit of each kind of doughnut. Each one was very good. My husband loved the old fashioned (heated up). I think I liked the birthday cake best - it's an old fashioned doughnut with a top layer of icing and sprinkles and crumbles. So, if you are looking for a unique doughnut treat, check out Doughnut Dollies!

Katie Schiltz

Rachel is the best!! we will be returning 100% thank you Rachel❤️❤️❤️

Shy R.

Wow Rachel is amazing, what a way to turn an experience. We arrived 30 minutes to closing and went into canvas to order coffee and food. The cashier was very unpleasant and pushy because she'd closed the coffee station before the doors actually closed. We ordered cautiously with a limited menu in mind. We ventured down to Dollies where we met Rachel and she was sooooo pleasant sweet and patient. She navigated us through the menu and our doughnut selections. She will be the reason we return. Thank you Rachel for saving our experience.

Gary Vecellio

Looks over freshness. The doughnuts I had looked beautiful, but both were very dry. The quality does not justify the cost.

Karen Q

I’ll admit the flavor combinations are very creative and definitely fun experience but for gourmet I found the actual donut bread dry and lacking flavor. We tried strawberry, traditional glazed, chocolate glazed and cinnamon crunch. The cinnamon was flavorful but only the toppings. For donuts they weren’t very sweet like a traditional donut (which can be good or bad depending on your preference) I think the pricing was fair for a gourmet donut shop. Definitely a place you go for the experience but not as a regular morning donut & coffee spot.

Tom B.

I am a basic donut guy. This place is an 'upscale' donut joint. Lots of interesting combos. The ones I tried were all good, but expensive

Austin Ramsay

Francisco very kindly brought us some donuts after repairing his computer and these must have been the best donuts I've ever had, seriously. Will definitely be ordering from here again.

Cara E.

We stopped by this morning for a treat before running errands earlier in the morning, and there was not much of a line! I guess that's the secret - get there early :) The inside of the shop is so cute, and the doughnuts looked amazing, as always! Today we tried the chocolate glazed, birthday cake, and the Mikey. I am a big doughnut / dessert lover, and I really appreciate how Doughnut Dollies doughnuts are not only delicious, but are each a little work of art. They are almost too pretty too eat (notice I said "almost" haha). The huge selection of doughnuts they offer is also really impressive. And they are a very reasonable price, in my opinion. They have a few different price tiers, ranging from around $2.25 - $3.75, and they are well worth it! I think we will make this our new Saturday morning errand tradition :)

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